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Airline pilot has nowhere to escape from wireless radiation

Airline pilot has nowhere to escape from wireless radiation

Published on Wednesday October 17, 2012

Lou Veseley/For the Toronto Star Commercial pilot Melissa Chalmers suffers from sensitivity to electromagnetic waves that come off communication towers. With the number of towers popping up across the country people like Rama could have no place to live.

Richard J. Brennan
National Affairs Writer 

Professional pilot Melissa Chalmers has moved twice in 10 months to escape wireless radiation and worries she’s running out of places to hide.

The commercial pilot of 20 years is on sick leave. She suffers from sensitivity to electromagnetic waves — the invisible waves given off by almost everything electric, in particular, those emitted by communication towers that are popping up across Canada.
Chalmers, who lives near Grand Bend on Lake Huron, may be moving again because of a new a cell tower not far from her forested home.

“They have put a tower up down the road. I’m just waiting for it to be turned on and then I will probably have to leave the home,” she said.

Chalmers first noticed, about two-and-a-half years ago when she lived in London, that the nausea she felt when she was in her apartment subsided when she left.

Cellphones, cellphone towers, wireless internet routers, cordless phones and power lines have all been recognized as possible contributors to electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EMS), which is caused by significant exposure from radio waves.

EMS symptoms include poor sleep, fatigue, headache, nausea, dizziness, heart palpitations, memory impairment and skin rashes.

Dr. Riina Bray, medical director, Environmental Health Clinic, Toronto’s Women College Hospital, is a leading physician on EMS and its symptoms.

“I’m just basically seeing more and more folks with electro hypersensitivity . . . there is a small fraction of the population who are hypersensitive and the WHO (World Health Organization) supports that phenomenon as being real,” she told the Star.

“With the continuous onslaught of this stuff in our society it is very hard for these folks . . . to get better faster.”

“If I have to move again,” Chalmers told the Star, “it will be three times since Christmas, so I am getting pretty tired of moving and I really don’t know where I am going to go at this point.”

Critics say if Industry Canada, which has total control over telecommunications, has its way there will be no place for people such as Chalmers to live.

Industry Canada did not respond to a Star request for an interview.

Bray said the public should not have to prove harm. “It should be done by industry and government,” she says.

Municipalities that have tried to control the number and location of cells towers say Industry Canada has told them it would block any attempt to usurp its powers.

The municipality of Lambton Shore near Lake Huron found out where it stood when it mused about creating a community, Port Franks, free of wireless radiation as did Oakville when it introduced its own protocol calling for a 200-metre setback.

“I went to that meeting in Oakville where it was discussed and it became very clear from Industry Canada and Health Canada that they were not going to change, they were not listening. They were there to dictate,” said Frank Klegg, a retired Microsoft Canada president, who is now head of Citizens For Safe Technology (C4ST).

Klegg said C4ST wants to work with the federal government to establish so-called white zones across the country where people who are sensitive to wireless radiation can seek refuge.

Oakville Mayor Rob Burton said the federal government doesn’t even consult the municipality on 95 per cent of the applications to erect cell towers and for the remaining 5 per cent he suggested the consultation is little more than lip service.

“What shocks me is the federal government pretending that we have a say,” Burton said.

“Our protocol is designed to get us out of the line of fire . . . we have turned away seven or eight now (but) then the proponent then goes to Industry Canada (which) gives them the go-ahead,” he said.

Changes of Clinically Important Neurotransmitters under the Influence of Modulated RF Fields␣A Long-term Study under Real-life Conditions

Changes of Clinically Important Neurotransmitters under the Influence of Modulated RF Fields␣A Long-term Study under Real-life Conditions

Klaus Buchner and Horst Eger

This follow-up of 60 participants over one and a half years shows a significant effect on the adrenergic sys- tem after the installation of a new cell phone base station in the village of Rimbach (﴾Bavaria)﴿. After the activation of the GSM base station, the levels of the stress hormones adrenaline and noradrena- line increased significantly during the first six months; the levels of the precursor dopamine decreased substantially. The initial levels were not restored even after one and a half years. As an indicator of the dysregulated chronic imbalance of the stress system, the phenylethylamine (﴾PEA)﴿ levels dropped signifi- cantly until the end of the study period.

