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Autism and the Interaction of Metals With Microwave Frequency Electromagnetic Fields

Autism and the Interaction of Metals With Microwave Frequency Electromagnetic Fields

Orange County has the highest autism rate in the State of California… The author of the following article believes the cause of autism is “clearly environmental”:  the interaction of metals with microwave frequency electromagnetic fields.  He writes as “a parent whose passing grades yielded a BS degree in Chemistry and a BS degree in Biological Sciences from UCI, who understands the science, has a good handle on the issue, and dares to stand up for everyone’s children...”

“Today, people and kids are being fed garbage. In order to get into the classrooms, children are being injected with garbage [vaccines]… and now once inside the classrooms, they are being irradiated with garbage [wifi].”

Following are extracts from the article, which is well worth reading in its entirely. Our apologies to the author for citing only parts of this excellent article (click on title for article in full):

by Joe Imbriano, The Fullerton Informer, 8 May 2013

Ferritin and iron levels in children with autistic disorder

Carbonyl Iron Powder (CIP) Radar and microwave absorbing materials

I had originally posted this on 3-27-13 but decided to pull it. However, I feel now is the time for this side of the story to be told. I have added some revisions to bring it up to date with respect to recent developments in our quest to end the largest radiation experiment on children by a trillion dollar industry that the world has ever seen, AND HOW AND WHY IT NEEDS TO COME TO AN END. What originally began as a quest to get the WiFi systems out of my children’s Fullerton School District classrooms has led to a miraculous hope- that is to prevent newborn and infant children from becoming Autistic and a remarkable hypothesis-the possible connection of microwave EMF emissions’ interactions with metals in Autism, and the role a certain form of iron plays in all of this.

In the summer of 1983, I was working in a fast food restaurant while I was in high school. It was my lunch time and I wanted to reheat my burger from earlier that I didn’t have time to finish. Foolishly, I put it in the microwave in its shiny foil wrapper. I pushed the power button and what happened next, I will never forget. The dielectric breakdown of air, as a result of tremendous voltage spikes (roughly equal to 3,000,000 volts per meter) and the resulting high concentrations of electric charge on the metal wrapper, generated by the magnetron, was happening right in front of my very eyes. 30 years later, I bring this up to demonstrate what we all know TO BE TRUE, that microwaving certain metals is dangerous. I believe, that a particular metal, depending on the particular frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum of the EMF emissions, such as BASF_Carbonyl_Iron_Powder_CIP_DS_USL_sfs.pdf can actually absorb the microwave radiation and stop the fireworks show. Simply coat the fork in a resin containing carbonyl iron, microwave it, and the fork will get hot but will not create an electrical discharge. I remember that it looked like the 4th of July inside that microwave oven. I believe that the basic physics involved in that simple event lends tremendous insight into what is going on inside the brains, intestines and the rest of the bodies of the EMF sensitive, vulnerable sub-populations such as the unborn, newborns, infants and school children, and what I believe to be, the role these microwave emissions play in Autism.

Autism is a term used to describe a broad spectrum of brain disorders. I believe that many children that receive the Autism diagnosis are really brain damaged as a result of several factors. The predominant mechanism that I believe is driving the Autism rates into orbit is discussed at length in this article and that is microwave EMF emissions acting upon metals and anemia. The other less significant, but nonetheless contributing, driving forces that I believe are responsible such as umbilical cord clampings at birth, and immunizations, are secondary forces and are discussed towards the conclusion of this article.

We know that Autism is a brain disorder. The fact is that the brain is an electrical system. I believe that Autism is an electrical problem. Microwaves which are electromagnetic waves containing energy are absorbed by waters and fats. Myelin which is the insulation of the neuron, has a 70% fat composition. The brain is 90% water and fats. I believe that there are multiple factors involved in causing Autism but it involves a very simple mechanism: demyelination of neurons and the shortening of Purkinje cells as a result of EMF absorption in the presence of metals. I believe that the degeneration of myelin is accomplished by the EMF induced electrical discharges on metals present in the brain overloading the circuitry and the thermal effects on tissue resulting in heat shrinking.

