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It's the Microwaves: How I Recovered from CFS

Please read the following:

It's the Microwaves 02/09/06 01:51 AM

Hi, I cured myself of CFS and now just have what I would call a mild form of electrosensitivity (ES). I had all the symptoms of CFS and the viral infections and the mycoplasma infection(s). All my symptoms are gone.  However, some of them come back intermittently when I am overexposed to high levels of ambient electromagnetic radiation in my environment, which is difficult to avoid in this day and age unfortunately. All I can say is that I sincerely believe that it is the microwave/radiofrequency (and other forms of) electromagnetic radiation that is the main causal factor making many people ill in this day in age and until people realize this, wake up, and come together, more and more people are just going to get sick — and this will just be accepted as "normal."

I wrote the following letter because I found out what was making me sick and I found out what to do to get better and I wanted everyone else that has had to go through this hell to REALIZE what very well might be a hidden cause behind their health issues. When something is out of sight, it is also out of mind — and microwaves from cell phone towers are invisible so it is difficult to fathom them as being the culprit. But from my own personal experience and research, I know they are, and am able to actually sense them when I get exposed to them at a certain level. I am now able to tolerate exposures that I was not initially able to tolerate when I got sick. When someone used to make a cell phone call near me, I would become very ill. Now, I am hardly bothered by it — while in the back of my mind, I know it is not good. Anyway, read the letter I initially wrote in 2006 and feel free to contact me.



Dear friend,

Dr. Robert O. Becker wrote 21 years ago in his book "The Body Electric" the following regarding EMR:

"The dangers of electropollution are real and well documented. It changes, often pathologically, every biological system. What we don`t know is exactly how serious there changes are, for how many people. The longer we as a society, put off a search for that knowledge, the greater the damage is likely to be and the harder it will be to correct."

p. 304

Most likely you have been brainwashed by the media into believing that these devices are the next best thing to sliced bread, and admittedly they are extremely convenient and useful devices, but the truth of the matter is that the electromagnetic radiation given off by your cell phone or smart phone — and the towers that connect them may very well be insidiously be weakening your body and its immune system and eventually causing you some kind of illness now or somewhere down the road.

If you care about your friends, your family, yourself, and the world in which we live, please read the following and pass it on to your friends — and hopefully to everyone you know.

Since the advent of the cell phone, I have noticed an unprecedented number of people around me becoming sick. Just when cell phones were starting to be sold on the market, I remember a student of mine's daughter dying of influenza. This was the first time I ever knew someone whose daughter died of influenza, though I understand that it does happen. Since that time, a friend of mine's wife committed suicide, another friend's son developed leukemia, the grandson of a colleague was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, a former teacher of mine developed breast cancer, a friend of a friend developed a brain tumor, another acquaintance lost his vision (cause unknown), a 50-year-old colleague had a stroke and his children both have school phobia, with his daughter trying to commit suicide. I have known a number of women having miscarriages — and in the latest case the fetus was deformed. This woman was an avid user of her cell phone.

In April of 2005, I personally had a hard time recovering from some kind of viral flu; by May I started to exhibit the symptoms of what is called "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)." (CFS was originally known as "Yuppie Flu," because it started to originally affect "Yuppies" working in Silicon Valley in the mid 80s just as cell phone networks and microwave relay stations were being set up across the country. The “Yuppies were also among the first to own cell phones and computers.)

The symptoms included (1) excessive thirst, (2) night sweats, (3) brain fog, (4) swollen lymph glands, (5) fatigue (6) insomnia, (7) a weakened immune system, (8) nausea, (9) heart pain, (10) back pain, (11) unexplained anxiety, (12) neurological symptoms, (13) vision problems (14) testicular pain, (15) loss of appetite, (16) rapid weight loss, (17) frequent urination, (18) dry eyes and mouth, (19) impaired memory, (20) inability to concentrate, (21) the inability of my body regulate its temperature (i.e. chills) and so on.

