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Cindy Sage, the Bioinitiative reports co-editor on smart phone virtual shopping

Cindy Sage, the Bioinitiative reports co-editor on smart phone virtual shopping

From Cindy Sage. A letter sent to the New York Times:

Dear New York Times people,

I have received your gift of a Google Cardboard viewer thanking me for being a loyal subscriber to the Times.
What a hilarious debacle in the name of ‘gifting’ and thanking your customers. I read and respect the NY Times, but this is a real mistake in judgment.

What you didn’t tell me is that this is a distinct health hazard to the very loyal subscribers like myself whom you are trying to thank with this gift. This would not be approvable under any Institutional Review Board as a scientific experiment on humans, without informed consent from them for exposing them to a classified Possible Human Carcinogen (WHO IARC Group 2B). No IRB would or could approve it.

Putting a cell phone at your forehead is ridiculously risky. Where are the health warnings?

Please see or any of the other 1000 or so scientific studies
on the risks of cell phone radiation.

Thanks but no thanks. Looking for the quick demise of this ill-conceived customer relations program.

Cindy Sage, MA
Sage Associates
Co-Editor, BioInitiative Reports

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Ebay / Myer's new virtual reality shopping store ignores possible eye damage to the user

Ebay / Myer's new virtual reality shopping store ignores possible eye damage to the user

In a world’s first partnership between Ebay and Myer’s department store a virtual reality shopping mall now allows the user to access to thousands of items simply by downloading the eBay Virtual Reality Department Store app on their smart phone. What is also required is a foldout smart phone holder headset (called SHOPTICALS) for your phone which allows you to place the phone immediately in front of your eyes and start shopping.

As clearly seen, this places the smart phone about 2 inches from the user’s eyes, which will be exposing the eyes to the phone’s light and microwave emissions when using the headset. This should be of concern to both Ebay and Myer, not only because it might harm their customers but also because of the existing evidence (below) that their technology poses a possible risk of eye damage to the user. If this turns out to be the case it exposes these corporations to a class-action litigation risk.

It is a disgrace that so many of the myriad of new devices being marketed are developed and sold without the slightest consideration of possible long term harm other than thermal (see last message).

Read on…..

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

EMR Aware Newsletter (May-June) now available online

EMR Aware Newsletter (May-June) now available online

From the folks at the EMR Aware Newsletter

May – June 2016

This free occasional newsletter is published by EMR Aware, a group of concerned citizens based in Northern NSW Australia. It is intended to help provide up-to-date information on the health, environmental and social impacts of modern electro-technologies. This is done in the pubic interest to assist a fair and balanced discussion of the topics at hand. Particular attention is given to content that may not otherwise be made available or openly acknowledged by industry and their government regulators.

We invite readers to consider the scientific evidence and trending opinion on this page and throughout prior editions of our newsletter. There seems little doubt a tobacco-style cover-up of the adverse effects of EMR is underway by those reliant upon its profitability or surveillance potential. You can help reddress this situation by forwarding the link to this web page to as many interested persons and organisations as possible. Anyone wishing to receive our newsletter regularly do so by sending an email with the word “subscribe”. Thank you for visiting.

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May 2016 Stop Smart Meters! Bulletin: CA Landline Alert!

May 2016 Stop Smart Meters! Bulletin: CA Landline Alert!

Stop Smart Meters! Bulletin

May 2016 — Volume 34

Twitter: @stopsmeters
Post: P.O. Box 682 Portola, CA 96122


"Nobody will tear up any copper line infrastructure.. It’s not going to least I don’t think it will happen."
- How very reassuring! Mike Gatto, Chair of the Utilities Committee, CA State Legislature District 43- LA on April 13th as he voted in favor of AB 2395 which would allow AT&T to tear up our copper line infrastructure. Watch the hearing (including SSM! testimony) here.


2. Save Landlines Protest Monday at AT&T Wireless Store in San Francisco
3. Guide to North American Smart Meter Policies
4. New ED88T ElectroSmog Meters & Brochures Available in Our Online Store
5. News Briefs: More Smart Meter Fire Tragedies, Revolt in NM

1. Defend our Safe and Reliable Analog Landline Telephones
Stop Smart Meters! is part of the new Coalition to Save Landline Telephones, an international coalition formed to defend our landline system, currently under attack. The coalition is presently focused on defeating AB 2395- a California bill that would permit AT&T to dismantle copper analog landlines, starting Jan. 1st, 2020 (in only 3 1/2 years!). Millions of people depend on landlines as the only safe and reliable means to call for help during power outages and emergencies, to access services, conduct business, and to reach our loved ones. The destruction of our landline network would disproportionately affect the poor, seniors, rural residents, those in prison, and others with few or no alternatives.