Sometimes something so simple can remain hidden in plain view either by accident or by design. You be the judge of that. I believe that the elusiveness of this foe called Autism facing the next generation is about to come to an abrupt end if people have the guts to tackle it. Ironically, I believe that it appears that the missing link in this mystery has been hiding right under our noses, in our homes, workplaces and now, it is heading right for our children’s classrooms and their laps…

What about the environmental pollution connection to Autism ? It bears repeating that pollution levels once again have been declining for decades. The US has been virtually de-industrialized and regulations have really cleaned up what industries remain here. So with the tetra-ethyl lead out of the gas for almost 30 years, lead out of the paint for decades, and the lead out of the pipes for just as long, why would declining levels of an environmental toxin be increasing Autism rates? What about mercury? Mercury is no longer in the dental fillings, no longer in the antiseptics like mercurochrome, no longer in the vaccines, no longer as prevalent in the air as most of the coal fired power plants have gone offline, most cement kilns have gone overseas, incinerators no longer exist to burn our trash, mining operations have been curtailed, our waterways and consequently our water supplies are not loaded with industrial waste as in the past, and almost all of the chlor alkali plants have switched to mercury free processes. Granted the high fructose corn syrup that has become ubiquitous still contains mercury but overall, Mercury levels in the environment have drastically declined. Sure the CFL light bulbs have them but how many have you broken in your home and breathed in lately?

Why are declining mercury levels being associated with rising Autism rates? It does not make sense. One of four things is going on here. First the only way that toxins whose concentrations are declining in the environment could be responsible for an increase in Autism is if some natural defense against these is being affected by some environmental influence. I believe that microwave EMF emissions do just that. I believe that influence is the microwave EMF emissions that open the blood brain barrier of the unborn child in the womb and let these toxins in. Secondly they could be present as a result of EMF exposure in the brain but the actual damage to the brain is being caused by EMF emissions interacting with other metals inside the brain which is what I believe to be the case. Thirdly, it could be both-EMF emission exposure allowing neurotoxins in and EMF emissions creating voltage discharges on metals in the developing brain. Either way the microwave EMF emissions are clearly implicated in my opinion. Or fourthly, it is the EMF acting on metals creating electrical discharges in the developing child’s brain in the womb and these other environmental pollutants is decreasing concentrations are not responsible. No matter how you slice it, the EMF emissions do not get a pass…

WE BELIEVE THAT THE EMF EMISSIONS IN the microwave range of 900 MHz to the 2.45 GHz frequencies are THE CULPRIT by opening the blood brain barrier of the unborn child while in the womb when the threshold of power necessary is much lower and out of the womb, which by the way, is thinner in boys than in girls. These electromagnetic emissions in the presence of metals that have been allowed into the brain become contact points for these microwave emissions to create electrical discharges which in turn demyelinate the neurons. This could explain the higher Autism incidence in boys. Also remember that exposure to 2.45 GHz microwave radiation has been previously found to produce increased BBB permeability.

The womb amplifies the emissions and the multiple EMF exposures due to the high density housing and workplace arrangement could potentially create enough power to open the BBB in the developing child. I am not aware of any studies on what power levels would be required to open the BBB of a child in the womb. I believe with all the aforementioned, that is what is indeed happening to the developing child. The same interactions can occur in the newborn after birth as a result of being present in the same environment of staggering levels of invisible EMF emissions. I believe that the well documented actions of EMF microwave emissions creating electrical discharges and voltage spikes on certain metals, that in addition, allow metals and toxins to get in to the brain by opening the BBB channels, are also simultaneously causing damaging voltage spikes and electrical discharge on the metals present in the brain and in the gut. It is this firework show at the cellular level that I believe is destroying the myelin sheathing of the neurons in the brain. When you overload a wire with too much current or too much voltage what happens to the insulation on the wire? What happens when the insulation is damaged and the power is still on? Myelin is the neuron’s insulator. I believe that this cascading sequence of events results in the ensuing brain neuronal demyelination and the shortening of Perkinje cells. This is what I believe is causing Autism. I believe that removing the unborn child or infant from exposure to microwave EMF emissions both occupationally and in the home environments, Carbonyl Iron supplementation during pregnancy, CAREFULLY MONITORING THE MOTHER’S IRON LEVELS AND MAINTAINING THEM WITH CARBONYL IRON, avoiding unnecessary C sections and delaying umbilical cord clamping, and monitoring iron levels in the newborn child, and limiting metal exposures, can stop this process in its tracks…

