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EVENT MARCH 25 MASSACHUSETTS: Subject: the Safety of Our Children’s Exposure to Wireless Radiation in School

Wireless Education to Present a Free Open Discussion on the Safety of Our Children’s Exposure to Wireless Radiation in School

Panel will feature experts in the field of environmental health and technology to speak on the impact of wireless radiation and ways to combat it

Wireless Education invites you to a free panel discussion at the Shrewsbury Public Library on solutions for safer technology use in the classroom and beyond on Monday, March 25, 2019, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Schools today use high-density mesh Wi-Fi networks which can create more intense microwave radiation exposures. This exposure to constantly-emitting microwave transmitters has scientifically documented health impacts that many parents and educators are unaware of. Learn more about what possible health risks children face when they are constantly exposed to wireless radiation throughout the day at school from mesh wireless networks.

Speakers include:

  • Ronald Melnick, Ph.D., Former Toxicologist of National Institute of Health (NIH), Senior Science Advisor, Environmental Health Trust
  • Dr. Martha Herbert, Assistant Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School
  • Dr. David O. Carpenter, Public Health Physician and Director of the Institute for Health and the Environment, a Collaborating Center of the World Health Organization
  • Frank Clegg, CEO of Canadians for Safe Technology and former long-time president of Microsoft Canada
  • Theodora Scarato, MSW, Executive Director, Environmental Health Trust
  • Cecelia Doucette, MTPW, Technology Safety Educator
Topics to be discussed:

  • Why school mesh wireless networks are especially dangerous - see actual radiation measurement from local schools
  • The advice given by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health for schools - does your child’s school know the facts that can protect your children?
  • Studies that reveal the health risks involved with constant exposures to microwave emitting technologies including the most recent report from the US showing clear evidence of cancer
  • Health risks associated with devices including damage to the brain and reproductive organs
  • Common early-onset symptoms of microwave sickness including fatigue, headaches, tinnitus (ear ringing/pain), chest pain, nosebleeds, nausea, behavior issues, anxiety, depression and more
  • What your school can do to protect students and staff by using technology in a safer way -- including recommendations in the manufacturers’ own fine print warnings
“Children are more vulnerable to electromagnetic fields of radiation (EMFs) so it’s important to minimize their exposures,” Wireless Education Technology Safety Educator Cecelia Doucette, MTPW, said. “We want to break down the facts and start the conversation with parents and educators in our communities to reduce our children’s exposure to this high volume of microwave radiation that’s happening right in their classrooms.”

Monday, March 25, 2019, from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Shrewsbury Public Library, 609 Main Street, Shrewsbury

Free admission, reservations are welcomed:

For further information, contact Sara Seng at

Sara Seng 781-244-8085

How Far Do 5G Millimeter Waves Travel?

Densified 4G and 5G antennas are NOT necessary in neighborhoods because RF microwave radiation from 5G antennas transmits 3,000 feet and RF-EMR from 4G transmits out many miles

Somerset parent pulls child out of school due to wi-fi radiation

They claim their child has suffered from 41 nasty side-effects stemming from wi-fi waves

A parent has taken their child out of a Somerset school because of dangerous wi-fi radiation there, they have claimed.

