Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Guide for the EHS warrior

A Guide for the EHS warrior

SUNDAY, MAY 27, 2012
Picasso's Don Quixote & Sancho Panza

First things first, Get better
When you don't feel well your abilities go down. So the first step in becoming an EHS warrior is to improve your health. How can you do that? Limit your exposure to EMR. Remove all RF/MW sources in your house and stay as far as possible from ELF sources. Measure the RF/ELF levels in your environment, reduce exposure accordingly to block RF coming from sources outside you house.

Chose your weapons:
   RF & ELF meters (usually 2 meters are needed one for RF and one for ELF).
   A digital camera
   A blog or a web site
   A low ELF/RF emitting computer.
A RF/ELF meter would allow you to detect the RF and EMR source before they would cause you pain. The ability to know immediately the radiation levels in the environment you are at would enable you to limit your exposure and improve your health. You can take pictures and make videos and than post them on YouTube, blog and website and by that help others.

A digital Camera will allow you to document all your measurements and let other people see the RF and EMR. You can also post videos that you make about EMR related issues.

A blog or a webpage will allow you to publish post, articles, pictures and videos about your experience and to share your knowledge and point of view with others.

A computer is a powerful tool for video and photo editing, web site building, publishing posts and contacting people via email and Facebook. But a computer is a source for ELF and sometimes RF radiation. You need to build yourself a low RF/ELF working environment. It is easier to use and shield a desktop computer than a laptop. Use a wired keyboard and mouse, a low ELF LCD/LED screen (some people can tolerate LED monitors) and put the destop or the laptop as far as possible from you, if needed use extension cords. Please see more details on:

Chose you weapons

Get your studies right
Read related studies, not just those that shows adverse health effect of RF or ELF. Read also the studies that allegedly did not find a link or adverse health effect. Study them and try to find weak points and reasons why they found no link. Do the same when studying the studies that do find a health risk, this info will help you in the future and remember, every study has it's week point.

Write post and web pages. Get your truth and facts on the web for people to read and see. Today, in the internet age, revolutions are waged from Facebook and twitter. Remember that you can change the world by writing a post for your blog, or making a video for YouTube. Write a web site with several static pages. On your blog you can publish more frequent posts, but keep it short. Use YouTube for clips and promote your web activity on Facebook and YouTube. If you have anything to say, write it in your blog, make clips about it and put some picture on you web site showing the facts. When you're writing email or posting short text on Facebook or twitter use links to your site, blog and videos.

Picasso's Don Quixote & Sancho Panza

Communicate with other EHS warriors
Remember you are not the only EHS person in the world. There are others out there. Try to get in contact with as many EHS and EMR awareness activists around the world as possible.  Make an email distribution list and list yourself to email lists of other EHS and EMR awareness activists.

Help others and use other's help
It is very hard to do everything. You can contribute to others' work and get some help from others. Sometime it is possible to divide the work between several activists, everyone doing his part and then stitching it all together.

Get something small done every day.
The fight is going to be very long, and life is very busy so you may not have a lot of time left do all what you want to do. So keep it short and to the point, try to do something small for the fight every day.

Count your achievements
Every picture, every video, every post or a new web page that you publish is an achievement. Every visit to your site, every reader, every person you help is an achievement. Remember it and remember that the other option, to do nothing, will not help you and will not help the fight for the truth. Doing nothing will only make you more frustrated and week. Doing something, even if it is very small, will help you and will help others in the short and long run, and might make your suffering worthwhile.

Get a good book that does not have to do with EHS or EMR.
Being an EHS and an activist has its mental price. In order to keep focused on your activities you need also to find ways to reload, relax, release stress and regenerate. So get physical, run, ride or just have nice long walks (in low RF environments). Get a book that has nothing to do with EHS or EMR and read a page or two each day.

Remember, being an EHS warrior is a quest, sometimes a life quest. Like Don Quixote, you maybe taken for a crazy person, and only years later people will be able to understand that you were right all along. But if you don't act, the wind turbine of these days (cell towers, smart meters' collectors, cellphones and communication companies, 3G and 4G technologies) will continue to do harm, unstopped, unmonitored, with no one speaking out against them, and more people will become EHS. Our responsibly is to speak out and try to stop humanity from stepping back in to the dark ages all falsely in the name of progress.

Please contact me if you need help on any of the steps.
Amir (No Rad)

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