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More than 110 municipalities in Quebec are now opposed to “smart” meter deployment

More than 110 municipalities in Quebec are now opposed to “smart” meter deployment

by Jean Hudon | see original post at
Hydro-Quebec still attempting to charge opt-out fees despite government resolutions and lack of safety evidence
More than 100 municipalities in Quebec are officially opposed to the Hydro-Quebec's "next-generation" meters.  [image]
More than 100 municipalities in Quebec have passed resolutions in opposition to Hydro-Quebec’s “next-generation” meter rollout. [CTV image]
On October 5, 2012, the Energy Board of Quebec gave the green light to Hydro-Quebec to begin the Phase 1 of the deployment of “new generation” meters on all buildings in the metropolitan area of Montreal. Then on June 13, 2014, it approved their deployment elsewhere in Quebec, after refusing to reconsider the health effects of the radiofrequency emissions (pulsed microwaves) of these devices, despite the hundreds of testimonies it received about this, and without ordering an impact study, despite repeated requests to that effect.
In fact, hundreds of thousands of Quebecers are very concerned about the effects on their health and that of their family from continuous exposure to these powerful pulsed emissions, with peak emissions exceeding 50,000 microwatts per square meter (µW/m2). This was revealed in a Leger Marketing poll in early April 2014, with 500 respondents from the Greater Montreal, since 63% of them have indicated their concern about this. In addition, 52% of the citizens polled were opposed the continued deployment of these devices if an impact study isn’t performed first to determine whether or not they are harmful to human health.
Alas, like Hydro-Quebec, the Energy Board of Quebec does not care, it seems, since its core mandate is to review the requests from this Crown corporation mainly as to their financial impact on its profitability. And as a matter of fact, because this type of device is precisely designed to allow for time-of-use pricing, 73% of poll respondents fear, once all the meters are deployed, that there will most likely be a rate increase at the times of peak electricity consumption, which could inflate their utility bill by 15 to 20%, as occurred in Ontario and elsewhere.
extortionWorried about having those pesky counters imposed upon them against their will, many citizens have mobilized and, notably, received support from their municipal council in this very unequal struggle. To date, over one hundred municipalities (111 as of August 26, 2014), representing more than two million Quebecers have called for a moratorium on their deployment and/or a free opt-out. Considered to be exorbitant, unfair and punitive damages ($17 per month plus $98 initially), the fees for a “non communicating” meter (with no radiofrequency transmitter) are only intended to deter customers from opting-out. That didn’t stop more than 5600 households to do so, as of May 1st. And that’s not counting the tens of thousands who managed to prevent installers from taking away their old and safe electromechanical meters, which are apparently three times more durable than those fragile “smart” meters, that will need to be replaced every 15 years.
However, due to the numerous pleas it received, Hydro-Quebec has agreed to reduce its opting-out fees which, once approved by the energy board, would be $48 for the installation of a non communicating meter and $8 per month for manual meter reading of the electricity consumption – all the details HERE. It’s not free as requested, but at least the efforts of opponents will not have been wasted! And the pill will be less hard to swallow for the 1.8 million customers who already had these dangerous devices forced upon them, and who want to get rid of them.
Nevertheless, one must know that the World Health Organization has classified those radiofrequencies (RF) as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” in 2011, and thousands of independent scientific studies have also shown that repeated exposure to low RF levels can be genotoxic (DNA breakage) and neurotoxic (various neurological consequences). If Hydro-Quebec is so adamant on imposing this technology, it is because it can hide behind Health Canada’s Safety Code 6, its outdated RF exposure guidelines adopted in 1979. Indeed, this Code 6 recognizes only thermal (warming) effects from RF and ignores the biological effects observed at exposure levels as low as 100 µW/m2 (maximum recommended within a house by the Council of Europe). Health Canada claims that there is no possible biological effects below the 6 million µW/m2 permitted by the Code 6, while countries like Switzerland, Italy, Russia and China have adopted exposure limitations much more stringent, in order to abide by the precautionary principle.
But the problems with this technology don’t stop there. With the highly detailed power consumption data these meters send to Hydro-Quebec, it is possible to draw a clear picture of our lifestyles and even of the types of devices we own. Despite their encryption, hackers, and even the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) or the National Security Agency (NSA) could get their hands on this data, and thus be able to surreptitiously monitor our every move within the sanctuary of our home. In addition to being a potential violation of privacy and a serious health risk which, in the long run, could multiply the number of cases of the nightmarish electromagnetic hypersensitivity(EHS), these devices have the tendency to catch fire when their built-in protection against power surges fails. The EMF Safety Network compiles the cases of smart meters that have caused fires.
If all of this above has convinced you to resist, know that you are not alone. Over 5700 Quebecers have signed a petition indicating their desire to not contend with such a risk. To join them and learn more, visit Be sure to read the testimonials of people already affected. And talk about this to others, even if, unfortunately, for many it’s already too late…
Note from the Author (19 Sept 2014) –
Q: “As the above total is 84, how does the number of 84 municipalities get to 111?  How do the other 27 municipalities fit in?”
A: Included in those totals are 3 groupings of municipalities (MRC stand for Municipalité régionale de comté – see whose mayors voted on 3 resolutions. Those voting mayors thus means that their 27 municipalities also indirectly support this cause – even though there was not a vote by the counselors at the town council level.
And I should add that of those additional 27 municipalities, I only included once in the total count those where the town council had also adopted separately a resolution in support of our demands.
So the total current actual count is indeed 111.
All the resolutions can be accessed through (in the lower part of this webpage) and the full list of cities is at
Take Back Your Power bolt - 100
About the Author
Jean Hudon is the co-founder and webmaster of the Coalition québécoise de lutte contre la pollution électromagnétique (CQLPE – Quebec’s Coalition Against Electromagnetic Pollution), and a member of the organizing committee of the campaign Je garde mon compteur.

