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Association Between Fetal RF-EMR Exposure and Autism

From Robert C. Kane, a former top-level Motorola engineer, who also wrote the book Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette. It seemingly is not available from major online bookstores. The German translation vanished from the market, the same day it was released! Accidentally?

But read on...

A Possible Association Between Fetal/neonatal Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation and the Increased Incidence of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Robert C. Kane, Ph.D.

Abstract: Recently disclosed epidemiological data indicate a dramatic increase in the incidence of autism spectrum disorders. Previously, the incidence of autism has been reported as 4-5 per 10,000 children. The most recent evidence indicates an increased incidence of about 1 per 500 children. However, the etiology of autism is yet to be determined. The recently disclosed data suggest a possible correlation between autism incidence and a previously unconsidered environmental toxin. It is generally accepted in the scientific community that radiofrequency radiation is a biologically active substance. It is also readily acknowledged that human exposures to radiofrequency radiation have become pervasive during the past twenty years, whereas such exposures were uncommon prior to that time. It is suggested that fetal or neo-natal exposures to radiofrequency radiation may be associated with an increased incidence of autism.


Prior to the twentieth century the only sources of radiofrequency (RF) radiation were the hyper-low levels of RF energy originating from our sun and the even lower levels of extra-solar RF noise. It is in this environment of low-level RF radiation that life on earth developed and exists to this day.

During the 1940s, primarily as a result of research and development performed as a part of the war effort, industry and the military establishment were successful in bringing the state of RF energy generation to maturity. From that time onward we have witnessed a broad range of commercial RF energy product applications including, most notably, broadcast FM radio, radar, television, public-service mobile communication transceivers, residential microwave ovens, and the portable cellular telephone.

Initially, the contribution of each radiating device was imperceptible when weighed against the background of incoming solar radiation. However, over the span of decades the number of terrestrial RF radiation sources, now counted in the billions, has increased to the degree that, presently, the base radiation level is many thousands of times higher than from solar RF energy impinging on the earth.

Notwithstanding the proliferation of RF radiation sources during the early decades of the "radiofrequency age", the 1940s through the 1970s, humans were seldom exposed to RF radiation at levels that might cause concern. Since the late 1970s a number of commercial products have become ubiquitous, which provide human exposures to levels of RF radiation that are significantly higher than either of the previous or present background levels. Research reports indicate that RF exposure
levels, typically encountered from some commercial products, may induce alterations of biological processes or damage to the genome 1 �13.

Concurrently the incidence of autism diagnoses demonstrates a pronounced, approximately linear, nearly three-fold increase occurring during the last twenty years. "The question as to when autism begins in any child remains to be answered. Some studies provide support for a prenatal or perinatal origin for autism." 14 For several decades prior to 1980 autism incidence remained essentially invariant; reportedly at about one diagnosed case per 2005 children. Byrd has reported a present autism incidence of about one per 700 children.

RF radiation sources have become commonplace in the personal human environment from approximately 1980 to the present. Operation of an RF radiation source such as a two-way radio or a cell phone exposes the operator to levels of RF radiation shown to be biologically active. Operation of an RF radiation source also exposes others, in the near proximity, to similarly biologically active levels of electromagnetic field intensities 15.

Some of the known effects of exposure to RF radiation include cognitive impairment 16, memory deficit 17, EEG modifications 18, DNA damage 3 - 12, chromosome aberrations 6, micronucleus formation 7, 22, fetal malformation 1, 2, increased permeability of the blood-brain barrier 19, 23, altered cellular calcium efflux 20 and altered cell proliferation 21.

RF radiation exposures from residential microwave ovens are, typically, on the order of 1 milli-watt per cm2. RF radiation
exposures from cell phones range from about 0.1 to 10.0 milli-watt per cm2. Portable two-way radios provide similar exposure levels. The scientific literature confirms that RF radiation exposures, at levels more than 1,000 times lower than described immediately preceding, or on the order of 1.0 micro-watt per cm2, induce significant changes in biological processes or molecular repair mechanisms 12.

During gestation the possibility of unobservable embryonic and fetal damage is increased as mothers-to-be utilize and are exposed to the emissions from RF radiation devices. Researchers have emphatically reported that an embryo or fetus should not be exposed to radiofrequency radiation such as that emitted by the portable cell phone or portable telephone. One particular reason to avoid RF radiation exposure during pregnancy is that an embryo or fetus may not be fully protected by amniotic fluid for extended periods of time due to the natural movement of the embryo or fetus within the womb. Secondly, the pelvic structure promotes deep RF radiation penetration and that radiation can be absorbed within the developing embryo or fetus.