I didn't know what was happening to me. I went to several hospitals and had blood tests but they always came up normal. I even had two HIV tests — just to double check — (they both came up negative). I finally concluded that I had all the symptoms of what is inappropriately labeled "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" (CFS) or "Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome" (CFIDS) but also called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) and Neuro Immune Deficiency Syndrome (NIDS). I went to Kyushu University Hospital, where they confirmed my diagnosis and added the additional diagnosis of “autonomic nervous system disorder” (jiritushinkeijicchoushou) (自律神経失調症).

I read "The Ampligen Diaries" and was frighteningly surprised at how similar to my own situation was to this woman’s — since I also taught at a university and remember feeling the same way not being able to concentrate in front of the computer:

After being ill every day for around six months, I began to suspect the microwave radiation emitted by the cell phone towers and wifi devices as perhaps being the culprit. I did some research and found that the symptoms of CFS were almost identical as what had been termed as "Radio Frequency Illness" from experiments done by Russia during the cold war with electromagnetic radiation but in modern parlance now called “Microwave Illness.” Further research has shown that these symptoms also frighteningly resemble “radiation sickness.”

I finally decided to rent a cabin up in the mountains in Saga Prefecture — out of cell phone range (one of the very few places) — and immediately started to feel better with the disappearance of many symptoms and with most of the rest of my symptoms gradually disappearing over a two-month period. Unfortunately, whenever I used to get back into cell phone range, these symptoms would start to come back. I would feel my head starting to swell, I would feel nauseous, I would feel pain in the lymph nodes under my right arm and in my right testicle. Fortunately, through multiple chelation treatment modalities (Homeopathy, Chinese Medicine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, DMSA, and IV EDTA) of chelating the metals out of my body, plus having all the gold removed from my mouth, I was gradually able to increasingly "tolerate" the EMFs better and now feel fine unless I am in extremely "high" EMF environments.

I ended up staying in the mountains of Saga for four months but could no longer afford the high rent — since this condition (CFS) had pretty much broken me financially — with all the doctor visits, experimenting with all kinds of treatments, and buying anything and everything that was supposed to help this illness (i.e. herbs, vitamins, and various supplements and antioxidants). At the time I was unable to work and was put on half salary — and finally had to leave my position when my contract expired.

I bought a High Frequency Meter for measuring microwaves — and found the city of Fukuoka to have extremely high levels of RF EMF — and realized that there were four microwave/cell phone towers within a kilometer of my home. I went to measure my office at the university and immediately felt nauseous, and found there to have extremely high levels of microwave radiation.

From the research I have read on the subject, I believe that the microwave radiation emitted by cell phones and cell phone towers (or masts or base stations) is the main causal factor behind CFS and I there is increasing evidence coming from respected scientists that it is also behind autism, ADD or ADHD, and Alzheimer's disease — and in Japan, responsible for falling academic abilities, school refusal, increases in leukemia, increases in depression, increases in suicides, an inability to conceive and bear children, and increased violence and crime.

Micoplasma infections are common in people with CFS, autism, ADHD, and Alzheimer’s — which I attribute to a suppression of the immune system and a drastic decrease in Natural Killer (NK) cells. They are also common in people who have been exposed to radiation (e.g. nuclear power plant workers). Could there be a similar process here between exposure to the ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation (microwaves)? I believe so, but in the later case, it is a more long-term, slow, and insidious process. Is it a coincidence that most of the symptoms in CFS are also found in Microwave Sickness and Radiation Sickness:

Symptoms of :

(1) CFS (2) Microwave Sickness (3) Radiation Sickness

Fatigue * * *
Swollen Lymph Nodes * * *
Nausea * * *
Weakness * * *
Intestinal Problems * * *
Impaired Memory * * *
Impaired Concentration * * *
Insomnia * * *
Loss of Appetite * * *
Weight Loss * * *
Skin Rash * * *
Anxiety * *
Weakened Immunity * * *
Night sweats * *
Heart Problems * * *
Visual Disturbances * * *
Chills * * *
Dry Eyes * *
Headaches * * *
Flu-like Symptoms * * *
Depression * *