WEEP News on the SCENIHR Report

Susan Foster recently sent me the attached letter about the SCENIHR EMF report, which she sent to the European Union Ombudsman.  It documents a very serious attempt to corrupt scientific knowledge about the known dangers of cell phones, wireless devices and our exposure to microwave radiation.  After reading this important letter, I searched for more information about this report and found several other very strong scientific rebuttals which are linked below.
This corruption of science is placing hundreds of millions of people in great danger and it must not be allowed to be ignored.  I ask that you all use this evidence to tell others about this situation and raise the alarm.  The information is suitable to be sent to the press, politicians, health specialists, parents and concerned citizens.  Hopefully, if we spread this information, we may see the alarm raised and action taken.
Martin Weatherall 
SCENIHR Report 2014 and The Suppression of Dr. Lennart Hardell’s Science
Attached is my letter to the European Union Ombudsman. 

Susan Foster
The Flawed Report

BioInitiative Working Group Comments on 2014 SCENIHR Preliminary Opinion on Potential Health Effects of EMF


Very problematic SCENIHR Report


Call for an overhaul of SCENIHR membership

Industry bias exposed in SCENIHR’s scientificassessment

From Eileen O’Connor, UK Radiation Research Trust
Letter to
Minister of Health, Government of Canada
By David Carpenter MD
Letter from the
Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation

500 million citizens are relying on SCENIHR:
Is Science Being Hidden from the Public?
Eileen O'Connor on SCENIHR

SCENIHR’s credibility problem… again…

Susan Foster's original letters.

Publishing house sought by Turkish author to publish Hi Kids! Do not make fun with waves

Publishing house sought by Turkish author to publish Hi Kids! Do not make fun with waves

Can anyone please help Dr Suleyman Dasdag publish his book in English?
Best success!

Dear Andre,

I published one of my book (Turkish)  on electromagnetic pollution and children health in 2013. Recently, third edition of it was published. Title of the book is "Hey cocuklar dalgalarla dalga gecmeyin (Hi Kids! Do not make fun with waves). Book is writen in story form. Would you please let me know how to find a publishing house to release it in EC and USA?

Best regards


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Feds attempt to downplay growing spy grid
Exclusive: Mystery of Rogue Cell Towers Discovered