Telecom companies are bullying and deceiving customers into accepting more expensive, lower quality, unreliable digital phone connections that leave them vulnerable to hacking, scams, overcharges and serious health problems. More on the issues-->
Deadline May 24th: Telephone CA Assemblymembers on the Appropriations Committee- even if you live out of stateTell them to Vote NO on AB2395! You can also call after hours and leave a message.
Save Landlines Flyer in .pdf format for Download

CA Assembly Appropriations Committee:
  Lorena S. Gonzalez (Chair) (916) 319-2080
  Frank Bigelow (Vice Chair) (916) 319-2005
  Richard Bloom (916) 319-2050
  Susan A. Bonilla (916) 319-2014
  Rob Bonta (916) 319-2018
  Ian C. Calderon (916) 319-2057
  Ling Ling Chang (916) 319-2055
  Tom Daly (916) 319-2069
  Susan Talamantes Eggman (916) 319-2013
  James Gallagher (916) 319-2003
  Eduardo Garcia (916) 319-2056
  Roger Hernández (916) 319-2048
  Chris R. Holden (916) 319-2041
  Brian W. Jones (916) 319-2071
  Jay Obernolte (916) 319-2033
  Bill Quirk (916) 319-2020
  Miguel Santiago (916) 319-2053
  Donald P. Wagner (916) 319-2068
  Shirley N. Weber (916) 319-2079
  Jim Wood (916) 319-2002
AB2395 will be heard by this committee at 9 a.m. next Wednesday May 25th - Capitol Rm. 4202.Be there to speak out! (check for updates) 

2. This Monday in SF: Save Landlines Protest
Join the Coalition to Save Landline Telephones this coming Monday May 23rd at 11:30am at AT&T’s Wireless Store at 425 Market St. in San Francisco to demand AT&T stop its attacks on our landlines, and that the State Legislature kill AB 2395.

Who: The Coalition to Save Landline Telephones --
What: A Demonstration of Support for Landline Telephone
When: 11:30am Monday May 23rd
Where: AT&T Wireless Store 425 Market St. San Francisco (at Fremont St.)
Why: Because AT&T is Sponsoring State Legislation to Destroy our Landlines

Bring your friends, signs, and landline telephone handsets. For more information about this event, and to spread the word, click here. Any questions or media requests please

3. Guide to North American Smart Meter Policies Analog meter choice billsare being considered by a number of US state legislatures this year, in response to a drumbeat of public complaints. These states include: Missouri,Michigan, Maryland, MassachusettsOhioNew York, Pennsylvania, andTexas.
For a draft inventory of existing smart meter policies throughout North America (courtesy of BC’s Coalition to Stop Smart Meters) click here.

5.  News Briefs

Follow us on Twitter: For the latest campaign updates and links to breaking news stories, follow us on Twitter! We are @stopsmeters Our latest tweets also appear on our website.

Global Smart Meter Resistance Database Looking for local allies in the fight against smart meters? More than 170 local groups and contacts are listed in our database.

Expand Our Network: Send this link to your friends and family to subscribe to our monthly bulletin:

Final Word:  "Let’s not forget the devastating destruction of our extensive streetcar networks in the 20th century at the hands of corporate forces pushing cars and buses, which were considered more technologically “advanced.”
Now, we are paying billions to replace those light rail systems that were destroyed in the 30’s and 40’s but in hindsight should have been maintained. How much will it cost to replace the copper landline network and infrastructure in the future when the public refuses to accept poor quality, lack of reliability, and health risks from wireless technology?"  Read more and watch "Taken for a Ride"-->  
Action Network
Sent via Action Network, a free online toolset anyone can use to organize. Click here to sign up and get started building an email list and creating online actions today.
Action Network is an open platform that empowers individuals and groups to organize for progressive causes. We encourage responsible activism, and do not support using the platform to take unlawful or other improper action. We do not control or endorse the conduct of users and make no representations of any kind about them.

