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Tiny Homes & Shelters for the Chemically Sensitive

Simple, small modular and custom homes for the chemically sensitive.

Metal Yurts
The metal yurt from Clean Air Yurts is 18 ft in diameter. The shell is made of galvanized steel coated in zinc. The door is metal as well.

You would need to build a foundation and choose materials for the exterior and interior, provide insulation and wiring and plumbing (if desired). Though you could just leave it as a steel structure. The yurt can be assembled in one day and can be taken down and moved if needed.

The cost of the metal yurt is 10K

Grain Bin Home
These Grain Bin Homes are also 18 ft in diameter and made of galvanized steel. There is room for a loft and it has louvers that can collect rain water if desired. Other options include solar panels. It does not come with options for interior/exterior or foundation, so those would be up to you.

The homes are around 10K but there is a big discount for non-profits who are purchasing them.

SIPs Prefabricated Dome
Eco Built Systems makes little domes. They used to be MgO based and now it looks like they are focused on glass domes and pyramids. This company has been a bit of a moving target for the last few years.

They are being manufactured for distributors last I checked.

Wooden Treehouse

From Out N' About, a company that rents out treehouses, sells plans and parts, this 16' Treezebo Hexagon could be a great non-toxic home.

The plans for the treehouse are $450 and that includes a 3-hour consultation. The metal parts are $2000-2500 and the wood would come to around 5-10k, not including materials for wiring and plumbing.

Arched Cabins
The basic kit for Arched Cabins includes kits include floor plates, ribs, ridge beam, standard R13 insulation, Super Span Roof Paneling, trim and fasteners needed to assemble the cabin.

Arched Cabin kits not not include the foundation, installation, interior, end caps, delivery.

The 12x12 kit is $2400. This is a simple, mostly metal kit that you could thencustomise to be chemical-free on the inside. 

Intershelter Domes
These cool domes are easy to transport and assemble and have a lifespan of 30 years.

They are made of a fiberglass composite material which the company says does not emit an odour. Some sensitive people say fibreglass needs some time to offgas (1-2 years) and others find it ok fairly soon after production. 

The domes start at  $7,500 for the 14' model in 2017.

I've looked into these in detail so contact me for a consultation if you are interested in how to make these non-toxic and for more details and tips.  

Simple Wooden Cabins

These bare bone wooden cabins are made of solid wood. I see some OSB in the subfloor but that could be avoided. Opt for solid wood for the roofing as well. There is no insulation so they would be difficult to live in in extreme temperatures. It does not include roofing shingles and roof prepping, stains, railing, foundation and deck or windows. You do your own wiring, plumbing and systems as well.

It is $6500 CAD for a 14 x 14 foot cabin. They are produced in Canada. 

A SIPS House
The Nomad Micro is a 10x10 metal SIPs house. It can be made to be very non-toxic. They are 28K CAD (which is actually quite pricey). You need to add: shipping (From Vancouver BC, platform or slab, installation, wiring, heat, plumbing, hot water heater. There is an option to complete the inside in a non-toxic way. My most sensitive friend tested the SIPs and thought they were good.

Nomad has stopped production of the 10 x 10 and only produces the 13x13 now. They have also changed the basic design of the units since I first posted on this.

Amish Built Wooden Home

From Backyard Buildings in Maine, these tiny houses are a good deal. They are custom built. This one pictured is from a member of the EI groups on Facebook and I have her permission to post about it.

The house is made of local wood, non-fiberglass insulation, low VOC adhesives, a woodstove (but you could use electric heat), wired for on grid (but can do off-grid as well), cedar siding, metal roof, and plumbing.  They can be moved though they are not on wheels. This one is 400 sq ft and was only 14K!

Hemp House

Hemp House Pods - a simple 8 x 12 structure meant to qualify as an ADU (without a permit) is made from hemp and a wood frame. Hemp may be mould proof in certain climates. The cost does not include plumbing, electrical or the deck.

The houses are 15K and they say they go up in a week.

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Sesame Street Airs PSA On Cell Phone Addiction. Now Will They Finally Pull Elmo’s Friend, “Smartie” The Smartphone From Their Program?