Recent reports on rogue cell phone towers being used across the country to intercept mobile cell phone data is drawing a response from federal agents who claim the towers are not being used by law enforcement groups.
“I doubt that they are installed by law enforcement as they require a warrant to intercept conversations or data and since the cell providers are ordered by the court to cooperate with the intercept, there really would be no need for this,” former FBI agent Ross Rice told CBS Chicago. “Most likely, they are installed and operated by hackers, trying to steal personal identification and passwords.”
Despite the CBS article’s attempt to claim that law enforcement does not have access to stationary cell phone interception devices, exclusive documents provided to Infowars last year by a source within the Seattle government revealed an expansive “mesh network” throughout the city capable of intercepting cell information in real-time.
The mesh network system, funded with a $2.6 million “Port of Seattle” grant from the Department of Homeland Security, allows several groups within Seattle to communicate outside of normal cellular channels via “mesh network nodes” attached to utility poles. Beyond the simple communication aspect, the system has also been shown to be capable of collecting vast amounts of information from the city’s many surveillance systems.
One page from the document clearly details law enforcement’s involvement with federal agencies such as the local Fusion Center, a DHS-run group consisting of FBI and police who collect data on Americansdeemed “extremist.”
Page 65 of the document details the Network Mesh System’s (NMS) ability to collect identifying data on anyone “accessing the network.” A public user guide from the network’s designer, Aruba Software, openly admits that “a wealth of information about unassociated devices” can be retrieve as well.
“The NMS also collects information about every Wi‐Fi client accessing the network, including its MAC address, IP address, signal intensity, data rate and traffic status,” the document reads. “Additional NMS features include a fault management system for issuing alarms and logging events according to a set of customizable filtering rules, along with centralized and version‐controlled remote updating of the Aruba Mesh Operating System software.”
Cell phone users walking within the vicinity of a network node could not only have their IP address grabbed, but even have the last 1,000 GPS locations taken as well.
The document also reveals how the system controls several other surveillance technologies such as license plate readers, which gather and store information on millions of drivers per month.
A seperate page within the document cache entitled “Police Video Diagram” shows how police vehicles even receive and control live-video feeds from the city’s expansive collection of surveillance cameras – also tied into the mesh network system.
Although the city has claimed that its cameras do not have facial recognition capabilities, the Seattle government secretly participated in the 2012 TrapWire program which used sophisticated facial recognition software, ran through the city’s surveillance cameras, to gather intelligence for federal agencies. Only two years later, the Seattle Police Department announced its plan to purchase a facial recognition program with a DHS grant to allegedly scan and compare surveillance video to the city’s mugshot database.
Although the mesh network was deactivated “until further notice” following public outcry in 2013, a civil liberties advocate testing the police department’s promise found an active network node just last month. Police explained the “rogue” device away as a simple mistake.
While some hackers do abuse similar technologies, the vast majority of surveillance abuses are carried out by local governments armed to the teeth with federally provided spy tech.
Unfortunately, rogue cell towers are only one piece of the “smart” surveillance grid currently suffocating the country. Despite claims that police need warrants to intercept people’s cell information, the deployment of Stingrays, a suitcase-sized device that mimics a cell tower, proves otherwise.
A report in Wired Magazine from last March explained how the Tallahassee Police Department had used a Stringray as many as 200 times since 2010 without ever acquiring a warrant. The department argued that a non-disclosure agreement signed with the device’s manufacturer prevented them from obtaining warrants beforehand.
Emails uncovered last June showed how the U.S. Marshals Service purposely taught police how to deceive judges when trying to acquire Stringrays. In fact, when a public records request threatened to further expose the illegal activity, U.S. Marshals stormed a Florida police department and seized all associated Stingray documents.
A report by the Tacoma News Tribune last month revealed that a Washington state police department similarly used a nondisclosure agreement with the FBI to keep their 2008 Stingray transaction private.
Countless other technologies such as “Intellistreets” light fixtures, capable of recording audio and video of pedestrians passing by, have begun popping up as well in major cities such as Las Vegas.
Meanwhile, as the media focuses on malicious hackers stealing nude photographs from celebrities, the fact that police regularly use the same software remains almost completely overlooked.
Law enforcement’s fight to keep these systems in place could likely be rooted in one thing: parallel construction.
Used to conceal how a law enforcement investigation began, parallel construction allows police to create a criminal case while concealing how the evidence, often obtained illegally, was acquired.
Speaking exclusively with Infowars, NSA whistleblower Kirk Wiebe, who helped develop the data processing system ThinThread, broke down the danger of surveillance and parallel construction.
“Now we have NSA collaborating with FBI and DEA doing something called ‘Parallel Construction.’ In such a scenario, NSA sends information to a law enforcement agency, such as Drug Enforcement Agency and that agency uses the information secretly to investigate individuals, circumventing the law. No warrants,” Wiebe said.
“In fact, the agency actively covers up the source of the information to make it look like the information came out of classical law enforcement investigatory techniques. DEA has a special unit called the ‘SOD’ – Special Operations Division that does the cover up work. The legal consequence of doing this kind of surreptitious collaboration between intelligence and law enforcement is to deny an accused person their legal rights under the Constitution,” Wiebe added. “They are denied the opportunity to face their accuser because the source of the information is kept under wraps/hidden.”