Other researchers have postulated that there may exist a previously unidentified environmental toxin associated with the observed increased incidence of autism. For example, the works of Byrd (California - 1999) 14, Bertrand 24, (New Jersey - 2001), Taylor 25, (United Kingdom � 1999), and Chakrabarti & Fombonne 26, (United Kingdom � 2001) clearly support the proposition that the identified increased incidence of autism has an origin at about 1980: an increased incidence that has its origin established at the very time the personal RF radiation devices came into popular use � about 1980. We propose that RF radiation, a new form of exposure of the human embryo, fetus, and infant, and an acknowledged environmental toxin under many exposure conditions, may be associated with the increased incidence of autism. This proposition is further based on the fact that these radiating products are periodically and typically utilized in the embryonic, fetal and neonatal environment. RF radiation is the only known toxin, exposure to which is wholly correlated with the repeatedly documented increased incidence of autism: now reported by at least some researchers as greater than 1 per 100 newborn.

Correspondence to: Robert C. Kane, The Associated Bioelectromagnetics
Technologists, P.O. Box 133, Blanchardville, Wisconsin 53516-0133.
FAX: 608 523-6500; E-mail:


1 Berman E, Kinn JB, and Carter HB, Observations of mouse fetuses after irradiation with 2.45 GHz microwaves, Health Physics, 35, pp. 791-801, 1978.

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Next-Up: In the Memory of Roger Santini, Founder and Chairman, 1939-2006


In the Memory of Roger Santini, Founder and Chairman, 1939-2006

To whom it may concern,

Without any initial reply related to the problem, we must say that now an overdose of Electro Magnetic-Fields in our environment does exist, which is generated by the exponential developement of mobile telephony.

Facing the facts, we call for a duty on national health and we must act and inform people to bring the debate to light. This is next-up organisation goal.

If you wish to bring the truth to light, please help us :

- Give the website adress to your friends and neighbours.

- Write the website address in forum and send us reports and new ideas.

Roger SANTINI, Dr ès-sciences, (1939-2006) Chairman of Next-up organisation.
Serge C.SARGENTINI, Director of the Board of Directors.
Claude MONNET, Dr , Vice-Director of the Board of Directors.

The fact of being exposed to the beams of Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) from mobile phone relay antennas for peoples who, despite their wishes, live close to them, violates a fundamental right of all citizens, the right to own's integrity, in France the right is guaranteed by the Constitution.

The Charter of the Environment adopted in 2005 by Members of Parliament and Senator is a historic stage which must be translated into a strong action on the field.

We are forced to observe that decree number 2002-775 in relation to mobile telephones is not in accordance with the Environment Charter for what concerns putting into effect the Principle of Precaution.

It is vital to have it modified since, further, it allows for essential omissions such as the absence of an irradiation norm for an exposure time of more than 6 minutes to EMF!

Today, in the light of a scientific consensus on the biological, health or "Athermal" effects, the argument about the innocuous nature of EMF on humans must cease and what must be adopted at last are norms which conform to the requirements of a real public health policy.

Research on Correlation Between Autism, Cell Phones, and Wireless Computers by Tamara Mariea

Par l'utilisation de ce site vous reconnaissez avoir pris connaissance de l'Avertissement Déontologique
et du Dégagement de Responsabilité (cliquer). Dans le cas contraire, vous n'êtes pas autorisés à utiliser ce site.


Recherche sur la Corrélation entre Autisme et
Téléphones Mobiles, Ordinateurs sans fil, par Tamara Mariea.

Research on Correlation Between Autism,
Cell Phones, and Wireless Computer by Tamara Mariea

Avis du CSIF-CEM sur les effets des radiofréquences

Opinion of the CSIF-CEM on the effects of radio frequencies on THE BLOOD-BRAIN BARRIER

Sources : The Hope Project

A partir des années 2000, l'Autisme progresse (USA) de 100 % par an , puis à partir de 2002 de 200 % !

Nous ne somme plus dans le domaine des gènes ! . . .

Pr. Art KAB : Les micro-ondes sont-elles le
facteur causal principal du Syndrome de Fatigue Chronique ?

Pr. Art KAB : Are Microwaves
a/the Major Causal Factor in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ?

