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Boil the Frog Slowly with Sandra Chianfoni

Boil the Frog Slowly with Sandra Chianfoni

One in TEN Cell Phone Antenna Sites Violates Gov’t Limit on Excessive EMF Radiation

One in TEN Cell Phone Antenna Sites Violates Gov’t Limit on Excessive EMF Radiation

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By Melissa Melton | Originally posted at The Daily Sheeple
Did you know there are over 2.3 million cell towers and antennas blanketing the United States right now?
That’s a lot of electromagnetic frequency right there.
While some people, including myself, have pointed out that it’s ridiculous to find a giant cell tower erected literally on an elementary school basketball court right next to the playground or placing them directly on school rooftops, this is becoming more and more common to the point there are so many towers and antennas everywhere, they are beginning to blend in with the scenery as if having this many of these things is just natural now.
Pretty soon, no matter where you go in this country, you’ll be within mere feet of at least one cell tower or antenna (but likely many more).
Well, according to the Wall Street Journal, a team of six engineers evaluated more than 5,000 of these cites and found that one in ten is violating the rules on excessive radiation.
Federal rules require carriers to use barricades, signs and training to protect people from excessive radio-frequency radiation, the waves of electric and magnetic power that carry signals. The power isn’t considered harmful by the time it reaches the street, but it can be a risk for workers and residents standing directly in front of an antenna.
One in 10 sites violates the rules, according to six engineers who examined more than 5,000 sites during safety audits for carriers and local municipalities, underscoring a safety lapse in the network that makes cellphones hum, at a time when the health effects of antennas are being debated world-wide.
Putting aside the argument about what megacorporations that want to sell you stuff will tell you is and isn’t harmful, this is insane. 
We are all being exposed to this more and more every day.
Oh, and apparently the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has only issued TWO — that’s two — citations to cell carriers since adopting these limits nearly twenty years ago way back in 1996.
Why? Because, “the FCC says it lacks resources to monitor each antenna.”
This, engineer Marvin Wessel told WSJ, is like having speed limit signs but no police to enforce them… meaning it’s POINTLESS to even have radiation limits if no one is monitoring that these companies are adhering to them. The whole set up requires an awful lot of trust in communications companies who have already demonstrated through Snowden leaks that they don’t really care about their customers’ rights at all.
So the FCC doesn’t have the proper resources to actually hold cell phone companies accountable if their towers and antennas are emitting harmful radiation levels well above federal limits, but said companies are allowed to just continue to blanket our nation with them at an alarming pace anyway???
Makes sense, right?
Used to be antennas were only on towers that are easily visually recognizable. Nowadays these antennas can be hidden, painted to blend into the background and people might not even realize they’re hanging out near one. This is what Wessel is talking about, again via WSJ:
On a sweltering June day in Phoenix, Mr. Wessel strolled through a residential area near Echo Canyon Park and spotted lawn chairs near a T-Mobile US Inc. cellular antenna painted brown to match a fence. His monitor showed emissions well above safety limits.
After being alerted by The Wall Street Journal, T-Mobile added warning signs and roped off a patch in front of the antenna with a chain. “The safety of the public, our customers and our employees is a responsibility that all of us here at T-Mobile take very seriously,” said a T-Mobile spokeswoman.
So why is this an issue?
At very high levels, radio-frequency radiation can cook human tissue, the FCC said, potentially causing cataracts and temporary sterility and other health issues.
To buffer people from these “thermal” effects, the FCC set two limits for how much RF people can absorb—one for the general public, and an “occupational” limit five times higher for people trained to work near antennas. The higher level is still 10 times below the thermal level.
Carriers have to restrict access near antennas that are above the limits. Workers and others who venture into hot zones—generally up to 20 feet in front of an antenna—must be trained and have RF monitors.
Realize this man said one in TEN of these locations is OUT OF COMPLIANCE regard to EMF radiation, emitting levels well beyond FCC limits for public safety and health.
Now back to the fact that we have over 2.3 million of these all over the country and counting…
Your body also has electromagnetic fields, but somehow we’re supposed to believe these artificial EMF emitters surrounding us aren’t affecting us every single day and somehow disturbing the growth of cells and the flow of information between our cells?
The BioInitiative Working Group put out a report in 2007 which concluded the existing public safety standards are inadequate anyway. Evidence has shown EMF:
  • Affects gene and protein expression (Transcriptomic and Proteomic Research)
  • Has genotoxic effects – RFR and ELF DNA damage
  • Induces stress response (Stress Proteins)
  • Affects immune function
  • Affects Neurology and behavior
  • Causes childhood cancers (Leukemia)
  • Impacts melatonin production
  • Promotes breast cancer (Melatonin links in laboratory and cell studies)
  • Contributes to Alzheimer’s Disease
Other studies link EMFs to:
  • Enzyme changes that affect DNA and cell growth which can result in cancer and birth defects
  • Fetal abnormalities, likely caused by enzyme changes
  • Gene expression changes, which creates stress on your body and even result in cancer
  • Changed metabolism and increased cell growth
  • Increased production of stress proteins within cells
  • Chronic stress, which can lead to heart conditions among others
  • Neuro-hormone changes, which can result in memory loss and impaired brain function
The bottom line?
We are basically living in an open air science experiment on so many fronts in this country and cell phone towers are definitely one of them. We have no idea how this is going to look even a decade or two from now, especially for the poor people who work for cell phone companies who are coming into direct, close contact with these things on a daily basis.
If you live in an urban, suburban or even semi-rural area, you will probably be pretty surprised at just how many towers and antenna are humming all around you right now. They are installing towers and antennas on school rooftops, in church steeples, on our municipal water towers, and in everything from fake trees to fake cement blocks on buildings that are meant to blend in with the rest of the building materials. They are no longer as obvious as they used to be, and thus, no longer as easy to avoid.
Do a search for your address at Antenna You might be surprised how many of these things live near you.