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From Dr. George Carlo, founder, Science and Public Policy Institute, Washington, D.C.

From Dr. George Carlo, founder, Science and Public Policy Institute, Washington, D.C.

"If there is even a reasonable possibility that cell phone radiation is carcinogenic, the time for action in the public health and regulatory sectors is upon us. Even though the financial and social cost of restricting such devices would be significant, those costs pale in comparison to the cost in human lives from doing nothing, only to discover thirty or forty years from now that the early signs were pointing in the right direction.

Judge Frederick H. Weisberg

• These cases went to the U.S. Supreme Court and certiorari was denied in December 2005. The cases were remanded to the state courts and the present cases -- 13 -- are part of that remand group. 

• The litigation motions have been going back and forth between plaintiffs and the wireless industry since 2007.

• There have been other relevant decisions in the case on technical aspects:
◦ Claims based on phones used prior to 1996 when the Telecommunications Act (TCA) went into effect, are allowed in the litigation.
◦ Claims based on phones used after the TCA went into effect and compliant with the 1.6 W/Kg SAR standard, are pre-empted.
◦ Claims based on phones used after the TCA went into effect but with SAR about the standard, are allowed in the litigation.

• The litigation is bifurcated -- these orders have to do with which the Dyas/Frye test to determine which experts can testify in the next phases of the litigation. So, there are five experts who are approved to go forward for the next phase.

• The next phase is bifurcated as well: General Causation -- can cell phones cause brain cancer; Specific Causation -- did a particular phone cause a specific brain tumor in a specific plaintiff. 

• The next phase of discovery will be the first time that the industry has had to turn over data. No other litigation in the U.S. has gotten this far.

It’s Rainmaking Time Interview with Dave Stetzer

It’s Rainmaking Time Interview with Dave Stetzer

In an electrical circuit, outgoing electrical current needs somewhere to return. Since 1992, U.S. electric utilities have set up the electrical infrastructure to return high-frequency energy to the Earth. Unlike Europe, 70% of the electrical current is returned into the ground via phase wires. As a result, everything in physical contact with the ground is being constantly bombarded with this extra energy.
Guest Dave Stetzer, the founder of Stetzer Electric, is a measurement expert in the area of electricity. In this interview, he explains why Europe’s electrical infrastructure is superior to that of the United States, and how much high-frequency electric current we are being exposed to daily in our homes, offices, and anywhere else we are in contact with the ground. Listen in and find out what you can do about it, and how utility companies can improve the safety of our electrical grid.

Download (Right-click and ‘Save Target/Link As’)
Interview courtesy of It’s Rainmaking Time.

Beating Electrical Sensitivity ebook by Lloyd Burrell

Beating Electrical Sensitivity ebook by Lloyd Burrell

Beating Electrical Sensitivity eBook package offer

What Experts Are Saying

“Lloyd Burrell offers an engagingly written explanation of electrical sensitivity and some very practical solutions. This book is firmly aimed at helping the growing number of people suffering from exposure to wireless technologies and other forms of electrical pollution.”
Dr. Devra Davis
Author of “Disconnect: The Truth about Cell Phone Radiation”, Founder of The Environmental Health Trust
““This book defines a critically important emerging public health issue and offers a wide range of solutions to those suffering with electrosensitivity.”
Camilla Rees
MBA,Co-author of Public Health SOS and founder of