We believe that the Wall Street Journal article (Autism Linked to Environmental Factors New Studies of Air Pollution, Pesticides and Iron Bolster Evidence Tying Developmental Disorder to Influences in Wombanectdotally confirms the implication of microwave emissions in having a causative effect on Autism. It is my belief that microwave EMF emissions acting on metals are the elusive missing link. We also believe that if all of the iron supplementation of the women was with carbonyl iron, instead of ferrous sulfate or ferrous gluconate, and, in term deliveries, cord clamping was delayed until pulsation ceases, or C sections were avoided when if at all possible, we could quite possibly, see virtually no autism if my assumptions are correct. If we removed EMF exposure entirely, we may just see the same results as well…

So why does Orange County have the highest Autism rate in the State of California?…


IN ORDER TO GET INTO THE CLASSROOMS, CHILDREN ARE BEING INJECTED WITH GARBAGE: and that list is what they tell you is in them-low levels of metals, specifically mercury and aluminum, are in vaccines. This list does not include the bizarre witches brew of dangerous live or attenuated disease strains, adjuvants, foreign genetic materials, genetically modified ingredients, and trans species viruses and genetic materials.



What about the lynch pin, the proverbial elephant in the room? Ah yes, what about the EMF emissions that your children are being exposed right now as you read this article. Where is the informed consent? The implied consent is already there. Do you know the difference? RF emissions in the microwave spectrum frequency range similar to those in the classrooms have been implicated in a myriad of health problems besides the connection to Autism that I am proposing. The emissions coming from these devices such as tablets, laptops and routers in the classrooms are in the 2.45 GHz range. RF emissions well below the FCC guidelines have been implicated in single and double DNA strand breaks:

Are the EMF emissions, through some complex mechanism, reacting with, or compounding the effects of, or interacting with the complex chemical compounds or inorganic metals in the garbage that expecting mothers and children are being fed, that they are imbibing, or that they are being injected with, that end up in the children’s developing brains or intestines?

So once again, what happens when you microwave metals? Why can’t we put metal objects in a microwave? How do metals get into our bodies? What do you drink your phosphoric acid laced soda solution out of, cook with or on, or bake with? What fertilizers are used on your or your children’s food at the factory farms? Heavy Metals in Fertilizers. What kind of brake pads are on everyone’s cars? Semi metallic? We are drinking, eating and breathing in metals. I believe, however, that the metals alone, are not the problem. Are metals even coming down from the sky on certain days? Are Geo engineering programs using reflective aluminum nano-materials (aerosols) to reflect sunlight actually increasing aluminum levels in our bodies? I believe that they are. The aerosols are dispersed via jet aircraft trails that expand into reflective artificial clouds. Regardeless of whether or not you believe that geoengineering programs utilizing aluminun exist, the fact remains that aluminum is ubiquitous; the third most common element of the earth’s crust. It is naturally released to the environment from the weathering of rocks and volcanic activity. Human activities such as mining also result in the release of aluminum to the environment. Without EMF emissions interacting with aluminum in our bodies, I believe we would be where were 25 years ago with respect to Autism, that is virtually a blip on the radar.

Microwave ovens operate on the 2.45 Ghz frequency which is the same as the WiFi routers, cordless phones, wireless gaming controllers, and WiFi enabled laptops and tablets. Although WiFi and wireless devices operate on a much lower power level, REMEMBER, SO DOES YOUR BODY. It doesn’t take much to destroy the myelin sheathing in terms of electrical overload. Is this happening to the developing brains of the children in or out of the womb from EMF exposures from cell towers, the WiFi at work, or the laptops, or the tablets, or at home with the router or the use of a cordless phone or laptop or tablet in your lap in proximity to your unborn child, toddler or child? How many WiFi routers are in use 24/7, overlapping transmissions, in your apartment complex or condominium complex, or in your neighbor’s home compounding your exposures. Do you or your neighbors have cordless phones? They emit 24/7 even when not in use. These sources send EMF emissions that can go right through walls. In a pregnant mother, the amniotic fluid aids in the absorption of these emissions and they are multiplied in the womb.