New White House Petition Asks Military-Industrial Complex to Stop “Broadcasting Radar Signals into People”

New White House Petition Asks Military-Industrial Complex to Stop “Broadcasting Radar Signals into People”

The Daily Sheeple
February 5th, 2015

A new petition up on White is asking the Obama Administration to “Stop NSA/Air Force/Navy/DOD/CIA/US DOJ Signals Intelligence from broadcasting radar signals into people.”


The website mentioned links back to Oregon State, a site which is filled to the brim with information on mind control technology.

Pretty interesting petition considering that not just one or two, but several of the mass shooters and others who suddenly attempted to break into the White House in the last couple of years all have one thing in common: they all either claimed they were being attacked with directed energy weapons by the government and hearing voices directed into their heads with such weapons — technology that indeed exists — or that they could suddenly magically hear Obama’s voice in their heads telepathically in the weeks leading up to these events. It certainly is strange to have so many cases of such a very specific type of schizophrenia suddenly develop, and always, every single time, during a major political event or some other scandal taking place on the national stage.

Surely this couldn’t be a high-tech, modern day version of MKUltra activation and programming at all…

Could it?
(Hat Tip T.G.)
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Cornhusker Option: How Nebraska Citizens Took Control of Their Energy Grid

Cornhusker Option: How Nebraska Citizens Took Control of Their Energy Grid

21st Century Wire says…

Should all states have privatized power grids? Considering the sharp rise in consumer prices (400% in some cases) since the energy deregulation and privatization revolution of the 1990′s, questions of ownership are now resurfacing in the US and parts of Europe. Is there any way to reverse this trend (see some solutions, please see the full report on Nebraska’s success story below).
There are alternatives to the current privatized energy cartel system, but to explore these, we first need to understand how we got to to this current crisis. Amazingly, most people have already been brainwashed enough to believe that there is no other alternative to consumer power and energy than the current system of corporate cartel ownership and legalized price fixing.

Enron’s Legacy Lives On

Much was made by the media about the collapse and fraud of the notorious Enron Corporation, and despite all the condemnations and attention, no one seemed to protest when similar corporations moved in to take over their business contracts, and these corporations continued to fix and raise prices beyond average affordability. Profits soared, however, as the private cartels (and their banking financiers) managed to effectively takeover what public utilities had built over the previous century.

arnoldschwarzenneger295Most people are unaware that one of the key players behind the scenes in helping Enron operate in California was its soon-to-be governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who cut a secret deal with criminal financiers.