NFAR : National Foundation For Autism Research

Honey-Bee Colony Die Off Syndrome Radio Talk Show Interview With Dr. Gerald Goldberg

Dr. Gerald Goldberg, the author of Would You Put Your Head In A Microwave Oven, asked me to pass this information along about a radio talk show interview he is doing on the Bee Colony Die Off Syndrome. If you have the opportunity, please do try to catch this.



Hi Art,

Do not know your time zone, but I am doing a radio show interview on the bee
die off which airs 4/25 tomorrow at 6am eastern standard time. I will be
doing a radio show interview on Air America, 1600 am, wwrl, in new york. The
show airs at and the interview should be aired at that time. The host
is Sam Greenfield. The topic is about the colony die off syndrome in bees
which will have a profound effect on agriculture global. In this country it
is anticipated that bee pollination accounts for one-third of the produce
produced in this country which amounts to a 130 billion dollar market. The
ripple effect will be profound in terms of the lives affected and the
secondary ripple effect it will produce on the individuals whose livelihoods
are dependent on that market. The main problem is that in bees emf has been
shown to produce disorientation. The range produced is a beam of 250
micro-hertz. It essentially, disorients the bee, so that it can not use its
compass to orient themselves in time/space. They literally get lost and
shut down. What is interesting is that all life forms have the ability to
store information or to orient themselves in time/ space. Without it
information would be uselessly stored in our brains. Thus emf has a similar
effect to disoriented humans, ie note the rise in autism, add, dysfunctional
behavior, Alzheimer's disease, dementia etc. They all have a similar basis
in that they can be induced in a similar fashion. By the same degree
illness or the so-called mad cow or mad deer disease can be produced in
animals. Disorient them and they literally act demented, which is actually a
form of disorientation, ie to setting:time space. So in a way the problem
hides under an umbrella of many labels but it has a similar etiology and
affects all life forms indiscriminately. Please check out the information
and if you can pass it on to your listeners I would appreciate it. Also the
show has a live call in format and can be emailed and your listeners or
concerned and informed members of the community can participate in the
discussion and add other information and links.

Gerald Goldberg, MD
Author "Would you put your head in a microwave oven"

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The Insanity Continues: The Dangers of WiFi from Next-Up

I just want to find a coffee shop with a sign out front that says "No WiFi."

I mean I have a right - Not To Be Radiated - don't I?




File Popularization General public

- Example of irradiation in CEM on the level of the WiFi antenna of a portable:11,2 V/m -
(measurement by isotropic probe broad band in fairly unfavourable conditions)

- WiFi File -

Part 1 : WiFi Technology.
Part 2: WiFi and Health.
Part 3: "the bet of. . . Paris cyber coffee? "

- Part 1: WiFi technology -

Foreword: The "visible light", Nouvelle Revolutionary technology?

Transmission by VLC (Visible Ligth Communication) in alternative to Wi-Fi.

In Japan, the Ministry for the communication, at the same time as of the scientists, operators of telecommunications and manufacturers of electronics, are in hand to form a consortium in order to develop the use of the visible light for the transmission of the data. This new operational technology will be presented on the market in the five years to come. The consortium aims at a flow of 100 Mbps.

The applications of this new technology are very vast.

The VLC is based on the LED which transmit data as wavelengths in the spectrum of the light, which can then be received by an interface of the computer which must be placed in a source of light.

The transmission is carried out at ultra high speed, moreover it is completely inoffensive, because not entering or little of interaction with the cellular metabolism of the human body, compared with that of the radio frequencies ultra high frequencies microwaves very largely used currently in WiFi or of the mobile communication.

Nevertheless the microwaves more than are ever promised with a "beautiful future" in the military field as or not lethal weapons, in this field research was accentuated.

- WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) ,is a technology of local area network without wire at low costs which uses the radio frequencies of the type ultra high frequencies microwaves like carrying the signal. The connection is made up D'an antenna used in emission and reception, and D'a module of modulation/demodulation treatment of the signal.

WiFi is today standardized by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical Electronic Engineers) an organization little known to the general public, but whose decisions affects it directly. Its members, independently defined the protocols 802.11 of WiFi. The standards used - 802.11b and 820.11G - use a frequency of 2400 MHz and more, its flows are approximately 54 Mbits/s. WiFi is free of deployment, its power "authorized" is 100 milliwatt. Being free, the interferences are possible.