What People Are Saying

Your book is “EXCELLENT” !!!! Along with Lyme disease my wife had two co-infections; babesia and bartnella, which I’m happy to report are cured. On top of these, she had three heavy metal poisonings which, clinically speaking, could have killed her. Plus, cancer to boot! We are so thankful for your dedication and continued efforts. Please, keep up the “Great” effort!
Peter Green, USA
Thank you Lloyd. With your book and applying your advice I have managed to get my symptoms under control whilst in a “safe” place. So hopefully the healing can start to take place now and sometime in the near future my body will be able to tolerate some EMF’s so that I can live a “normal” life.
I am keen to get better and implementing what you have suggested, what I like about your program is that you are very positive in overcoming EHS and I am looking forward to the “tipping” point! Already my health is the best it has been for a long time and energy levels are also increasing.
Thanks again Lloyd you are doing awesome work for people in distress with EHS!!
Steve Phillips, Swansea, UK.
Lloyd Burrell has done an outstanding job in putting together this valuable health resource. This is possibly the best compilation of useful and well-researched information that’s available on this subject, as a Medical Intuitive, I highly recommend it.
Barbara Deutsch, San Francisco Bay Area
This book is well researched and referenced. It pointed me in the direction I needed to go to start to heal from EMFs, and offered a wealth of information. For that reason I’d very much recommend it.
Vladimir Antonov, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
My husband is suffering from EHS. Six weeks ago he got hit so bad he could not come back to where we live. He left abruptly and a friend joined him to look for a place to stay. For 4 weeks they went from place to place and finally found a remote camp site in the Texas mountains where they set up camp. No cell and 40 minutes from the nearest town. He was using some of the techniques you recommended. When I found your book I immediately downloaded it. I printed a copy and sent it to him by general delivery. I especially appreciated the information about the electronic measuring equipment and how to buy and use it. My knowledge of electricity and how it works is very small. I have been using these things to help prepare our home for his return. Your book was laid out in a manner that I could easily read.
Helen, Texas
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AND THANK YOU!!!!!! Your book is an answer to prayer. I see that I am not crazy and that there is hope. Your resources and tips on how to overcome are a ” Godsend”! Your book was the deciding factor in our decision to put our house on the market. (We have only lived here 2 years (( of health issues)) ). It has high wires running across the back of our lot about 5 feet from our house and the VOCs in our house have registered (according to an air quality meter) 7,000, 8,000, and 9,000 when the average is 200-500.
I have recommended your book to my grown children and I am giving the info to 2 of my doctors.
Bless you for the time and effort to help others; I pray that God will richly bless you and your family!!!
Gay Carver , Dallas, Texas
I liked the part about different meters and how to use them. I own two meters but this gave me a better knowledge of what to do with them.
Natalie Campbell , Michigan, USA
I found the book most interesting and informative and have altered a few things at home to lessen my exposure to EMF’s, and have been doing the exercises as set down and think, in a few short days, I feel the benefit of them. I have significantly altered my diet in the last year, I’d have liked to see some examples of your typical day’s food intake. This is not to detract from the most useful book I have bought – and I have bought a few to get better. Regards
Jennifer , Central Coast NSW Australia
Sorry that this is brief but I do want to thank you for writing the book .I’m truly glad that I purchased it and I am finding it very helpful, thank you so much for putting such effort forth. I struggle with my ears ringing and they actually pop when certain light fixtures or charging cell phones. Thanks again for so many details especially from the very beginning . I know that we have many similarities. Thanks.
Tam, USA Daytona Beach,Florida
Your info has helped me to understand.
Eileen McInerney, North Caldwell, New Jersey
Very helpful and comprehensive.
Paul Randon, Kinver UK
Let me say “thank you” for the excellent work you have done in educating people about EMF radiation, etc.  I found your website through an internet search and have learned much from you. Many, many things you mention in the eBook are topics I have researched and know to be true.
Carolyn 'Merry Heart Healing Oils' , Alabama
I really enjoyed your book very much. I have been electrical sensitive for about 4 years now and been through many difficult situations. We still have Wi FI but am planning to make changes. Thank you for all your care and understanding for us all.
Geraldine Surry, Trowbridge, England
It was clear, easily understood and motivating, but the actions are challenging, but I am up for it! I have bought the Cornet meter and it was wild and a reality check what I have learned, thank you!
Lucienne (pseudonym), Ottawa, Canada
It gives a very fair and balanced view of what causes electrosensitivity.
Gary C., Madison, WI
Dear Lloyd I really enjoyed your book. The best features were its style – easy and enjoyable to read and its thoroughness – I could not think of anything that I had already found out myself that you missed. Most importantly, Lloyd, you gave me the confidence to keep doing the things I was doing to help repair my body. Kind regards
Louise Brosnan, Brisbane, Australia
Hi Lloyd I have read your book and think it is excellent. It is exactly what I needed when I first fell ill – a concise summary of ways to manage and improve your condition. It provides an alternative treatment plan an individual can follow themselves rather than relying on doctors who as we know are largely unaware of this condition. It gives control back which is so important.
Joanna, (name changed by request),

eBook Survey Results

For me, the most important thing is to know that what I’m doing actually helps people. I recently conducted a survey to better understand what people thought of my eBook. I was very pleasantly surprised – below are screenshots of the survey results.

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