This is what happens to the blood after someone makes a 1.5 minute phone call. The first picture is normal blood, the second picture is blood taken after a 90 second phone call, the third picture is the blood taken after 20 minutes and the fourth is the blood taken after 40 minutes:

In the following video clip, Dr. Robert Young states the following:

“When we are exposed to lower frequencies ranging between 10 hertz and 100 hertz, those particular frequencies have a tendency to disturb cells significantly that they start disorganizing, breaking apart, and giving birth to perceived viruses, bacteria, yeasts, and molds.”

And this is exactly what happens to people with CFS - their immune system is weakened and they start getting viral, bacteria, yeast, and mold infections.

Dr. Coghill took blood samples exposing one sample to the radiation emitted by a cell phone in standby mode while the other sample was not exposed to any electromagnetic radiation.

“Mr Coghill took white blood cells, known as lymphocytes, from a donor, keeping them alive with nutritients and exposed them to different electric fields.

He found that after seven-and-a-half hours, just 13% of the cells exposed to mobile phone radiation remained intact and able to function, compared with 70% of cells exposed only to the natural electromagnetic field produced by the human body.”

Since microwaves and other forms of electromagnetic radiation weaken the immune system, is it not possible that Avian Flu is just birds succumbing to a virus that their immune system would be able to handle under normal circumstances in an environment with low or no microwave radiation?

However, that is far from the case with the advance of microwave technology in the form of cellular phone networks and digital broadcasting.

We are now all being exposed to extremely high levels of electromagnetic radiation mainly from the cell phone base stations which are popping up like mushrooms all over the world. According to the late Dr. Cherry of Lincoln University in New Zealand, these levels of electromagnetic radiation are about 10,000 times what we would naturally experience in nature.

The microwaves pass through just about everything and damage our DNA. We are constantly —24 hours a day, seven days a week — being bombarded from the cell phone towers. Young men and women who hope to have healthy normal children in the future especially should — at least — not be carrying these radiation boxes. There is already evidence showing that the microwaves are causing deformities in plants and animals:

Dr. Gerald Goldberg has written a book called "Would you stick your head in a microwave oven?" He states

"Microwave radiation poses an extreme public health risk that may become fully realized in the next 5 to 7 years. At the point that the epidemic becomes fully realized up to 60 to 75% of the general population may become affected and incapacitated. We are potentially faced with a health crisis that will cripple most industrialized nations. If these estimates are correct than we are on the verge of a crisis that our current health infrastructure will be incapable of dealing with. The purpose of this book is to increase public awareness, facilitate corroborative interpretation of epidemiological data and to formulate preventive strategies before this epidemic comes to fruition."

Moreover, doctors in Germany, sensing something is gravely wrong, have put forth the Freiburger Appeal, because they have seen an unprecedented increase in all kinds of diseases with the advent of the cell phone (ADHD, autism, CFS, leukemia, behavior problems, suicides, etc.)

If the public really knew and understood what has been kept secret from them, that these devices are much more dangerous than they imagine, would they still be on the market? Unfortunately, with the profits being made and the conveniences that they endow, the answer is unfortunately, "Yes."

The cell phone industry — with their eyes on making hundreds of billion dollars in profits — has ignored the research showing clearly that these devices are extremely dangerous. They have naturally only been spinning the science.

It is difficult to fight an industry that is making hundrends of billions of dollars in profits and has control of the governments, media, and to a certain degree the research institutes and can spew out its commercial propaganda. But I can do my part by sending you this grass-roots email and ask you to take action and spread the word.

The Internet is a powerful tool for freedom, democracy, and human rights and a powerful tool against commercial interests which threaten these. We should have a natural-born right to not be exposed to health-damaging microwave radiation. We have a right to be told the truth about the dangers of cell phones, their towers, and the radiation they emit. We have a right to not be sold things that are harming our health.