The effects showed a dose-response relationship and occurred well below current limits for technical RF radiation exposures. Chronic dysregulation of the catecholamine system has great relevance for health and is well known to damage human health in the long run.
Keywords: cell phone base station, long-term study, stress hormones, radiofrequency radiation, GSM transmitter, far-field radiation

---------------------------------------------- Conclusion
Thus, the following hypothesis is proposed: Although participants maintained their usual lifestyle, they developed chronic stress with a primary increase in adrenaline/noradrenaline and a subsequent decrease in dopamine in response to the microwave exposure from the newly installed cell phone base station. During the stage of counterregulation, the "trace amine" PEA decreases and remains decreased.

This is of considerable clinical relevance because psychiatric symp- toms also exhibit altered PEA levels. In Rimbach, the increase in sleep problems, cephalgia, vertigo, concentration problems, and allergies could be clinically documented after the cell phone base station had been activated. The newly developed symptoms can be explained clinically with the help of disturbances in the humoral stress axis (﴾53)﴿.

After having exhausted the biological feedback mechanisms, major health problems are to be expected. The possible long-term con- sequences of remaining caught in the exhaustion stage have al- ready been described by Hecht and Selye (﴾3, 16)﴿.

Thus, the significant results presented here not only provide clear evidence for health-relevant effects in the study subjects of Rim- bach after a new GSM base station had been installed there, but they also offer the opportunity to carry out a causal analysis. This has already been successfully done in the "shut-down study" of Schwarzenburg, Switzerland (﴾54)﴿. In Rimbach, the documented levels should return to normal once the relevant base station is shut down.

Epidemiological Evidence
There is current epidemiological evidence for the considerable clini- cal relevance of the dysfunction of the humoral stress axis with its endpoints of PEA decrease and adrenaline increase, as documented by us.

1. Decreased PEA levels can be found in a large portion of ADD/ADHD patients. As therapy methylphenidate is used, a sub- stance that is structurally related to PEA. Between 1990 and 2004, the boom time of cell phones, prescription costs for this medication had increased by a factor of 86 (﴾49, 55)﴿.

2. As part of the German Mobile Telecommunication Research Programme, approximately 3000 children and adolescents were studied in Bavaria for their individual cell phone radiation exposure levels in relation to health problems. Among the various data sets, the data set regarding behavioral problems showed a significant increased risk for both adolescents (﴾OR: 3.7, 95%-CI: 1.6-8.4)﴿ and also children (﴾OR: 2.9, 95%-CI: 1.4-5.9)﴿ in the highest exposure group (﴾56)﴿. For the first time, the "Rimbach Study" provides a model of explanation in biochemical terms.

3. Pheochromocytomata are adrenaline- and noradrenaline- secreting tumors of the adrenal gland (﴾57)﴿. This type of tumor due to microwave exposure has already been demonstrated in animalexperiments in 1985 (﴾5)﴿. The increase of this disease in the US population is highly significant. Concurrent with the increase in local microwave exposures due to an increased number of base stations and use of wireless communication technologies, the number of cases have increased from 1,927 to 3,344 between 1997 and 2006 (﴾58, 59)﴿.

It is a physician's responsibility␣not bound by directives␣to work toward the preservation of the natural basis of life regarding hu- man health (﴾60)﴿. Now it is the duty of the responsible agencies (﴾public health department, Bavarian State Ministry of the Environ- ment and Public Health as well as other federal ministries)﴿ to in- vestigate the current situation.