They say they have been forced into home-schooling after their child began to suffer from a long line of serious symptoms that they believe have stemmed from wi-fi radiation.
In a letter to local newspaper Western Gazette the parent wrote that society must do something about the issue or "we will be no more".
Due to legal reasons, the parent cannot be identified.
They wrote: "We have had to resort to home-schooling our child this year due to the effects of wi-fi at school and the unwillingness of the school to take appropriate action in consequence and the fact that it seems every school in the area has wi-fi.
"Lo and behold every one of these symptoms disappears when there is no wi-fi (as at home).
"The full situation only came fully to light as a result of a series of school absences. It would seem that, as is often, children ‘manage’ such symptoms and don’t want to make a fuss of them. What else is going on in the body, we dread to think.
"As parents we have also experienced similar effects and we know many others who have as well. Sometimes the effects have been so bad as to result in the need to resign from a job."
The parent wrote: "The absolutely crazy thing about wi-fi is that the Access Points (usually located on walls or ceilings or indeed hidden) transmit strong signals continuously even when no-one is using the wi-fi! I have heard it that the school register can only be taken using a wireless tablet. How ridiculous is that!
"If people don’t know, wi-fi consists of pulsed polarised microwave radiation. Incidentally, there may be other ways to connect wirelessly without the risk of harm. For instance li-fi modulates light (abundant and natural) - although systems such as li-fi are in their infancy.
"Over the last year too it has been noted in the media that increased screen time is associated with increased ill health. Many ‘screens’ are used wirelessly it would seem. Some, as in homes and offices, are not.
"What a good time to review wireless use and start cutting back on it for the sake of yours and the planet’s future!"
The parent added: "Some people say ‘we can’t do without all this’ but without doing something about it, we will be no more – along with the insects and other creatures whose numbers we hear are decreasing alarmingly (human fertility has reduced by some 60% in the last 30 or so years – the same period over which wireless has been introduced).
"There have been numerous appeals and declarations over recent years to the WHO and the UN. Is it therefore not time to think about our future and start reducing reliance on wireless and find other, better ways to do things?
"Much is talked about environmental pollution these days. This wireless radiation, given its prevalence, is pollution like no other."
Somerset County Council has been approached for a comment on the matter.

The 41 claimed side-effects of wi-fi

The parent has claimed their child has suffered from:
  1. Tinnitus (buzzing in the ears) 
  2. Headaches
  3. Head feeling strange
  4. Pressure in head
  5. Bloodspots from nose
  6. Heart palpitations
  7. Difficulty concentrating
  8. Forgetfulness
  9. Speech affected (word selection)
  10. Redness of the face
  11. Itchy skin
  12. Skin rashes
  13. Anxiety
  14. Crying (or feeling like)
  15. Agitation
  16. Depression
  17. Mood swings
  18. Discomfort
  19. Disconnection
  20. Feeling out of control
  21. Apathy
  22. Loss of empathy
  23. Loss of appetite
  24. Nausea
  25. Tummy pains or wind
  26. Pain and / or stiffness in joints and muscles
  27. Muscle spasms
  28. Aching or restless limbs
  29. Weak limbs
  30. Stabbing pains
  31. Poor decision making
  32. Loss of balance
  33. Flu-like symptoms
  34. Nerve twinges
  35. Avoiding eye contact
  36. Eyelids flickering or twitching 
  37. Dry, itchy or smarting eyes
  38. Shortness of breath
  39. Excessive trips to the loo
  40. Vomiting in mouth
  41. Hair and eyelash loss

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FCC considers order to make spectrum above 95 GHz available for unlicensed use

More spectrum appears to be coming down the pike thanks to an order FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is circulating that would make 21.2 gigahertz of spectrum above 95 GHz available for unlicensed use across four frequency bands.

The commission is set to lead off its March meeting with an item on the spectrum above 95 GHz. Pai said in a blog post he’s also proposing to add a new experimental license type that would permit experimental use on any frequency from 95 GHz to 3 THz—with no limits on geography or technology.

Some wireless industry professionals haven’t been terribly excited about the spectrum in these superhigh bands; industry groups like CTIA have been lobbying for more midband licensed spectrum in particular for 5G.

But researchers are studying the higher bands, with institutions like the New York University Wireless research center and NYU Tandon School of Engineering’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department conducting seminars on terahertz spectrum—generally the stuff that's above 100 GHz but going all the way up to 540 GHz or so.

Pai acknowledged that a notable feature of the spectrum above 95 GHz is that it has traditionally not been seen as suited for wireless communications given the physical properties. But it also offers massive swaths of airwaves—like massive open roads as opposed to just a crowded lane or two.

“We currently don’t know precisely what types of applications and wireless services the laws of physics will permit in these bands. And that’s sort of the point: The history of wireless innovation is one of government creating space for broad thinking and entrepreneurs using that space to take us in unexpected directions,” he wrote. “With this order, we’ll set up a big sandbox for engineers and technologists to work with — and we’ll then see what American ingenuity delivers.”

Also on the March agenda is an item to make more efficient use of spectrum in the 900 MHz range. Pai is proposing to make a segment of the 900 MHz band available for broadband and using a market-driven, voluntary exchange process that would allow existing licensees to agree on a plan for relocating incumbents and transitioning the band — “smoothing out, in an economically and technically sound way, the transition from point A to point B,” he said. “The NPRM would also seek public input on two other ways to carry out this transition — an overlay auction and an incentive auction — to ensure we have other tools available for repurposing this spectrum going forward.”