IT'S UP TO YOU! You can choose to be part of the solution or you can be part of the problem. But I can assure you that if you do the research — and you can see through the spin — you will find that the evidence points to these being very dangerous devices and that they are making a lot of people sick and that they should never have been put onto the market. Believe me, no one more than I and people in my predicament wishes that they were not.

One is reminded of Martin Nemoller's warning with regards to Nazi Germany:

"First they came for the Communists, but I was not a Communist, so I said nothing. Then they came for the Social Democrats, but I was not a Social Democrat, so I did nothing. Then came the Trade Unionists, but I was not a Trade Unionist. And then they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew, so I did little. Then when they came for me, there was no one left to stand up for me."


If you really do care about your friends, your family, yourself and the world you live in, you should do the following:

(1) Do the research. See through the spin.

(2) Forward this blog post to everyone you know.

(3) Become informed and inform others.

(4) Contact your politicians and tell them what you think.

(5) Take action by joining support groups.

Check out the video "Public Exposure: Democracy, DNA, and the 'Wireless Revolution'".

Read "Electromagnetic Fields"

Read "The Body Electric"

Read "Cell Phones"

Read “Would You Put Your Head In A Microwave Oven?”

If you are Japanese (or can read Japanese), read Abunai Keitai Denwa

If you are a teacher, you should inform your students. If you are a doctor, you should inform your patients. We are all being negatively affected by this - while a few are making tremendous profits. Please do not be indifferent!

The Research

From Electromagnetic Fields, pp. 356-357

"In humans, EMFs in various frequencies have been found to adversely affect calcium binding on the cell surface, DNA synthesis, and cell division; to alter circadian rhythms, affect or alter some important enzyme activities, and affect specific glands like the pineal and the hypothalamus area of the brain, as well as the production of certain neurotransmitters, like serotonin and dopamine; to increase the permeability of the blood-brain barrier; to create artificial stress responses; to overstimulate the immune system initially, then suppress it and decrease T-lymphocyte production; and to promote malignant tumor growth with particular concentrations in the central
nervous system, in the blood and the skeletal systems, and in glandular tissue. The eyes, the brain and the testes seem to be especially prone to abnormal effects from the RF frequencies....

The Soviet Union did some interesting RF/MW research on behavioral abberations that is unparralleled in the United States. It has been known for many years that low-intensity EMFs produce adverse effects on the autonomous and central nervous systems of humans and animals in strengths far to low to cause tissue heating....

Radio-wave sickness is the term the Soviet researchers used to describe a clinical syndrome in those occupationally exposed to EMFs, particularly RFs/MWs. It included functional disturbances of the central nervous system such as headaches,, increased susceptibility to fatigue, increased irritability, dizziness, sleepiness, sweating, concentration difficulties, memory loss, depression, emotional instability, mild limb tremors, cardiac arrythmias, increases in blood pressure, and appetite loss. Thyroid enlargement, benign adrenal gland tumors, and rashes were often observed. Less common but also reported were hallucinations, insomnia, fainting, and internal organ or intestinal difficulties. Also, auditory channels were stimulated when the head was exposed to low-power, pulse-modulated EMFs."

pp. 128-129

"...Test animals appear not to know they are stressed, yet blood tests show high levels of cortisone, a substance released in the body under conditions of long-term disease,as opposed to adrenaline, which is released in a fight-or-flight response. Monkeys exposed too a 200 gauss magnetic field for four hours a day showed a generalized stress response for six days which then declined, suggesting that animals had adapted to the exposure. Reseachers who stop the experiment at that point can reasonably conclude that there has been no long-term damage. However, in subsequent experiments, it has been found that when the exposure continues, hormone and immune levels will fall far below normal and remain there. The immune system becomes exhausted and unable to rebound, opening the body to infectious diseases and an inability to fight malignancies."

From Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Is prolonged exposure to environmental level powerline frequency electromagnetic fields a co-factor to consider in treatment?