Wendy walks through Oakville

Wendy walks through Oakville

Hoy’s walk for cell radiation tours town

Wendy walks through Oakville. Wendy Hoy, walking to Ottawa from her Port Frank home to protest cellular towers, stopped in at Oakville MP Terence Young’s offices with C4ST (Citizens for Safe Technology) last Thursday. Front row, from left, Judy Watt, Wendy Hoy and Terence Young. Back row, from left, Wendy Perkins, Wendy Cockburn, Frank Clegg and Barb Payn. Photo by Ian Holroyd
The road to Ottawa has been cold and arduous for a 57-year-old grandmother who is walking to the nation’s Capitol to protest cell phone towers and their possible affects on Canadians.
However, last Thursday Wendy Hoy, who had been traveling from her home in Port Franks, Ontario for the past two weeks, met with a warm welcome in Oakville, where residents have been debating the possible affects of cellular tower radiation.
Hoy feels that electromagnetic radiation generated by wireless technologies is harmful to people and hopes that her walk will bring this issue the forefront on Parliament Hill.
“This radiation needs to be investigated,” said Hoy, “and we need to put a moratorium, if we can, on the growth of it so we can have the time to investigate it.”
Hoy also said that she would also like to see legislation that would lower acceptable levels of radiation, especially in residential areas.
Hoy toured several sites in Oakville where residents have shown concern over cell phone equipment and its proximity to sensitive locations.
She visited a cell tower at Bronte Road and Rebecca Street, which is close to a Fire Station and a nursery school, and a cell installation on Balsam Drive that is approximately 15 meters from a child’s bedroom window.
The World Health Organization (WHO) and International Agency for Research on Cancer (IRAC) classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic (cancer causing) to humans. However, WHO has indicated that more research is required.
Hoy left home last month vowing to walk the 800 km to Ottawa after a cell tower was erected in her town despite a public outcry opposing the tower.
Hoy, who is self-employed, is risking a lot for this crusade including her livelihood. In her words, she has “taken an unpaid leave of absence.”
“I’m really concerned about my granddaughter and my son. They both use this technology quite a bit,” said Hoy.
Hoy along with her friends from C4ST (Citizens for Safe Technology) a local lobby group, met with Oakville MP Terence Young at his offices at 165 Cross Avenue
Young offered his support to Hoy’s cause and told his visitors that he is planning to introduce a Private Member’s Bill that will address cell tower radiation.
Young said that he has not finalized the bill yet but he is considering three different approaches that the bill could take. The options include limiting the amount of power that cellular antennae can have, limiting the distance of cell towers from homes, schools, and hospitals or passing the power to decide where cell towers can go to municipalities.
Currently, cell tower placement is governed by Industry Canada.
“Why would we allow a bureaucrat in Ottawa to overrule the government that is democratically elected to plan our communities and execute that plan?” asked Young.
“I’m trying to determine right now what is the best way to go so we don’t have powerful cellular towers so close to homes, schools, daycare centres and hospitals,” Young added.
Young said that Oakville has become ground zero in the debate over electromagnetic radiation because three telephone companies have already built towers here and three more companies are hoping to move in.
“This is truly a grassroots movement,” said Young, pointing to Hoy and her journey to Ottawa. “This is coming from people who want to feel safe in their homes, which I believe is a fundamental right,” said Young. “And when they have these high-powered antennae close to their homes, they don’t. That automatically makes it a priority for me.”

Experts warn schools over potentially hazardous Wi-Fi microwaves

Researchers have said that children could be suffering genuine damage from Wi-Fi in schools.
Thursday 18 October 2012 - 12:44
Experts warn schools over potentially hazardous Wi-Fi microwaves
Are multiple routers inside schools blanketing children with microwave radiation? Some experts at a University of Malta conference on electromagnetic radiation believe so, and have called for a drastic reduction in exposure.
Governments worldwide may be ignoring research that proves a correlation between Wi-Fi microwave radiation and poor health, in order to safeguard the interests of industrial giants, physicist Magda Havas (pictured) told a conference in Malta of experts that presented findings on the effects of electromagnetic fields from mobile phones and antennae, and Wi-Fi boxes.

Havas, from Trent University (Ontario, Canada), said that despite several studies clearly showing harmful effects resulting from Wi-Fi radiation, governments worldwide continue to insist on placing Wi-Fi routers in schools and public spaces.
"We don't believe in putting antennas near our schools, so why are we so willing to put antennas inside schools? That's right. Wi-Fi routers are microwave antennas," Havas said.