Pai’s proposals came out the same day President Donald Trump sent out tweets saying he wants 5G, and even 6G, technology in the United States as soon as possible. “American companies must step up their efforts, or get left behind,” Trump wrote.  

In response, CTIA released the following statement: “We share the President’s commitment to leading the world in next-generation 5G wireless. Thanks to the innovation, hard work and investment of America’s wireless industry, the first commercial 5G deployments are happening now, in communities across the country. With the Administration's continued backing, the U.S. wireless industry can bring more robust 5G networks to more communities faster.” 

The FCC's next open meeting will be March 15.

Interview with Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe

Patrick van der Burght of GEOVITAL Academy for Radiation Protection and Environmental Medicine interviews Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe on his new show, "Health Stronghold."

Content of the interview includes:  

‘What would you tell other doctors if they still questioned that EMF is a problem?’    
The result is a powerful rundown of research and opinion which would be great ammunition for all those people trying to fight wifi and 5G. 

This is a link people could use to go to iTunes

And for those who can’t do iTunes, they can go to, at:

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International Precautionary Actions that Protect Children

Several Nations are taking policy actions to protect children and to inform their citizens of this issue. The United States should not be lagging behind in protections for our children as these other countries are doing. 

The Environmental Health Trust has compiled this list of international policy actions downloadable on their website page on children and wireless.

"The official advice of the Public Health Department of the Salzburg Region is not to use WLAN and DECT in Schools or Kindergartens.” -Gerd Oberfeld, MD.

  • 2013 The French National Assembly passed an amendment banning Wi-Fi from nursery Schools.  Wi-Fi will be banned from maternity wards and child-care facilities and communities would have to be consulted before any installations in schools. Wi-Fi in schools is discouraged until its proven “safe for human consumption.”
  • 2011 French Cell Phone Statute: These precautionary regulations mandate that merchants must display SAR Radiation levels for different phone models, all phones must be sold with a headset, cell phone ads aimed at children younger than 14 are banned and phones made for children under 6 are banned. 
  • 2013 The French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety Report recommends  “limiting the population's exposure to radiofrequencies… especially for children and intensive users, and controlling the overall exposure that results from relay antennas.” The report also recommends hands free phones and SAR  (radiation absorption) labeling. 
  • The French National Library along with other libraries in Paris, and a number of universities have removed all Wi-Fi networks.
  • Herouville-Saint-Clair has removed all Wi-Fi equipment installed in municipal facilities.  Priority was given to schools.  WiFi is replaced in almost all schools by fiber optic cable. 

 2013 New Federal Public Health Regulations were enacted to protect children from health risks.
  • Ghent banns WIFI from nursery schools and daycare centers. 
  • Phones designed for children under 7 years old are prohibited from sale. 
  • Total Advertising Ban on cell phones aimed at children younger than 14.
  • Mandatory Radiation SAR levels must be available for Consumers.

The Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection has repeatedly warned about electromagnetic radiation impacts on children and recommended WiFi not be used in schools.
  • “Thus, for the first time in the human history, children using mobile telecommunications along with the adult population are included into the health risk group due to the RF EMF exposure.”
  • “In children, the amount of cells is larger than in adults and the stem cells were shown to be the most sensitive to RF EMF exposure.”
  • “It is reasonable to set limits on mobile telecommunications use by children and adolescents, including ban on all types of advertisement of mobile telecommunications for children. “
  • Decision of Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection 2008, "CHILDREN AND MOBILE PHONES: THE HEALTH OF THE FOLLOWING GENERATIONS IS IN DANGER.”

2013 The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency issued Fact Sheet 14:  How to Reduce exposure from mobile phones and other wireless devices. This Fact Sheet comprehensively details measures that citizens can take to minimize exposures.  For example, it states:
  • Reduce the risk from WiFi devices by “keeping them at a distance, for example placing the wireless router away from where people spend time”, and “reducing the amount of time you use them."
  • “ARPANSA recommends that parents encourage their children to limit their exposure.”