From Mental Floss:
The PSA is brief, but it brings an important issue to light: The average smart phone owner touches their device 2600 times a day, and when they do, they get a small dopamine boost. That pleasurable feeling associated with phone use can lead to compulsive behaviors that look a lot like addiction.
You might be addicted to your mobile device if it starts interfering with your life—i.e. you would rather check your phone at dinnertime than interact with the real people at the table with you, the same thing the “Device Free Dinner” campaign is trying to prevent.
Sesame Street’s PSA is a step in the right direction.  Considering all the recent warnings about children and screen use and exposure (See 123) wouldn’t it be great if Sesame Street stopped airing segments that featured Elmo’s friend “Smartie” the smartphone too?
Certainly today’s children can learn about kindness and babies and everything else without using a smartphone, right?  Silicon Valley parents (aka tech inventors) have been limiting their own kids’ use of screens for many years already.  They are now taking even more desperate measures to shield them.  Hint hint.
Even with everything we are now learning and everything we already know, it’s unfortunate that telecom companies are still legally permitted to continue marketing technology to kids and their parents and schools anyway.
Marketing tech toys with Sesame Street logos also seems inappropriate.  Maybe Sesame Streetshould consider stopping that too.
Using technology in moderation is not how it’s being marketed, and it’s especially heinous when children are targeted.  Those of us old enough may remember how Big Tobacco created Joe Camelto market cigarettes to kids too.
Even after many lawsuits were won against the tobacco industry, companies still managed to delay corrections because they could afford to legally do so.
… more than 11 years after a federal court ordered it, tobacco companies will begin running frank ads on TV and in newspapers including the Inquirer to admit their products are deadly.  The companies fought for more than 11 years to weaken and delay the corrective statements requirement.

Will American parents continue going along with this for their kids with technology?

Raising funds to take the FCC to court


We are raising funds to take the FCC to court and we can use your help. We have until May 10th, 2019 to raise about $50,000 to continue our challenge. (We will be in court on May 20th.)  The FCC does not pay lawyer or expert fees or damages and it has taken us multiple years, literally, to take this step. While we appreciate the work being done on the health issues, exposing that AT&T and Verizon's 5G is not profitable if it has to pay for the fiber networks and most of it has been customer funded, should add a second level of attack  I have been a telecom analyst for 37 years and the IRREGULATORS all have 30+ years in. We're taking this very seriously because we consider this to be a critical case.  We are now working with EON to handle tax deductible donations as well. I will be glad to talk to anyone or group personally who wants to help or donate to make this happen.

Thanks, Bruce Kushnick (or drop me an email to set up a time to call. 718-333-5161)


  • DONATE TAX DEDUCTIBLE WITH EON This action is being helped and fiscally sponsored by EON
  • Donations of $100 and more can be made by check to EON,
  • PLEASE: memo’d for IRREGULATORS,
  • Mailed to: EON, P.O. Box 1047, Bolinas, CA 94924
  • ABOUT EON: EON (a 501 (c) 3 CA corp. # 2497172)
The IRREGULATORS have a court date — May 20th, 2019, and are looking for funding and partners to continue this case and make it stick. We are taking the FCC to court about its obscure accounting rules, which have had a massive impact that allowed Verizon and AT&T to transfer billions per state of the state public utility wired network construction budgets to illegally fund their wireless business—and 5G—and even charge local phone customers billions more, per-state.
Let’s be frank:
  • 5G wireless is a con. Period. 5 comes after 4 so there had to be a 5G after 4G.
  • It is, in reality, a wired fiber optic service with a small cell antenna that only has a range of 1-2 city blocks.
  • Once it is exposed that the fiber optic wire, for the most part, has been illegally cross-subsidized and funded by the state utility construction budgets…
  • 5G is no longer profitable if the service has to pay for the use of the fiber optic wires and the access fees and all of the other fees, like rights-of-way.
  • Worse, it is a con because it doesn’t ‘scale’. It can never, ever do rural areas where the distances alone make it unprofitable to run the fiber.
Exposing the fact that 5G will lose money, while delaying real wired solutions for high-speed broadband in cities, should even get investors, cities and the public pissed.
But when we detail and ask for the billions of dollars per state back to pay the customers that were overcharged to illegally fund the wireless business…fireworks.
IRREGULATORS v FCC is the first step to stop all of these harmful, if not illegal practices.
Why are AT&T and Verizon banging the drum on this 5G crap?  5G Wireless is nothing more than the new ‘shiny tech’ bauble—like some hypnotist putting some shiny thing in front of someone to put them under – and the promise of new tech has been used in every decade to get regulations and obligations removed.
Moreover, AT&T and Verizon et al. captured this FCC.  FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is a former Verizon attorney, while Commissioner Brendan Carr worked for Verizon, AT&T and even the wireless association, CTIA. Taking control of the FCC, they have created over 30 separate proceedings, each designed to get rid of any remaining regulations of obligations to offer wired services, and to be able to substitute wireless to the home, without any interference of state or city approval or oversight.  Moreover, all of the consumer protections and safeguards are being stripped away.
While common wisdom claims that there are no more ‘landlines’, there are over 120 million customers with phone service that use a wire, with 55 million that are part of the state utilities. However, this is a fraction of the lines in service that are NOT being counted.  AT&T never upgraded its networks to fiber optics to the home; U-Verse is a bait-and-switch, a copper-to-the-home service with a fiber wire somewhere within ½ mile. Meanwhile, these lines as well as DSL, alarm circuits, business ATM machines and all of the other ‘data lines’ are not counted as a line—they have been ‘reclassified’ as an “information service” or “interstate service”.
But there is a kicker to this: We found a structural flaw in every FCC proceeding. The FCC’s not only failed to examine the impacts their rules were having on the state financials, but it also excluded all ‘state-based’ revenues, expenses, broadband commitments, investments—everything. And every FCC decision and every state decision that AT&T, Verizon and CenturyLink present have all followed this flaw.
IRREGULATORS v FCC exposes that the FCC’s accounting rules that were designed to divide up all of these expenses of the different lines of business that use the wires and make sure that prices were ‘just and reasonable’, have become corrupted.  And if you want crazy – we uncovered that these rules were set to reflect the year 2000 – that’s right, 19 years ago and they are so deformed that they put the majority of all expenses into the wired utilities – which made them look unprofitable.
This caused major rate increases, it was used to claim that it was unprofitable for the companies to build in rural areas – causing the Digital Divide, and it saved the companies billions in taxes – per state.  As incredible as this seems, the FCC’s arrogance decided to continue this “freeze” for another 6 years—until 2024.
However, we caught them and now its time to take this to court. In 2015 an investigation started, based in part on our research, of Verizon New York, which is a $5 billion state utility. In July 2018, working with the CWA union, there was a settlement estimated to be worth $300-$500 million and it will bring 32,000 lines of fiber optics to unserved areas as well as maintain the existing copper.  And the investigation revealed the massive financial cross-subsidies of Wireless and the other Verizon businesses.
IRREGULATORS v FCC is a critical case. If we can get the court to hold the FCC accountable, all of the billions per state diverted to wireless services will be in question, and can be used to properly upgrade the states with fiber optics—or even give refunds to those overcharged. 5G Wireless will then not only be unprofitable, but laughed at—who would want a crap wireless service when a fiber optic wire is 1-2 blocks from their home?
The IRREGULATORS is an independent consortium of senior telecom experts, analysts, forensic auditors, and lawyers who are former staffers from the FCC, state advocate and Attorneys General Office, as well as telecom auditors and consultants.