Apparently, the industry could care less about looking into this, or doing anything about it. They claim since the emissions are below the FCC guidelines and are legal, that they are safe. Many experts believe that they are not. …

To the soon to be parents or the parents of children in the FSD or anywhere else for that matter, I leave a note of caution: Get these wireless things off of your heads and out of your’s and your children’s laps. Keep them away from your’s and your children’s brains and reproductive areas. Most importantly -  KEEP THESE MICROWAVE DEVICES AND EMISSION SOURCES, AWAY FROM YOUR UNBORN CHILDREN…

I, as the site administrator of The Fullerton Informer and as a parent, personally want this public health crisis to come to a screeching halt because I truly know that it can. Is there any reason that the Autism capital of the State can’t become the Autism cure capital of the world? WE MUST HARD WIRE THE TECHNOLOGY! I believe that the elephant in the room is the MICROWAVE EMF EMISSIONS BOMBARDING THE METALS IN THE DEVELOPING CHILD’S BRAIN AND BLOOD CAUSING ELECTRICAL DISCHARGES IN THE DEVELOPING BRAINS OF ANEMIC UNBORN CHILDREN AND INFANTS. WE MUST ADDRESS THESE ISSUES…


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3 Scientists

3 Scientists

The three eminent Scientists endeavour to bring insight into how we should be measuring microwave radiation as opposed to the way it is measured now. It is described as revolutionary as when Galileo told the people the world is round instead of flat. Currently we are measuring by SAR which is a thermal consideration and this does not cover the actual exposure of radiation effects on biological tissue/cells or the impact of the signal upon the nerves. 



Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 6.32.32 PMJuly 10, 2013.  I have recently obtained an ATI document consisting of 153 pages regarding the agreement between Health Canada and the Royal Society of Canada to review Safety Code 6.
In such documents some of the information is blacked out as shown below. Despite this the ATI is quite revealing.
For example, on March 21, 2012,  Hilary Geller, ADM, HECSB sent a Memorandum to the Minister of Health in which the following appeared (highlighted words are mine):
FOI page 29
This makes it appear as though the process will indeed be independent. However, if the process is independent, (i.e. not dependent on Health Canada) then:
(1)  Why did Health Canada recommend who should be on the panel?  NOTE:  the actual recommendations are blacked out.
(2)  Why did Health Canada need to approve appointments made by RSC?  and
(3) Why did Health Canada provide the scientific documents that are to be reviewed by this “independent” Expert Panel?
Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 7.59.50 PM
This process is far from independent and is deeply flawed.  It makes a mockery of independent scholarly reviews.  It demonstrates–at the best–that the RSC has been duped by Health Canada or–at the worst–that the RSC has colluded with HC.  Neither are acceptable.

Cellphone antenna's were removed from a building in haifa

Cellphone antenna's were removed from a building in haifa

The city of Haifa managed to band the hand of cellular companies, in order to remove cellphone antennas from the balconies of an apartment in the city of Haifa. Residence and activist struggled the antennas since 2007!. The antennas where removed by the cellphones companies after the city municipality issues letters in which they give advance notice before cutting off the electricity to the apartment. The companies tried to object to the the municipality but where turned away by the municipality appeal committee.
This case prove that if the committee authority relay wants to help it's citizens in the fight against cellphones antennas it can always find a way to do it.

Video about the case (In Hebrew):

Pictures of the building and the antennas farm:

The State of US Health, 1990-2010 Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors

Original Investigation | 

The State of US Health, 1990-2010Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors 