  • The Governing Council of Thurgau Canton 2008 “The Governing Council recommends for schools to forgo the use of wireless networks when the structural makeup of a given school building allows for a wired network.“

The  Israeli Ministry Of Education has issued guidelines limiting WiFi and Cell phone use in schools. 
  • Pre-schools and kindergartens have banned the use of wireless networks.
  • A hard wired direct cable connection is recommended and according to recent reports, schools are in the process of converting their wireless infrastructure to cable connections. 
  • The Israeli Supreme Court ordered the Israeli Government to investigate the number of children currently suffering from physical sensitivities to wireless radiation. 
  • In elementary school, internet use is restricted to specific hours a week.
  • The Education Ministry has instructed all schools to perform radiation measurement tests to define true exposures to students and staff. 
  • Israel's Minister of Health Rabi Litzman stated that he supports a ban on Wi-Fi in schools.

  • The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority issued recommendationsfor children which include: favoring text messages, parents limiting duration and amount of calls,the use of hands free devices, avoiding calls in a low reception area and keeping the phone away from the body. 
  • "With children, we have reason to be especially careful, because there is not enough research on children's mobile phone use. Unfortunately, it will not be easy to obtain this information in the future, either, because of ethical considerations, the use of children as research subjects must always be heavily justified", according to STUK research director Sisko Salomaa.

The German Federal Ministry for Radiation Protection: “in view of the regulated limits supplementary precautionary measures such as wired cable alternatives are to be preferred to the WLAN system.” 
  • Bavaria:  The State Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs: “For precautionary reasons the Federal Office for Radiation Protection recommends for schools that if a wireless network is used to place its components in suitable locations and to prefer the use of wired network solutions whenever possible.”  In 2007 Parliament issued a recommendation to all schools in the land to not install wireless LAN networks.
  • Frankfurt: “In Frankfurt’s schools there will be no wireless networks in the short or mid term. The Local Education Authority did not wish to conduct a “large scale human experiment,” said Michael Damian, spokesperson of the Head of the School Department Jutta Ebeling.  

  •  2012 The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology issued EMF guidelines with Exposure Limit lowered to 1/10 of the ICNIRP level, SAR labels on phones, and recommendations for Headsets, Speakerphones, limiting cell phone use, increasing distance from devices, and preferring landlines.
  • 2013: Supreme Court of India upholds a decision of the High Court of the State of Rajasthan to remove all cell towers from the vicinity of schools, colleges, hospitals and playgrounds because of radiation “hazardous to life.”  

United Kingdom

  • The UK National Health Service has specific Recommendations
    “Children should only use mobile phones for essential purposes and keep all calls short. “
  • For the public they detail  “recommendations to help lower any potential long-term risks” which include keeping calls short, keep phone away from the body on standby mode, only use it when the reception is strong and use a phone with an external antenna. 

Health Canada offers “Practical Advice” on reducing exposure to wireless radiation. 
  • Recommendations: 1. Limit the length of cell phone calls, 2. Replace cell phone calls with text, use "hands-free" devices and 3. Encourage children under the age of 18 to limit their cell phone usage
  • “Health Canada reminds cell phone users that they can take practical measures to reduce RF exposure. The department encourages parents to reduce their children's RF exposure from cell phones since children are typically more sensitive to a variety of environmental agents...There is a lack of scientific information regarding the potential health impacts of cell phones on children.”

Resolution 1815:
2011 The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

  • A call to European governments to “take all reasonable measures” to reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields “particularly the exposure to children and young people who seem to be most at risk from head tumours.”
  • Implement information campaigns about the risk of biological effects on the environment and human health, especially targeting children and young people of reproductive age.  
  • “For children in general, and particularly in schools and classrooms, give preference to wired Internet connections, and strictly regulate the use of mobile phones by schoolchildren on school premises.”

The  European Citizens' Initiative on 
Electromagnetic Radiation
  • This Initiative calls for full application of the Precautionary Principle. 
The Initiative will be  presented to the European Commission in April 2015.
Please read the important comprehensive TEXT HERE.

Bio-Electricity — The Most Overlooked Factor Of The Technological Revolution - Could wireless radiation be ruining our sex lives?