WiFi's "big brother", WiMax (World Interoperability for Microwave Access) is also standardized by the IEEE with protocols at 802.16 with flows from approximately 70 Mbits/s in the frequency band currently of 3 400 MHz and more, its power is of 5 Watts, its range can reach 50 Kms.

WiMax is deployed under licence D'exploitation (Fr) delivered by L'Autorité of Regulation of Telecommunications (ART).
Negotiations are in hand so that WiMax can have frequencies in band 2300/2500 MHz is 2,3/2,5 GHz. WiMax and the whole of new technologies associated which will allow downward flows being able to reach 100 Mbps and of the flow amounts with at least 50 MBPS by using multiple antennas of transmission of the type OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) will be the subject of a specific file (super 3G, HSDPA, HSUPA, etc.). WiMax covers a vast zone of frequencies, moreover its modulation can be changed from pulsating to non-pulsating.

The general public, without any particular knowledge on this new technology, and professionals alike in all fields currently are allowing the admission of WiFi (with its extreme radiation) into an environment already saturated with radio frequencies.
Although no impact study on health has been carried out on its deployment, which exceeds all that had been considered, idem for WiMax, we see always assembling to the crenels in the media the same people who represent the organizations of public health to bait themselves to say to us as for mobile telephony: " Sleep well good people; there is no danger here". Even if in France one can count these characters on the fingers of their two hands it does not remain about it less than the state rests on them and on para-official structures to guarantee its immobility.

Even if the power of the radiations emitted by WiFi is without common measurement and much lower than the radiations emitted by the portable telephones and their antennas relay, it does not remain about it less than its irradiation of promiscuity is perennial.

This N'is not a phobia D'being against all these new sources of interferences of irradiations in Electromagnetic Fields, lorsqu'one knows that "the ambient overdose" for all that is alive is reached, do not only forget:

- the natural radiation on the surface of the ground in these types of frequencies is D'approximately 0,0000000005 microwatt/cm2.

- the radiation from which disturbances of the brain can be noted is of 0,02 microwatt/cm2.

- the amount of radiation of a portable directly stuck against the ear and the brain is of 2000 microwatt/cm 2.

Contrary to the idea spread in general public which often knows WiFi of share a personal use in its apartment (or besides the neighbors irradiate themselves between them), or by the famous hotspots which pullulate, it exists another hidden face of WiFi which can combine local area networks of several kms of range without any control!
Many companies of equipment suppliers and services were engulfed in this breach to propose for example alternatives of access to the ADSL by a grid to the communities local, departmental, regional, or others.
The connections long distances between private individuals are now very current.
Under these conditions of total liberalization, power output are most of the time unverifiable, it does not exist any cartography, often the antennas are hidden, in consequence of many people are in beams of in particular directional WiFi antennas without the knowledge!.

Example of grid in WiFi connections of a city, completely ingérable!.

Free of deployment, WiFi is a frightening pollutant of the urban environment and rental.

Will be able to identify the WiFi antennas: There are hundreds of models often difficult to locate, limps of preserve (Ricorée its corresponding to the standard 802.11b into 2,4 GHz is perfect), with the frying pan of kitchen, the various parabolas, panels, etc. . . They invaded our places of life, of work, the schools, and even. . . hospitals.

Will be able to include/understand the emissions of the WiFi Antennas, as all the antennas those have lobes of radiation (irradiation), even of the directional beams according to the type of antennas, examples:

Omnidirectional lobe

Directional beam

Bidirectional beam

Lobes principal/secondaires

Identify your irradiation by WiFi, of domestic use or the working stations two examples:

On left: Two omnidirectional traditional antennas (+ computer bases) = irradiation to 100 %.
On right-hand side: An omnidirectional aerial (bases) and a directional antenna (computer) = irradiation minus 30 to 40 %.

WiFi Zones: The omnipresence permanently of the microwaves are today accomplished facts. With them only the routers WiFi servants succeeded in in 3 years covering the majority of the centres of population. Supposed to distribute Internet without wire in a private property, they actually emit largely beyond that, in a radius of 300 meters, a microwaves radiation to 2.4 Ghz (also maintaining 5.5 Ghz), and know since 200/2004 an explosion of sales as spectacular as their fall of price. At the beginning of 2006, a router without wire even became less expensive than a simple "telegraphic" router, and even free in certain promotions, much were thus equipped some without needing wireless, and from now on are thus irradiated, often without the knowledge, like their neighbors, with useless and permanent radiations. The solution: desactivation .

Zone of influence of only one WiFi
deprived on a district + stages!