Importance  Understanding the major health problems in the United States and how they are changing over time is critical for informing national health policy.
Objectives  To measure the burden of diseases, injuries, and leading risk factors in the United States from 1990 to 2010 and to compare these measurements with those of the 34 countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries.
Design  We used the systematic analysis of descriptive epidemiology of 291 diseases and injuries, 1160 sequelae of these diseases and injuries, and 67 risk factors or clusters of risk factors from 1990 to 2010 for 187 countries developed for the Global Burden of Disease 2010 Study to describe the health status of the United States and to compare US health outcomes with those of 34 OECD countries. Years of life lost due to premature mortality (YLLs) were computed by multiplying the number of deaths at each age by a reference life expectancy at that age. Years lived with disability (YLDs) were calculated by multiplying prevalence (based on systematic reviews) by the disability weight (based on population-based surveys) for each sequela; disability in this study refers to any short- or long-term loss of health. Disability-adjusted life-years (DALYs) were estimated as the sum of YLDs and YLLs. Deaths and DALYs related to risk factors were based on systematic reviews and meta-analyses of exposure data and relative risks for risk-outcome pairs. Healthy life expectancy (HALE) was used to summarize overall population health, accounting for both length of life and levels of ill health experienced at different ages.
Results  US life expectancy for both sexes combined increased from 75.2 years in 1990 to 78.2 years in 2010; during the same period, HALE increased from 65.8 years to 68.1 years. The diseases and injuries with the largest number of YLLs in 2010 were ischemic heart disease, lung cancer, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and road injury. Age-standardized YLL rates increased for Alzheimer disease, drug use disorders, chronic kidney disease, kidney cancer, and falls. The diseases with the largest number of YLDs in 2010 were low back pain, major depressive disorder, other musculoskeletal disorders, neck pain, and anxiety disorders. As the US population has aged, YLDs have comprised a larger share of DALYs than have YLLs. The leading risk factors related to DALYs were dietary risks, tobacco smoking, high body mass index, high blood pressure, high fasting plasma glucose, physical inactivity, and alcohol use. Among 34 OECD countries between 1990 and 2010, the US rank for the age-standardized death rate changed from 18th to 27th, for the age-standardized YLL rate from 23rd to 28th, for the age-standardized YLD rate from 5th to 6th, for life expectancy at birth from 20th to 27th, and for HALE from 14th to 26th.
Conclusions and Relevance  From 1990 to 2010, the United States made substantial progress in improving health. Life expectancy at birth and HALE increased, all-cause death rates at all ages decreased, and age-specific rates of years lived with disability remained stable. However, morbidity and chronic disability now account for nearly half of the US health burden, and improvements in population health in the United States have not kept pace with advances in population health in other wealthy nations.
The United States spends the most per capita on health care across all countries,12 lacks universal health coverage, and lags behind other high-income countries for life expectancy3 and many other health outcome measures.4 High costs with mediocre population health outcomes at the national level are compounded by marked disparities across communities, socioeconomic groups, and race and ethnicity groups.56 Although overall life expectancy has slowly risen, the increase has been slower than for many other high-income countries.3 In addition, in some US counties, life expectancy has decreased in the past 2 decades, particularly for women.78 Decades of health policy and legislative initiatives have been directed at these challenges; a recent example is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which is intended to address issues of access, efficiency, and quality of care and to bring greater emphasis to population health outcomes.9 There have also been calls for initiatives to address determinants of poor health outside the health sector including enhanced tobacco control initiatives,1012 the food supply,1315 physical environment,1617 and socioeconomic inequalities.18
With increasing focus on population health outcomes that can be achieved through better public health, multisectoral action, and medical care, it is critical to determine which diseases, injuries, and risk factors are related to the greatest losses of health and how these risk factors and health outcomes are changing over time. The Global Burden of Disease (GBD) framework19 provides a coherent set of concepts, definitions, and methods to do this. The GBD uses multiple metrics to quantify the relationship of diseases, injuries, and risk factors with health outcomes, each providing different perspectives. Burden of disease studies using earlier variants of this approach have been published for the United States for 19962022 and for Los Angeles County, California.23 In addition, 12 major risk factors have also been compared for 2005.24
In this report, we use the GBD Study 2010 to identify the leading diseases, injuries, and risk factors associated with the burden of disease in the United States, to determine how these health burdens have changed over the last 2 decades, and to compare the United States with other Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries.