With any illness characterised by chronic fatigue, such as CFS, Chronic Fatigue (CF) and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS), Chronic Epstein-Barr Virus (CEBV), Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), the important outcome is a severely dysfunctional immune system.

Evidence that these conditions involves an immunological disorder is accumulating rapidly. Within the past few years various abnormalities have been found in the immune system of CFS patients, for example. These include alterations in the activity and cell surface structure of two important types of white blood cells: natural killer cells and T-lymphocytes. In some patients subtle changes have been found in the levels of neuroendocrine hormones in the brain. Evidence indicates that CFS is associated with, if not directly caused by, a persistent, low-level impairment of the immune system.

Irrespective of the 'trigger' of the condition, whether it be viral, an environmental factor, a genetic predisposition, stress, or a combination of these factors, any additional contributing factors which may also detrimentally affect the immune system should be identified, investigated and eliminated (or reduced) as part of the treatment.

In this regard a co-factor may be considered anything that may cause hormone disruption and biological changes at a cellular level, thus interfering with immune system function. This co-factor may not have initiated the condition, but exposure to it may further stress an already affected immune system. As long as such a situation exists, any treatment is unlikely to have any lasting effect.

Existing evidence indicates that exposure to environmental level 50 - 60 Hz EMFs may be an immune system stressor with the potential to cause hormone disruption and changes at a cellular level. Therefore, EMF exposure should be evaluated as a potential risk factor for people suffering from disorders with the common feature of unexplained chronic fatigue."

The Statistics

With the advent of the second generation cell phone going digital in 1990:

"The incidence of ME / ICD-CFS is known to be rising: in
April 1994, the insurance company UNUM (one of the largest
disability insurers) reported that in the five years from
1989 - 1993, mens' disability claims for CFS increased
360%, whilst womens' claims for CFS increased 557%. No
other disease category surpassed these rates of increase.
In order of insurance costs, ME/ICD-CFS came second in the
list of the five most expensive chronic conditions, being
three places above AIDS. At the Fifth American Association
of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome International Research and
Clinical Conference held in January 2001 in Seattle, the
Associate Director of the University of Washington's CFS
Research Centre (Dr N Afari) confirmed that the incidence
is indeed rising."

"In the 1990s, reported autism cases among American
children began spiking, from about 1 in 10,000 in 1987 to a shocking 1 in 166 today. "

It is possible that there might be a connection?

"Influenza deaths have increased substantially in the last 2 decades..."

"According to a recent study, the average number of
influenza-associated deaths was approximately 19,000 per
year from 1976 to 1990, but 36,000 per year from 1990 to

That's a dramatic increase - almost double - and (perhaps
mistakenly) attributed to the aging population and more
virulant strains but...

"Motorola introduced the 16-ounce "DynaTAC" phone into
commercial service in 1983, with each phone costing the
consumer $3,500. It took seven additional years before
there were a million subscribers in the United States."

That's 1990. Maybe it's just a coincidence.

"In the 1990s, second generation (2G) mobile phone systems
such as GSM, IS-136 ("TDMA"), iDEN and IS-95 ("CDMA") began
to be introduced. The first digital cellular phone call was
made in the United States in 1990, in 1991 the first GSM
network opened in Europe. 2G phone systems were
characterised by digital circuit switched transmission and
the introduction of advanced and fast phone to network
signalling. In general the frequencies used by 2G systems
in Europe were higher though with some overlap, for example
the 900 MHz frequency range was used for both 1G and 2G
systems in Europe and so such 1G systems were rapidly
closed down to make space for 2G systems. In America the
IS-54 standard was deployed in the same band as AMPS and
displaced some of the existing analog channels.

Coinciding with the introduction of 2G systems were trends
which meant that the larger "bricks" disappeared and tiny
100?200g hand-held devices became the norm. These trends
included technology improvements such as better battery
technologies and lower power electronics, but also are
largely related to the higher density of cellular sites
caused by increasing usage levels."