The World Health Organisation has classified radio frequency electromagnetic fields as being possibly carcinogenic to humans, according to studies on rats on the use of wireless phones and the effects of mobile phone antennae.

Havas, adamant that Wi-Fi radiation is a possible human carcinogen, compared the wireless internt routers to microwave ovens.

"While Wi-Fi routers use a much lower intensity of radiation, the radiation of routers is not contained and consists of pulsed waves which are constantly ongoing, unlike a microwave oven which is contained and temporary.

"Students are exposed to microwave radiation for 1,200 hours a year, 12,000 hours after 10 years. Metal objects on the body, such as braces, are likely to increase radiation exposure near a router," Havas said.

Another paper presented by Professor Norbert Leitgeb of Austria's Graz University, also questioned the risk of mobile phone use among children although he conceded that claims of hazardous radiation are still controversial and require further study.
"The public discussion whether exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields in general and to mobile phone microwaves in particular may be a health risk to children is still controversial. It is governed by emotions and prejudice, and influenced by myths, speculations and misunderstandings," Leitgeb said.

Due to physiologically undeveloped features in children, babies and infants, Leitgeb said differences needed to be studied according to developmental age as the head and thickness of the skull is not the same as adults.

"It is argued that children could be at higher risk because their potential vulnerability and longer lifetime exposure. However, although emotionally, the assumption that children could be more vulnerable than adults to environmental factors is not justified in any case," Leitgeb explained.

Leitgeb said that due to a lack in convincing experimental evidence and only weak evidence from epidemiologic studies, it is up to individual risk perception to decide the role of precaution and management of phone use of children.

"One thing is clear. The general term 'children' is too unspecific to account for the different vulnerabilities during their developmental process, and confuses rather than facilitates the discussion. Recommendations need to specifically address children age groups rather than 'children' in general."

However, Havas explained that since 1939 human exposure to radiation and microwaves has changed from being intermittent, to constant in 2010, since radiation is no longer restricted to military bases and airports. "Today we have transmitters inside our home. In the past, exposure was limited to a few occupations. Today, infants and children are exposed."

Wi-Fi base stations or routers in schools have multiple antennae which emit a beacon signal which is always on. "With multiple routers the entire school is blanketed with microwave radiation. Once the computer disconnects from the Internet, the only remaining radiation is from the router. So, the placement of these routers is critical. They should be well-marked in plain sight, as far away from people as possible."
Radiation waves emitted by cordless phones have also been found to affect the heart according to a paper by Magda Havas and Dr Jeffrey Marrongelle, presented during the conference.

"This was a study to test the effect of radiation from a cordless phone on heart rate variability (HRV) or the number of beats per minute. Although not affecting all participants in the same way, there were some subjects experiencing tachycardia or rapid heart rate," Havas explained.

Interestingly, several students in Canada visited their paediatric cardiologist and wore heart monitors to school to record heart irregularities at Mountainview School, in a study presented by Havas on Wi-Fi radiation emissions.

"A six-year-old girl experienced a 'musical heart', headaches and dizziness only while at school. A 12-year-old boy experience tachycardia. A 12-year-old girl experienced nausea, vomiting, no fever, insomnia, blurred vision and tachycardia only at school. A 13-year-old boy experienced heart pounding, insomnia and headaches but symptoms abated when he moved."

Havas said that while many parents and teachers may be thinking that their children are only inventing excuses not to go to school, these children may only be experiencing these symptoms while at school because of over-exposure to microwaves emitted from antennas or Wi-Fi routers. "I have spoken to a number of children who say they love school, but don't enjoy being there because they feel sick."

Studies with human sperm cells showed that sperm exposed to Wi-Fi radiation near a laptop computer were much slower and had DNA damage.

"Does Wi-Fi affect female egg cells? We don't know. But, if it does, exposure of one generation may have consequences on future generations," Havas said.