UK medical doctors call for ‘immediate action’ against wireless technologies

UK medical doctors call for ‘immediate action’ against wireless technologies 

Open letter by UK medical doctors:
Health and safety of Wi-Fi and mobile phones
We wish to highlight our concern over the safety of exposure to microwave radiation from wireless technology, particularly for vulnerable groups like children, pregnant women, the elderly and those with compromised health.
There is growing concern that chronic (long-term) exposure to radiofrequency/microwave radiation from wireless technologies causes damage, particularly genetic damage, cognitive damage, cancer and decreased fertility.  There is now substantial evidence of a link between mobile phone use and brain cancer.  This was recognised by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)’s 30-strong panel of scientists, which in 2011 classed radiofrequency radiation as “possibly carcinogenic”.
Additionally, doctors are encountering a significant and growing number of people presenting with a range of acute (short-term) symptoms from wireless radiation, including headaches, palpitations, rashes, fatigue, sleep disturbance, allergies and memory and concentration problems.
International medical agencies have recognised the evidence of harm (see appended list) but these rulings may take many years to be reflected in public health policy.  This controversy is a common characteristic of scientific understanding when environmental exposures are new.
New technologies and substances often come with scientific conflict, which can continue for several decades before consensus is achieved. Commercial pressures often delay the acceptance of health risks, even when scientific evidence is compelling. In the case of tobacco, asbestos, x-rays and leaded petrol, for example, it took many decades before damage was established and accepted by health agencies and during those decades millions of people suffered ill health and death as a result of the delay.  Now, despite evidence of harm, wireless technology is being rolled out widely.
We urge health agencies and the public to act immediately to reduce exposure to radiofrequency/microwave radiation.  This is especially important for children, who are physiologically more vulnerable to this exposure and for whom adults have a safeguarding responsibility.
Children’s health should be put ahead of convenience and commercial benefits.  Children should not use mobile phones except in an emergency, and WiFi should be replaced with wired alternatives in schools and other settings where children spend considerable time.
Yours faithfully,
Dr Elizabeth Evans MA (Cantab), MBBS (Lond), DRCOG – medical doctor
Dr Andrew Tresidder MRCGP (1989), MBBS (Lond) – medical doctor
Dr Erica Mallery Blythe BM – medical doctor
BCM SSITA London WC1N 3XX  //
Appendix – International Rulings
1. In 2011 the World Health Organization’s scientific panel, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), reviewed all the evidence on carcinogenesis (cancer-causing) and categorised electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones and Wi-Fi as Possibly Carcinogenic (Class 2B).
2. The Council of Europe has called for member states to take measures to reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields and give preference to wired internet connections for children, particularly in schools and classrooms. The Parliamentary Assembly stated that “the Assembly regrets that, despite calls for the respect of the precautionary principle and despite all the recommendations, declarations and a number of statutory and legislative advances, there is still a lack of reaction to known or emerging environmental and health risks and virtually systematic delays in adopting and implementing effecti ve preventive measures. Waiting for high levels of scientific and clinical proof before taking action to prevent well-known risks can lead to very high health and economic costs, as was the case with asbestos, leaded petrol and tobacco.”.
3. The BioInitiative Report, updated in 2012 by 29 scientists, states that biological effects are clearly established and occur at very low levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation from just minutes of exposure to mobile phone masts (cell towers), WI-FI, and wireless utility ‘smart’ meters.
4. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine stated in a 2012 Position Paper that “Multiple studies correlate RF exposure with diseases such as cancer, neurological disease, reproductive disorders, immune dysfunction, and electromagnetic hypersensitivity.”
5. International Society of Doctors for the environment (ISDE) and Irish Doctors’ Environmental Association (IDEA) state that “there is sufficient scientific evidence to warrant more stringent controls on the level and distribution of electromagnetic radiation [EMR]. The joint statement and recommendations are part of a call by medical and scientific experts for safe technologies in schools.”
6. The Safe Schools Report 2012 lists statements by other doctors and medical associations raising concerns over children’s exposure to electromagnetic fields from Wi-Fi and other wireless technology.
- See more at:
- See more at:

[Study of the state of parietal microflora and wall of the large intestine of mice under the influence of anomalous magnetic field].

 2012 Jan-Feb;(1):49-54.

[Study of the state of parietal microflora and wall of the large intestine of mice under the influence of anomalous magnetic field].

[Article in Russian]



Study the possible qualitative and quantitative changes of microbial community of the parietal mucin of the large intestine and the state of the wall of the large intestine in experimental animals underbackground and anomalous influence of geomagnetic field.


CBA mice were put under the influence of anomalous magnetic field comparable to its intensity in Zheleznogorsk (3 Oe) for 1 and 2 weeks. Quantitative and qualitative study of mucous microflora of the large intestine of the mice was performed by bacteriological method. Identification of the microorganisms was performed by microbiological analyzer "Multiskan-Ascent" and commercial test-systems "Lachema-Czech Republic": ENTHEROtest-16, STAPHYtest-16, Streptotest-16, En-COCCUStest-16; for lactobacilli and bifidobacteria identification - API 50 CHL (bioMerieux). Bacteria content in 1 g of material was calculated by the number of microorganism colonies grown.