Thank you for your cooperation.



Feel free to join the following lists. There are many good links and good information there:

I do not like Ajinomoto, Sam I Am!

The company called Ajinomoto is responsible for a lot of my misery — and the misery of a lot of other people too. I am highly allergic to their product Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) and go to great lengths to avoid it because it just ruins my life big time. But now, they have invented some new MSGs - disodium inosinate and disodium guanylate. NOW instead of just getting a little rash I get a rash all over my whole body that itches for weeks. Fuck you AjinoFuckinMoto. Fuck anyone that works for this evil fuckin greedy company. If I were the President of any country, the first thing on my agenda would be to blow up all your stupid fuckin evil factories.

Anyway, when I was in Laos and Thailand, they kept on putting these chemicals in my food - in spite of my insistance that they don't. It is hidden in a number of products produced by Ajinomoto (Rosdee) and Knorr (Aromat). They use commercial brainwashing to make the people their believe that if they don't put these chemicals in the food it is not going to taste good. I would go to great efforts to tell people not to put any of this crap in my food - but to my extreme disappointment and distress I would start to break out in a horrible rash within the hour. Now, I didn't have this problem at all in China. All I would say is "Wo buyao weijing" and that would solve the problem since everything is made from scratch usually in China - no frozen crapola there. The next time someone puts any of this crap in my food, I will break their fingers so they will never do it again to anyone else. Fuck AjinoFuckiMoto. I wonder why one in four Japanese children suffers from Atopic Dermititis (Atopi). Ajinomoto = Byoukinomoto.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is great. I have been seeing a Qi Gong healer here in Fukuoka and practicing Qi Gong on my own now for several months. It has helped me with my recovery from CFS a great deal. The other things I would say is (1) getting away from the microwaves, and (2) chelation treatments (oral ALA, oral DMSA, EDTA IV). Of course, I took all kinds of supplements but these only worked a little until I got out of the electrosmog and lived in a cabin which was out of both TV and cell phone range for a number of months.

Well, I am back in Japan.

I just arrived back in Japan from a two month road trip taking me to Thailand, Burma (Myanmar), China, and Laos. Why? To look for a new place to live. Why? Because the microwaves are making me sick. I became ill last year with what is (inappropriately I might add) termed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrom (CFIDS) but probably more appropriately called Neuro Immune Endocrine Deficiency Syndrome (NEIDS) or better yet - just plain old Radiation or Microwave Illness. It took me 6 months to finally figure out what was making me sick and another 6 months to get reasonably better so that I could travel and try to find a place that wasn't so heavily electropolluted. Flying out of Fukuoka I immediately felt better in the airplane but worse again when we landed in Taipei. After an hour on the ground we were up in the air again and I was feeling good till we landed in Hong Kong where I immediately felt like my head was being put into a microwave oven and Ω zapped big time. Fortunately, I only had to spend a hour or so in that microwave oven before my next plane left for Bangkok. In spite of all the cell phones and the ubiquitousness of the cell phone towers, I felt much better in Thailand than I do in Fukuoka. I attribute this to the fact that Thailand is still using 2G cell phone technology while Japan has pretty much converted to 3G technology (and they will be moving onto 4G next year). I also imagine that the TV hasn't gone digital yet in Thailand, while Japan is now in the process of changing all its TV programming over to digital in the next few years. I imagine that this will make a lot of people very sick. These stupid assholes! What the hell do they think they are doing? Anyway, China was pretty much the same as Thailand but Myanmar and Laos were much better - once you got out of their biggest cities (in Myanmar, Yangon and Mandalay, and in Laos, Vientiene and Luang Prabang - though Luang Prabang wasn't that bad). Anyway, this is my first blog entry so I hope some people out there read it and that you think seriously about this problem - that is probably going to make a lot more people sick in the next few years.



Fuck Vodaphone! Fuck China Telecom! Fuck Docomo! And fuck Ajinomoto - or should I say 病気のもと. They are all criminals.