Havas said that while wireless internet is highly unlikely to ever be completely removed, cell phone antennae should not be placed near schools and Wi-Fi routers should not be placed inside schools.

"The worst thing to do is to keep Wi-Fi on, all the time. This is a high tech and low intelligence option. A better option is the modified Wi-Fi which means limiting the location and time of use. The best of option is a wired connection, which is both high tech and high intelligence," Havas said.

Mobiles can give you a tumour, court rules

Mobiles can give you a tumour, court rules

Alert ... court ruled a phone caused tumour

MOBILE phones CAN cause brain tumours, according to a landmark court ruling.

Italian businessman Innocente Marcolini, 60, fell ill after using a handset at work for up to six hours every day for 12 years.

Now Italy’s Supreme Court in Rome has blamed his phone. Experts have predicted a flood of legal actions from victims.

Stricken Mr Marcolini last night warned: “People must be told the risks.”

Innocente Marcolini
Warning ... Innocente Marcolini
He was diagnosed with a brain tumour after complaining of head and chin pains.

And yesterday his country’s Supreme Court stated there was a “causal link” between his heavy phone use and the growth.

British scientists have claimed there is insufficient evidence to prove any link to mobiles.

But after the Rome court ruling, Mr Marcolini said: “This is significant for very many people. I wanted this problem to become public because many people still do not know the risks.

“I was on the phone, usually the mobile, for at least five or six hours every day at work. I wanted it recognised that there was a link between my illness and the use of mobile and cordless phones.

“Parents need to know their children are at risk of this illness.”

Respected oncologist and professor of environmental mutagenesis Angelo Gino Levis gave evidence for Mr Marcolini — along with neurosurgeon Dr Giuseppe Grasso.

They said electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile and cordless phones can damage cells, making tumours more likely. Prof Levis told The Sun: “The court decision is extremely important. It finally officially recognises the link.

“It’ll open not a road but a motorway to legal actions by victims. We’re considering a class action.

“Tumours due to radiation may not appear for 15 years, so three to five-year studies don’t find them.

“We’ll only realise in years to come the damage phones can cause children.” Mr Marcolini’s tumour was discovered in the trigeminal nerve — close to where the phone touched his head. It is benign but threatened to kill him as it spread to the carotid artery, the major vessel carrying blood to his brain.

Court building in Rome
Decision ... court building in Rome
His face was left paralysed and he takes daily morphine for pain.

Alasdair Philips of Powerwatch, which campaigns for more research on mobile use, said: “This is an interesting case and proves the need for more studies.

“People should limit mobile and cordless use until we know more.”

The World Health Organisation urged limits on mobile use last year, calling them a Class B carcinogen. But a spokesman for Britain’s Health Protection Agency said: “The scientific consensus is that mobile phones do not cause cancer.”

International radiation biology expert Michael Repacholi said: “Studies show no evidence of cancer. But if you are worried, use a headset, hands-free or loudspeaker.”

Media lawyer Mark Stephens said the verdict could “open the floodgates” — even though there is no direct obligation on British courts to follow the Italians’ lead.

He said: “It is possible people will begin legal action here, but I think the chances of success are less. I think they’ll join any class action in Italy.”

Jury out for 12yrs

MAY 2000: Government’s Stewart Report warns kids to avoid mobiles due to unknown effects of microwave radiation.

October 2005: British Journal of Cancer says no substantial risk of brain tumours in first ten years of mobile use.

October 2007: Britain’s Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research Programme finds no link to ill health.

May 2011: Council of Europe warns mobiles should be banned from classrooms over “potentially harmful” effects.

June 2012: World Health Organisation says “some” cancer risk.