A pattern of changes of mucous microflora of the intestine and the state of the wall of the large intestine of the experimental animals that had been put under the influence of anomalous magnetic field is shown. During evaluation of qualitative and quantitative diversity of microbial community of parietal mucin of the large intestine of the mice under the influence of magnetic field on the background and anomalous levels changes not only in quantity and frequency of detection of obligate, transitory flora but also cell elements of mucous membrane of the wall of the large intestine were established.


The results of the study allow to make a conclusion about the presence of reactivity of the parietal microflora of the intestine of the mice to the influence of the anomalous magnetic field. This leads to changes in cell elements in the mucous membrane of the wall that manifest by infiltration of the connective tissue stroma by leucocytes and reconstruction of epithelium, that are features of dysbiosis.
[PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Tarigami for assessing adverse impact of mobile phone towers

Tarigami for assessing adverse impact of mobile phone towers


Srinagar, July 9: Chairman, Committee on Environment of Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly M. Y. Tarigami today called for adequate and effective measures to avoid and mitigate the impact of radiations on human, wildlife, birds and bees due to Mobile Towers adding that regular auditing and monitoring of these radiations need to be conducted especially around the protected and ecological sensitive areas.

 Speaking at meeting convened to discuss about remedial measures to minimize adverse impact of communication towers on humans, birds and bees, Tarigami, according to an official statement, urged for observing guidelines of the expert committee constituted by the Ministry of Environment and Forests to study the possible impact of communication towers on wildlife, including birds and bees. 
 He said a precautionary approach shall be preferred to minimize the exposure levels and adopt all possible strict norms without compromising on optimum performance of the networks.

 Tarigami called for educating the people about the ill effects of radiations adding that bold signs and messages about the dangers of Cell Phone Towers and associated radiation should be displayed in and around the structures of the towers.

 Tarigami asked the Telecom and Mobile authorities to consult the Environment and Forest Departments before installation of cell phone towers in an around protected areas. He said Environment and Forest departments should conduct regular awareness drive to make people aware about various norms and standards with regard to cell phone towers.

 He said if new towers are to be built, these should be constructed with utmost care and precaution so as not to obstruct flight path of birds and not to increase the radiations from towers in the area. He urged the need for studying the impact of mobile towers in the State and to evolve a policy to minimize its adverse impact.

Breakthrough Study Reveals Biological Basis for Sensory Processing Disorders in Kids

Breakthrough Study Reveals Biological Basis for Sensory Processing Disorders in Kids

The image shows areas of the brain that can be affected by sensory processing disorders. Using an advanced form of MRI, researchers at UCSF have identified abnormalities in the brain structure of children with SPD primarily in the back of the brain.
By Juliana Bunim on July 09, 2013
Sensory processing disorders (SPD) are more prevalent in children than autism and as common as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, yet it receives far less attention partly because it’s never been recognized as a distinct disease.
Pratik Mukherjee, MD, PhD
In a groundbreaking new study from UC San Francisco, researchers have found that children affected with SPD have quantifiable differences in brain structure, for the first time showing a biological basis for the disease that sets it apart from other neurodevelopmental disorders.
One of the reasons SPD has been overlooked until now is that it often occurs in children who also have ADHD or autism, and the disorders have not been listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual used by psychiatrists and psychologists.
“Until now, SPD hasn’t had a known biological underpinning,” said senior author Pratik Mukherjee, MD, PhD, a professor of radiology and biomedical imaging and bioengineering at UCSF. “Our findings point the way to establishing a biological basis for the disease that can be easily measured and used as a diagnostic tool,” Mukherjee said.
The work is published in the open access online journal NeuroImage:Clinical.