Why the UN Humanitarian Summit MUST “aim high”

Why the UN Humanitarian Summit MUST “aim high”

Please take a moment to send this around to all your local and national news media.  Please also broadcast it using social media.  All our press releases can be found at  

The direct link for this press release is  

It is very important that people be aware of the serious humanitarian crisis that the ubiquitous presence of pulse-modulated microwave radiation from wireless technology is precipitating.  Millions are experiencing serious biological effects related to exposure to radiation from wireless technology.  Many of those symptoms disappear quickly in the absence of radiation from wireless technology.  

Help us raise awareness.  The health of the world depends on it.

Thank you,


Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space

 For Immediate Release:

Why the UN Humanitarian Summit MUST “aim high”

 17, May 2016 

The Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space (GUARDS) applauds the recent initiative from UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for a first ever Worldwide Humanitarian Summit and his stated goal, “aiming high” to solve a number of world crises. 

Sarah Benson, GUARDS member in Greece “hopes that this Summit will ‘aim high’ enough to include an urgent issue affecting the entire population of the planet – microwave emissions from space-based WiFi network infrastructure.” Benson added, “GUARDS has, therefore, written a letter to the Secretary-General requesting that this issue be added to the agenda of the upcoming Humanitarian Conference.”

Starting this year, 11,000 new satellites are to be deployed by eight USA companies to facilitate global WiFi everywhere and in particular to remote and undeveloped areas. This will flood the entire planet with biologically active levels of pulse-modulated microwave radiation. 

GUARDS opposes global wireless due to violations of human rights and harm to the environment that can easily be foreseen.

Wireless connections and transmissions use pulsed-modulated electromagnetic microwave radiation at low intensity levels. These have been shown by multiple peer-reviewed studies to cause serious adverse bioeffects - genetic, neurological, physiological and psychological damage. GUARDS contends that global wireless is a violation of the Nuremberg Code of Ethics and UN Declaration of Human Rights. Numerous references and details about the violations are contained in the Objection to Google, Inc.’s License Application filed by GUARDS with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC). To date, neither Google nor the FCC has addressed the substance of the objection. 

GUARDS is very concerned for the 100 million people who have already become radiation sensitive and will suffer needlessly with the deployment of global wireless. The Argentinian government has demonstrated that this is a major issue. To that government’s credit, it introduced a bill severely limiting public exposure to wireless radiation, requiring hard-wired connections in hospitals and schools. Haifa, Israel just ordered its schools to remove WiFi, and hardwire its computer system, after a documentary exposed the suffering WiFi in schools is causing. 

There is plenty of evidence of biological harm from WiFi’s radiofrequency radiation,” said Ed Friedman, Chairman of Friends of Merrymeeting Bay in Maine, USA, very concerned about wildlife as well as human health. “Anyone who says evidence is lacking is either sadly misinformed, in denial or outright lying.”

Most global wireless plans require substantially increasing the number of annual rocket launches to put this vast satellite network in place and maintain it. Both common types of rocket exhaust are detrimental to the environment. Solid rocket fuels release ozone-destroying chemicals that wreak havoc on an already disappearing ozone layer, and kerosene fueled rockets release black carbon which can accelerate climate change. Therefore, increased rocket launches required to support global wireless would accelerate climate change and global warming, and contribute to humanitarian suffering by endangering the lives of those living in areas such as Sudan, low-lying Pacific Islands, and Bangladesh  - creating, over time, countless environmental refugees. “Northern populations dependent on sea and river ice are also threatened,” said GUARDS member Marcey Kliparchuk of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

GUARDS is an international coalition against global WiFi from space, a complex technology of radiation and toxic chemicals endangering all life on Earth.

# # #

Sarah Benson, Greece 0030-22850-25871
Ed Friedman, USA 207-666-3372
Marcey Kliparchuk, Canada 780-760-0872

Letter to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon 
Research on Biological Effects of Microwave Radiation
Objection To Google, Inc. License Application filed with the FCC by GUARDS
How We Are Killing Ourselves - Wireless Radiation,315/ or, for English subtitles,
Rocket Exhaust Information 

Protecting my health and that of others by using a hardwired computer in a low RF environment.  For more information, see