Long-term exposure of 2450 MHz electromagnetic radiation induces stress and anxiety like behavior in rats

2.45 GHZ (or 2450 MHz) is the frequency being used in the US, Canada, UK, and elsewhere to power cell phones, cordless phones, baby monitors, wifi routers, and smart meters. 

Long-term exposure of 2450 MHz electromagnetic radiation induces stress and anxiety like behavior in rats

Gupta SK, et al., Neurochemistry International, Apr 4, 2019


Long term exposure of electromagnetic radiations (EMR) from cell phones and Wi-Fi hold greater propensity to cause anxiety disorders. However, the studies investigating the effects of chronic exposure of EMR are limited. Therefore, we investigated the effects of repeated exposure of discrete frequency of EMR in experimental animals. Male rats were exposed to EMR (900, 1800 and 2450 MHz) for 28 (1 h/day) days. Long term exposure of EMR (2450 MHz) induced anxiety like behavior. It deregulated the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal (HPA) axis in rats as observed by increase in plasma corticosterone levels apart from decreased corticotrophin releasing hormone-2 (CRH-2) and Glucocorticoid receptor (GR) expression in amygdala. Further, it impaired mitochondrial function and integrity. The expression of Bcl2 showed significant decrease while Bax and ratio of Bax: Bcl2 were increased in the mitochondria and vice versa in cytoplasm indicating altered regulation of apoptosis. EMR exposure caused release of cytochrome-c and expression of caspase-9 ensuing activation of apoptotic cell death. Additional set of experiments performed to estimate the pattern of cell death showed necrotic and apoptotic amygdalar cell death after EMR exposure. Histopathological studies also revealed a significant decrease in neuronal cells in amygdala. The above findings indicate that long-term exposure of EMR radiation (2450 MHz) acts as a stressor and induces anxiety-like behaviors with concomitant pathophysiological changes in EMR subjected rats.


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VIDEO - Dr. Carlos Sosa - Addressing Wifi and Electrosensitivity

The Truthsayers Forum Hosts Dr Carlos Sosa at the 
Woodstock (NY) Community Center - Apr 4 2019

Dr. Sosa states:

After the radio interview with WIOF 104.1 FM Woodstock, people called and called and called so that they would repeat the show again. They have repeated it three times now.

The director of the local public TV channel and the manager of the radio station were very interested in doing a live conference in Woodstock with all the victims in the area. I was surprised to find so many electrosensitives in one room. I hadn't seen that, not even in Dallas at Dr. Rea's. Something real serious is going on in this region of the country.

This is the video of the live conference dealing with the pathophysiology, clinical presentation, diagnosis and treatment of the resulting syndrome caused by the exposure to radiofrequency and microwave radiation. It was a little bit disorganized at first because the projector was broken down and I needed it for my slides.  It turned out better because I was able to answer all the questions and doubts the public had.