‘Out of Sync’ Kids

Sensory processing disorders affect 5 to 16 percent of school-aged children.
Children with SPD struggle with how to process stimulation, which can cause a wide range of symptoms including hypersensitivity to sound, sight and touch, poor fine motor skills and easy distractibility. Some SPD children cannot tolerate the sound of a vacuum, while others can’t hold a pencil or struggle with social interaction. Furthermore, a sound that one day is an irritant can the next day be sought out.  The disease can be baffling for parents and has been a source of much controversy for clinicians, according to the researchers.
Elysa Marco, MD
“Most people don’t know how to support these kids because they don’t fall into a traditional clinical group,” said Elysa Marco, MD, who led the study along with postdoctoral fellow Julia Owen, PhD. Marco is a cognitive and behavioral child neurologist at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, ranked among the nation's best and one of California's top-ranked centers for neurology and other specialties, according to the 2013-2014 U.S. News & World Report Best Children's Hospitals survey.
“Sometimes they are called the ‘out of sync’ kids. Their language is good, but they seem to have trouble with just about everything else, especially emotional regulation and distraction. In the real world, they’re just less able to process information efficiently, and they get left out and bullied,” said Marco, who treats affected children in her cognitive and behavioral neurology clinic.
“If we can better understand these kids who are falling through the cracks, we will not only help a whole lot of families, but we will better understand sensory processing in general. This work is laying the foundation for expanding our research and clinical evaluation of children with a wide range of neurodevelopmental challenges – stretching beyond autism and ADHD,” she said.

Imaging the Brain’s White Matter

In the study, researchers used an advanced form of MRI called diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), which measures the microscopic movement of water molecules within the brain in order to give information about the brain’s white matter tracts. DTI shows the direction of the white matter fibers and the integrity of the white matter. The brain’s white matter is essential for perceiving, thinking and learning.
These brain images, taken with DTI, show water diffusion within the white matter
of children with sensory processing disorders.  Row FA: The blue areas show
white matter where water diffusion was less directional than in typical children,
ndicating impaired white matter microstructure.  Row MD: The red areas show
white matter where the overall rate of water diffusion was higher than in typical
children, also indicating abnormal white matter.  Row RD: The red areas show
white matter where SPD children have higher rates of water diffusion perpendicular
to the axonal fibers, indicating a loss of integrity of the fiber bundles comprising the
white matter tracts.
The study examined 16 boys, between the ages of eight and 11, with SPD but without a diagnosis of autism or prematurity, and compared the results with 24 typically developing boys who were matched for age, gender, right- or left-handedness and IQ. The patients’ and control subjects’ behaviors were first characterized using a parent report measure of sensory behavior called the Sensory Profile. 
The imaging detected abnormal white matter tracts in the SPD subjects, primarily involving areas in the back of the brain, that serve as connections for the auditory, visual and somatosensory (tactile) systems involved in sensory processing, including their connections between the left and right halves of the brain. 
“These are tracts that are emblematic of someone with problems with sensory processing,” said Mukherjee. “More frontal anterior white matter tracts are typically involved in children with only ADHD or autistic spectrum disorders. The abnormalities we found are focused in a different region of the brain, indicating SPD may be neuroanatomically distinct.” 
The researchers found a strong correlation between the micro-structural abnormalities in the white matter of the posterior cerebral tracts focused on sensory processing and the auditory, multisensory and inattention scores reported by parents in the Sensory Profile. The strongest correlation was for auditory processing, with other correlations observed for multi-sensory integration, vision, tactile and inattention.
The abnormal microstructure of sensory white matter tracts shown by DTI in kids with SPD likely alters the timing of sensory transmission so that processing of sensory stimuli and integrating information across multiple senses becomes difficult or impossible.
“We are just at the beginning, because people didn’t believe this existed,” said Marco. “This is absolutely the first structural imaging comparison of kids with research diagnosed sensory processing disorder and typically developing kids. It shows it is a brain-based disorder and gives us a way to evaluate them in clinic.”
We are just at the beginning, because people didn’t believe this existed. ... [This study] shows it is a brain-based disorder and gives us a way to evaluate them in clinic.
Elysa Marco, MD
Future studies need to be done, she said, to research the many children affected by sensory processing differences who have a known genetic disorder or brain injury related to prematurity.
The study’s co-authors are Shivani Desai, BS, Emily Fourie, BS, Julia Harris, BS, and Susanna Hill, BS, all of UCSF, and Anne Arnett, MA, of the University of Denver.
The research was supported by the Wallace Research Foundation. The authors have reported that they have no conflicts of interest relevant to the contents of this paper to disclose.
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