Sunday, November 16, 2014

Recordings from the EESC hearing on EHS

Recordings from the EESC hearing on EHS

Created: 16 Nov 2014

Dear all, here are the recordings from the European Economic and Social Committee open hearing on electrohypersensitivity in Brussels 04 November 2014. brought a audio-recorder to the hearing.

Go here for a complete playlist of the 11 recordings in sequence:

To play a track: hover the mouse over the track-thumbnail and click the orange "play" arrow.

To download a track as MP3 file: hover the mouse over the track-title and click the download icon (last one on right).

Some speakers did not speak English and on those recordings the English interpretation is overlaid.

On track #3 the interpreter comes in at approx. 3½ minutes (apologies for the delay, due to technical difficulties).

Click here to view the source article.

Source:, H.Eiriksson, 16 Nov 2014

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