Read more:

Productivity Commission critizes the Victorian smart meter rollout

Productivity Commission critizes the Victorian smart meter rollout

In Thursday’s Herald Sun newspaper (October 18) on page 19 it is reported under the headline Power to plummet by Matt Johnston, that the Productivity Commission has criticized the roll out of smart meters in Victoria. in its 772 page report on Australia’s electricity network. According to the Herald Sun, the report states:
It said smart meters were crucial to lowering people’s bills in the long run but hit out at the bungled Victorian rollout, which, it says was at an “unexpectedly high cost”. “It appears that the Victorian decision to roll out smart meters was premature and/or poorly planned with inadequate knowledge about smart-meter technologies,” it says.
So, the Victorian government and energy suppliers have “inadequate knowledge about smart-meter technologies”. This is certainly true for the health effects issue and is another reason for Victorian consumers to refuse to have a smart meter installed until the findings of real research on the reported health hazards is available.

Death, Lies and Mutations, What the Military Kept From the Public on Microwave Radiation Part 2

Death, Lies and Mutations, What the Military Kept From the Public on Microwave Radiation Part 2

In my time speaking and writing about this topic, often the word that comes up is controversy. Mostly it is used in a manner that leads up to the person alluding to the fact that there are ‘two sides’ to the argument on safety of cell phones and associated devices. Immediately I know what Big Telecom has been trying to do has worked, making the issue muddied and unclear. This allows them to get people to think there is ‘no evidence’ or the classic ‘more long term study is needed’ or even more classic that any studies that found harm were ‘flawed.’ Usually after some time of being told the facts and truth in an easy to understand way, the confusion clears for that person. Slowly as we progress with informing these people, it becomes one or one hundred or one thousand fewer people using these devices. I am personally happy to allow people to come to the understandings of how dangerous they are. I also know that thousands of others across the globe are teaching this to people, which is allowing us to reverse course on this dilemma. Health agencies and those the profit from this will not do it for us, only we can and we must.
This will be very costly for Big Telecom, Smart Grids, Big Cancer, Big Pharma, Utilities and more. Some of those companies are shown in the picture below. You can see some of the names, the money they represent and this is just for the  smart grid. Here is a link for the presentation that contains this slide for more info on these players in the grid:
I know why they set out to have people confused and make the subject matter difficult to understand, to shut people off from learning the truth and going back to the store to buy the latest gadget to microwave their brain with. If you are one of those people, if you want to remain ignorant, I encourage you to get away from this post quickly and never come back.
However if you care about yourself, your kids, other people’s kids, animals and plants… read on, pass on and ACT on what you learn here.
So back to the controversy, the two sides and how it happened. Long ago, microwaves were beginning to be used, somewhere in the 30′s or so for industrial purposes and some military applications. What happened was with the military being so close to this stuff, as time went on into WWII and beyond, they figured out how bad microwaves/RF were to humans. So in their infinite wisdom, rather than protecting the public at large, the soldiers and enemy… they decided they would work with this technology and find out just what it could do.
Keep in mind, the military has 2 objectives: to understand “Can we hurt people with this?”  and “How do we protect our side if the other side has this weapon?” So ALL sides and ALL militaries (Russia, UK, USA, Canada etc.) after learning a thing or two started to play around with this technology and as they went further, most of the projects went underground. Why? This happened because they figured out that this may be the greatest weapon known to man,  if not at that time,  certainly in the future. It is invisible, can travel large distances, costs very little, is tasteless, odourless, you can’t hear it and when being hit by it, the enemy has no idea it is even happening. If you want to dig into this further, a great, possibly the best source for data on all of this is here:
So what happened is they found out that at very low levels (see Part 1 and links there also) they could cause serious damage to people. This was a big problem, but not unsolvable. It was a simple thing they did. They decided to create a very high number for exposure for heat effect alone, and all else under that was ‘safe.’ A world opened to them and at the same time closed for the prosperity and health for mankind. This allowed the massive proliferation of this technology for destruction; military style, but also for it to develop into the one of the biggest threats to health humanity has ever faced. This is evidenced by the fact that at least 5 billion people use and carry these devices on them everyday.