Delimitation zones of private WiFi bases infuençant each individual
Economic reasons, many consumers choose a subscription "all-in" (Telephone on ADSL). Among these subscribers, east installs office a router "VoIP" WiFi, even if their connections are cablées: in this case, no need for the transmitter of radio frequencies microwaves integrated. These users all and their neighbors located in a radius of 180 meters, are thus irradiated in pulsated microwaves (bombarded) of peaks (0.6 v/m to 5 m), each second, day and night, FOR NOTHING.
The hotspots should reach the figure of approximately 145 000 units in the world at the end of 2006, the growth is very fast since there is no regulation.
The hotels and restaurants are large "consumers" because they see an appreciation as regards service there, downtown the spectacular result of the growth of the ambient irradiation was not made wait: approximately + 1000 % between 2004 and 2006!

Exponential curve of the CEM in urban centre (except close zone TM).

- the WiFi Antennas, contrary to the generally accepted ideas and conveyed by certain people in medical loads of responsibilities, can have ranges of several kilometers, examples:

Tests of range
Studies and experiments
on WiFi material
(802.11b & 802.11g)

- the WiFi Antennas, are often camouflaged either within a natural framework, in urban furniture, to have an alleviating form, or to be confused with parabolas of satellite reception TV, examples:

- Appendix: 30% of the networks are not protected, therefore accessible, in a ray often of several hundred meters, the general public File with a video report.


- Part 2: WiFi and Health -

Hotspot: Example of Logo of misinformation

Hotspot: Logo of reality


L'Internet by Wifi "poses a medical risk for the children"

Wifi Internet "installations has health risk for children"

The New
Zealand Herald
Concern butt Wi-Fi health danger spreads to NZ from British schools (click)

Danger on the Hertzian waves:
Is the Wifi revolution a bomb with delayed-action for health?

Danger one the airwaves:
Does Is the Wi-Fi revolution have health time bomb?

Wi-Fi: Children in danger with "L'electrosmog"

Wi-Fi: Children At risk from "electronic smog"

Concern about Wi-Fi health danger spreads to NZ from British schools

For the past 16 months, the provincial government of Salzburg in Austria has been advising schools not to install Wi-Fi, and is considering a ban.

Concern about Wi-Fi health danger spreads to NZ from British schools

Email this storyPrint this story 5:00AM Monday April 23, 2007

A British furore over wireless internet technology - Wi-Fi - use in schools is raising similar concerns here.

Britain's top health-protection watchdog wants the network, which emits radiation, to be full investigated because of the concern for students' health.

Wi-Fi - described by the British Department of Education and Skills as a "magical" system that means computers do not have to be connected to telephone lines - is being taken up rapidly in schools there, with estimates that more than half of primary schools - and four-fifths of secondary schools - have installed it.

But some scientists have expressed fears it could cause cancer and premature senility.

Internet safety watchdog NetSafe executive director Martin Cocker said last night that many primary and secondary schools here used Wi-Fi and the present thinking was that the technology was safe.

"That's our understanding and that's the understanding of New Zealand schools.

"Obviously, if that's not the case that's going to be pretty alarming. It would be of great concern to schools because they have really adopted the technology and many schools have extensive wireless networks."

The cost of wireless transmitters was low.
"Most laptops now come with the capability to receive wireless signals built in. It's a technology that is saturating the education and commercial markets."

Mr Cocker did not have an exact number of schools using the technology but said most larger schools would have some sort of wireless capability.

"If there's any indication that it has any negative effects then we would encourage a more thorough study. We will definitely be interested to know what happens in the UK. If it is damaging to children's health then it is alarming."

Several European provincial governments have already taken action to ban, or limit, Wi-Fi use in the classroom.

This week, the British Professional Association of Teachers is to demand an official Government inquiry.

Virtually no studies have been done on Wi-Fi's effects on pupils, but it gives off radiation similar to emissions from mobile phones and phone masts.

Recent research has linked radiation from mobiles to cancer and brain damage. And many studies have found disturbing symptoms in people near masts.

Professor Olle Johansson, of Sweden's Karolinska Institute, who is concerned about the spread of Wi-Fi, says "thousands" of articles in scientific literature demonstrate "adverse health effects" from Wi-Fi.

"Do we not know enough already to say, 'stop'?"

For the past 16 months, the provincial government of Salzburg in Austria has been advising schools not to install Wi-Fi, and is considering a ban.