There’s something disturbing going on in and around humans, and it’s happening in the vicinity of our underwear, a zone of the body associated with both elimination and intimacy. Unfortunately for growing numbers of women, instead of the pelvis being a center of health, vitality, joy, connectivity and ease-filled conception, it is the site of embarrassing and uncomfortable urinary leakage and other challenges.
This trickle of elimination issues is translating into a tsunami of demand for disposable pads, wipes and adult diapers. Add to that the cost of laundering wet underwear and wet beds, and the social loss to incontinent individuals who often become less active, isolating themselves from others, in part due to concerns about bathroom locations, as well as embarrassment.
There’s also the staggering environmental costs of elimination issues, including the fact that disposable wipes, which are not disposal down toilets, are clogging pipes and sewers. For example, in October, 2018, a monster clog that backed up the sewer system in Charleston, South Carolina, from thousands of pounds of “flushable” wipes, sent plant officials scrambling to get the word out: they’re not flushable.
In addition to incontinence, there’s organ prolaspes. Hysterectomies have joined gall bladder removals fueling surgical assembly lines. Many women are reporting pain that prevents them from wanting to experience intimacy, while men with prostate challenges are losing their capability to urinate effectively, not to mention other anatomical functions, including fertility counts.
What in the world are we doing and how can we turn this ship around?
In a 2017 Future Project presentation, Dr. Jerry Tennant of the Tennant Institute explained some basic yet overlooked principles of human physiology from the perspective of the meridian system of Oriental medicine, where organs operate in paired electrical circuits. The ancient Chinese healers recognized that there are two different types of functions operating within the meridian energy system in the body. There are functions associated with hollow organs (storage), and those associated with organs that are not hollow (filtering, assimilation).
In the case of a threat to the body’s health, a hollow organ system can immediately empty itself, for example via vomiting or diarrhea. The hollow organ systems are considered to be Yang and to serve as bodyguards; the solid organs that perform duties like filtering and assimilation are classified as Yin.
The names of meridians in Chinese medicine are capitalized to differentiate between the meridian energy and the organ. Gall Bladder, Bladder, Stomach, Small Intestine, and Large Intestine are some of the hollow Yang organ meridians that defend the body and act as bodyguards.
Gall Bladder is paired with the Liver in a circuit. Bladder is paired with and guards the Kidney. Stomach protects the Spleen and Pancreas. Small Intestine is wired in a circuit with the Heart. Large Intestine forms a circuit with Lung.
Individuals who report a biological reaction to the presence of microwave radiation describe symptoms of energy imbalances recognized in the meridian system of Oriental medicine. In many cases, Yang meridian energies behave in an off-rhythm way in order to attempt to defend against the foreign stressor. Jet lag is a familiar form of energy imbalance.