Thus, with the new ‘safety level’, effects were recognized only if they showed ‘heating’ or ‘thermal effects’ This is the stance of Big Telecom, Military, Industry etc. Heating does occur at much higher levels than what a cell phone etc. can typically cause you to notice. However, heating still occurs at low levels as cells are being oscillated back and forth millions or billions of times per second, from multiple devices at multiple frequencies, 24/7. Even if heat is not detectable at all, you are causing great destruction.
The stance of advocates against this technology, science, the laws of electricity and physics say we are vulnerable at levels far below ‘thermal effects’, this being called ‘non-thermal’. That is your controversy right there explained. They say nothing happens until you heat up, ‘we’ say you are disrupting every cell, frequency, signal and nerves of the body.
Remember admitting this would instantly hold the military and telecoms accountable for untold numbers of deaths and diseases that have occurred. Liability is being avoided for the sake of profit, which in the end is the true driver of this technology.
You can see here that your brainwaves  operate at very low Hz (vibrations per second); anything compromising this (like cell phone microwaves to the brain at Billions of Hz) is a dangerous game to play, long term and short.
You can see here how the microwaves do not ‘magically’ disappear once they reach your phone. You must think, if that wave can penetrate concrete, walls, metal and all else, why wouldn’t it go directly into your brain? If it did, just what exactly would happen when it did?
This is what happens, your DNA is damaged, the fundamental building blocks of life (YOU) are being mutated and destroyed altogether…in your brain no less.
Not to worry, here is what is protecting you. This is the test that is used, it is for 6 minutes to see if a soapy liquid inside a mannequin representing a 6’2″ 220 lb male soldier heats up. If the liquid doesn’t heat up 1 degree, you can be exposed to the device (and all others like it) for life.
Just to pile it on, now you are microwaving mercury and lead among other things contained in your phone right next to your nose eyes and brain. Causing problems also denied or ignored by phone makers.
That is on top of your metal fillings which is a whole other issue altogether.
So, they have effectively left out long term chronic exposure (in every house in every city) and only measured short term effects, for heat. This allows the profits to roll in, the weapons to keep on being made/tested and the sicknesses to mount.
This is further reference to the 2300  studies  compiled by the NMRI (Naval Medical Research Institute)
Recall why military docs are so important. They only want to know exact specifics, no lawyers, no lobbyists etc. “Can they kill us? Can we kill them?” That’s it. Here is some more of what they found. Part 1 had a lot to do with pregnancy and babies. Take a look down at the part of the doc here referencing “Genetic and Chromosomal Changes”; To even see one thing in this column is alarming. But look at #3.
#3Mongolism. Don’t know what that is? (keep in mind this doc is from 1976 so ‘terms’ change over time) Simply put, this is Down’s Syndrome.  Yes, that’s right, the military is fully aware that microwave radiation can cause these types of birth defects. Of course, so is industry, but they say nothing, too much money to be made. Note as well # 2 Mutations” See this link on Autism:
I will post this pic from part 1 again because it is so relevant here:
So now millions of women are doing this, carrying phones in their pockets and more:
Note here we see ‘alteration of heart rhythm’… then again consider the above photo or note the habits of many pregnant women with these devices.
Remember as well, that the underdeveloped skulls of children, and in particular the unborn, take in more of the RF than anyone. Remember, your ‘safety study’ is done on a mannequin representing a 6’2″ male, fully developed, full of a soapy liquid. You can get an idea of how this test came about, since rather than admit to hurting people, they denied you had electrical properties altogether, but of course you do, as well as do unborn children. Perhaps some of the additional findings we see here contribute to the massive growth in birth defects:
#9 Specifically, “Alteration of Cell Division”; does anyone else think this might be an issue as the fetus develops from 2 to 4 to 8 to 16 cells and so on, all the while being radiated ? Then also for the next nine months and the rest of its life as well? As touched on in Part 1, how about the eggs the female child is carrying for life inside of it already being radiated 24/7 until age 29 (the average age a women has her first child). This is just one side of the story. Here is the other:
Study after study is coming out saying this has effects on sperm as well (see part 1 for picture for excerpts from animal studies and the above pics) So we are destroying the eggs and the sperm, the DNA and we’re wondering why we are all sick from cradle to grave? Again, here we can see that this has been known all along ‘Decreased fertility to sterility’
How about learning disabilities, surely that would pop up somewhere? Keeping in mind just about every kid has one of these which of course requires highly profitable medication:
This is from YALE university. Recall that the military docs also state“Lack of concentration, Loss of memory” among symptoms caused by microwave radiation. Starting to see a pattern here? Or ‘repeatable results?’
Science in general is defined by its ability to be repeated. This ends ALL controversy, removes opinion, and puts this much closer to fact than people may think. “Loss of memory, ATTENTION of school children” Also note  that “Irreversible Sterility” was found in mice at levels even lower. Here is where it comes full circle. Notice that it is written above as 1000.00 Microwatts per square centimetre. That is is the level Health Canada and the FCC has found to be ‘unsafe’ because at that level ‘thermal effects’ begin to start. Now look closely: at 100 times less than that, what do we find ‘Damaged mitochondria, nucleus of cells in hippocampus of BRAIN’ At 5.0 we find ‘Changes in liver, heart, kidney and BRAIN TISSUE’.  Repeatable results, this controversy is over. Loss of memory: think Alzheimers, Dementia… doesn’t it seem plausible this could come about from people doing this to their brains for 20-30 years?
I will leave you with this last note from the 2300 studies compiled by the NMRI
For all those who know that breast feeding is the best way to keep your newborn well nourished but keep there phone in near their breast (or even have a phone):
“ALTERED MENSTRUAL ACTIVITY”  Yes, even at low levels like your phone, it is still capable of altering your menstruation. Think about that.
Do you really think the Telecoms, Government, Pharma, Military are oblivious to all of this? Or is money and greed a motivating factor? You decide, for indeed, this is a big decision. Think about all the issues mentioned plus the rest in the document, then think of how this plays right into the profit picture for these types of companies here, especially #3:
For those of you who decided to read to this far, I apologize. I may have put you in a very inconvenient dilemma. I gave you knowledge, irrefutable knowledge. Knowledge that you are now responsible for. No more plausible denial, “controversy,’ allowance/excuse to continue to hurt yourself and others (and pay somebody for the right to do it). I may have put you in an awkward position, forcing you to choose life over pain and death. Asking you to support the health of children, pregnant women and the unborn over having not waiting 10 minutes to get home to use a landline with a corded phone.
Perhaps now, you will consider that you might be paying someone $1200 +/- a year to poison yourself and others, while at the same time talking about ‘eating healthy’, ‘consciousness’, ‘saving the planet’ and the like; or maybe that’s not you at all. Still, you have to question whether you ACTUALLY care about yourself and others.  This caring, this awake, this conscious starts with life itself, and no life or living can be attained in pain and suffering. That is mere existence; an animal state, primal and controllable. For the perpetrators of this crime, it couldn’t be more clever. This is a DIRECT RESULT of the choice you make to use these devices. This is a direct result of giving these Telecoms money to hurt you while profiting on the back end with shares in Pharma. This is a direct result of being passive, while allowing government to deny health consequences; while simultaneously subsidizing these very companies through health care expenses, grid roll outs, wi-fi in schools, etc.
I apologize for putting you in a position of choice, of action, choosing life over death, light over dark, health over sickness, keeping money for beneficial things vs things that cause pain throughout existence.
I hope what you have learned can bridge the time gap for you. That gap is witnessed all to often in humanity where we only decide to act AFTER tragedy, some sickness, loss of life… a shock. Why wait? How much more needs to happen? How much more do we have to give these guys? How much more do you have to hurt yourself when there are safe alternatives that are cheaper? How long will we radiate our kids in school when we can simply hardwire their computers? How many more cell towers (for you to have reception) will be built on hospital roofs, near daycares, nursing homes? How long will watch our ever-depleting health care (slow death with maximum profit extraction) resources be sucked up for profits, while causing society loss? How many more kids need to be born with birth defects, learning disorders, diseases?
How much more can you need to know to make the right choice?
If you can’t choose now, when?
What other choice is there to make?
Can you choose life?
Do you?
The answer to these questions is only found in action, the sooner the better for you and life itself.