Fight Or Flight vs. Rest And Digest

Long-term stress keeps the body in a prolonged state of fight or flight instead of being relaxed and alert. When the body does not experience the necessary stages of full rest and repair sleep, the crucial functions of tissue repair and cell growth are impaired. In Western medicine this is described as disruption of the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the autonomic nervous system. However, both the Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic healing systems developed a much more complex understanding of human bio-energy based within the context of time, also recognized as a frequency.
In ancient China, the sky served as the clock and the calendar. The function of the organs was understood to be in harmony with the angle of the sun’s rays in cycles over the 24-hour day, the lunar month, the solar year, within a 12-year cycle (the animals of the Chinese zodiac) and a 60-year luni-solar calendar. The cycles provided correlations and implications for all aspects of life from gardening to planning auspicious times for travel.
There are two fundamental principles that underlie Chinese medicine, as well as India’s 5,000-year-old scientific system of Ayurveda, that are lost in the Western medicine’s surgery and medication-based and profit-driven paradigm.
The first principle is that we differ in our constitutions and have different strengths and vulnerabilities. We each have a meridian that is a powerhouse and a meridian that is most vulnerable. Within a system of self-care, the Chinese use lifestyle interventions including herbs, food, specific exercises, and massage by family members in order to sustain balance and health throughout the seasons.
The second principle is that the body’s functions operate within the context of time. Cycles of sleep and awake, temperature, digestion, and elimination are choreographed within a larger cycle of the seasons and the hours of the day. Ill health generally is not an internal issue but a lack of harmony with Natural Law.
Time in the West has become a tool to regulate the societal needs of mass culture; it is no longer tied to natural frequencies. While the West recognizes that the heart and brain have the largest electromagnetic fields in the body, there are five fundamental issues that emerge when the question of microwave radiation and human health is explored against the backdrop of the Eastern worldview.
1. Every organ works to protect the heart and will sacrifice itself in order to do so. In addition to their Yin-Yang bodyguard relationships, every organ meridian is understood to be able to work to protect Heart, which is actually described as the Emperor. The fact that cancerous schwannomas of the heart appeared in the National Toxicology Project Cell Phone Radiation Studies is very significant.1
2. The brain is protected by the blood brain barrier. The brain is the only organ enclosed in bony plates. Because the brain is so electromagnetically active and so crucial to survival, it has extra security in the form of a physical barrier known as the blood brain barrier. Radio frequencies are damaging the BBB, allowing pathogens that were never supposed to reach the brain to travel into the tissue. The fact that brain tumors and brain cancers are increasingly associated with radio frequency exposures would be another alarming indicator that our technology is not as safe as the industry and its partners would like us to believe.2
3. We each carry constitutional strengths and vulnerabilities that can form the basis of informed and highly effective self-care rather than illness. Enhanced perceptive capabilities are essential to the survival of the species. What the ancient Chinese healing traditions recognized is that individuals differ in the relative strength and weaknesses of their meridians energies. For example, an individual with inborn inherent strength of Liver and Kidney chi is a better detoxifier than a person who does not have that constitutional make-up. Unique symptoms reported due to microwave radiation exposure can be systematically identified through the framework of the meridians.
4. When the natural distribution of chi — or life energy — is disrupted due to stress, the body cannot hold the organs up in space and they will prolapse. Since prolapses are energetically viewed as a deficiency of Spleen chi and depleted adrenals generally brought on by stress, prolapsed organs originate as an energetic, and not a mechanical issue. Structures including the diaphragm, the pupils of the eyes, and the rings of muscle that operate as gates for elimination in the body can respond to stressors in various ways. Excessive slack or tension in any of the valves is undesirable, with symptoms ranging from constipation to leakage to prolapse. In addition to distraction, eye stress impairs the entire body. Internet images including flashing lights, flickering, moving text, pop-up ads and LED lighting contribute to this stress.
5. Assault, as well as treatment, operates as a function of time. Through reverent observation, the Chinese came to understand that each organ occupies a 2-hour time of day when it is receiving impulses from the environment that sustains its vitality. This means that there is no good time of day or night to jolt communities with pulses of microwave radiation.
The promise of smart cities and 5G wireless technology depends upon the transmission of data through the airwaves. From the perspective of energy intelligence, the practice of pinging wireless electronic water meters every four hours in order to record consumption is unwise. The practice causes some people to awaken in order to urinate or because of rapid heart rate — sleep interference that is nothing short of an assault. Cordless phones, baby monitors and wireless smart utility meters that transmit thousands of pulses of radiation per day 24/7/365 are not only wasteful, but also dangerous and irresponsible. The installation of towers and antennas in residential areas to support 5G is the mark of a society in its death throes, although other nations have already forged course corrections in this area.3
The wisdom needed now is not housed in the left hemisphere of the brain and the dopamine hits of social media. It is not found in faster connections. Many Eastern teachers have crisscrossed the oceans to share the mind-body teachings from the ancient traditions with the West. They could not explain that strengthening the quadriceps would affect digestion. They couldn’t say how or why using a computer mouse with the index finger might adversely affect the large intestine. Nor could they explain that a yoga or chi gong practice can serve as a framework to perceive, diagnose, treat, and cure an energy imbalance in oneself before it manifests as in illness.
With our lack of understanding of natural cycles, are we being propelled and manipulated to invest in another wave of planetary destruction under the guise of sustainability with the G5 network? Are any of the health effects being attributed to climate change actually being caused by man-made radio frequencies? Why are we not testing the proposition that autism, asthma, and other health ailments could be caused by immersing ourselves in an artificial electromagnetic environment? Americans living in the mass consumer culture can have a far-reaching impact on the planet and its resources by reclaiming their birthright of living in sync with Natural Law.
Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and internationally calling for new biologically-based microwave radio frequency exposure limits. She is based in Massachusetts and can be reached at