In Britain, at around the same time, the same cartels took control of the power grid from the state in a sweet heart deal, which also ended driving up prices for consumers. Enron was there, too. In both cases, the privatization was sold to an unquestioning media as a solution that would “provide more competition and lower prices for consumers”. Of course, the opposite happened.
California’s story is a classic example. The first step is load the system with debt so that the government and institutions will be vulnerable to a fire sale later. Step two is deregulation, where corporation lobby lawmakers  relax anti-trust, mergers, acquisitions – so that the cartel can buy up public utilities. Step three is to create a new class of middlemen – futures traders who can distort the entire market, create artificial scarcity and drive up prices. In 1997, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) reorganized as a holding company, PG&E Corporation. In the late 1990s, under electricity market deregulation they sold-off most of their natural gas power plants, but held on to its hydroelectric plants and the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant. Suddenly, the state had to buy its power from outside energy generators – at wildly fluctuating prices thanks to the new class of energy speculators like Enron – but still forced to sell its power to consumers at costs fixed by the state’s utility board. The newly formed private ‘market’ for electricity was completely controlled by the Enrons, and with the help of its other corporate cartel partners, artificially drove prices upwards. This led to many state and municipal organizations unable to pay their their new electricity bills, PG&E was on the verge of bankruptcy in the wake of a full-blown California electricity crisis. With a power shortage, energy providers were forced to begin instituting rolling blackouts which began on January 17, 2001. (Source: Wiki)
Enron’s fraud carried on over state borders too. Portland General Electric worked with Enron to fix the market. Oregon news reported then, “PGE traders played a role in helping their Enron counterparts loop electricity from California into the Northwest and then back again — creating false congestion on California’s energy grid and the threat of electricity shortages.”

The question remains: is there any way for a state or nation to reclaim its power grid from the corporations and bankers who took it?

There are answers, and possibilities…

Thomas Hanna
Alternet/YES! Magazine

In the United States, there is one state, and only one state, where every single resident and business receives electricity from a community-owned institution rather than a for-profit corporation.

It is not a famously liberal state like Vermont or Massachusetts. Rather, it is conservative Nebraska, with its two Republican Senators and two (out of three) Republican members of Congress, that has embraced the complete socialization of energy distribution.
In Nebraska, 121 publicly owned utilities, ten cooperatives, and 30 public power districts provide electricity to a population of around 1.8 million people. Public and cooperative ownership keeps costs low for the state’s consumers. Nebraskans pay one of the lowest rates for electricity in the nation and revenues are reinvested in infrastructure to ensure reliable and cheap service for years to come.
“There are no stockholders, and thus no profit motive,” the Nebraska Power Association proudly proclaims. “Our electric prices do not include a profit. That means Nebraska’s utilities can focus exclusively on keeping electric rates low and customer service high. Our customers, not big investors in New York and Chicago, own Nebraska’s utilities.”
Payments (in lieu of taxes) from the state’s publicly owned utilities exceed $30 million a year and support a variety of social services throughout the state—including the public education system.
How the state went public
Nebraska has a long history of publicly owned power systems dating back to the beginnings of electrification in the late 1800s. Initially, these co-existed with small private utilities. However, in the post-World War I era, large corporate electric holding companies backed by Wall Street banks entered the market and began taking over smaller private and municipal systems.
Using their financial and political power, these corporations dramatically consolidated the power industry in Nebraska and attempted to stop new cooperatives and publicly owned utilities from forming. During this time more than one-third of the state’s municipal utilities were sold to private corporations.
Tired of abusive corporate practices, in 1930 residents and advocates of publicly owned utilities took a revenue bond financing proposal straight to the voters, bypassing the corporate-influenced legislature which had previously failed to pass similar legislation. It was approved overwhelmingly—signaling both popular support for publicly owned utilities in the state and also the beginnings of their resurgence.
Led by powerful Nebraska Senator George W. Norris—the driving force behind the publicly owned Tennessee Valley Authority—a series of state and federal laws were passed including: the state’s Enabling Act (1933), which allowed 15 percent of eligible voters in an area to petition for a decision on a publicly owned utility; the Public Utility Holding Company Act (1935), which forced the breakup and restructuring of corporate electricity monopolies; and the Rural Electrification Act (1936), which provided financing for rural electricity projects. By 1949, Nebraska had solidified its status as the first and only all-public power state.
Every Nebraskan can help make decisions
Local control and the possibility for democratic participation are defining features of Nebraska’s publicly owned electricity system. At the ground level, public utilities and cooperatives are run by publicly elected power district boards, cooperative boards, or elected city councils (often through appointed boards). These bodies establish budgets, establish service standards and policies, and set prices.
Regularly scheduled meetings of power boards and councils are open to public involvement and comment. Should they so wish, every Nebraskan has the opportunity to become involved in the decisionmaking of their local electricity provider.
One such example relates to the increasing use and proliferation of renewable energy facilities. While the state remains heavily reliant on coal and nuclear sources to provide low-cost energy to consumers, interest in renewable energy—primarily wind—has taken off in recent years.

In 2003, electricity consumers, many of whom drove more than 100 miles for the event, participated in an eight-hour deliberative polling survey for the Nebraska Public Power District (NPDD), a public corporation owned by the state of Nebraska that supplies energy to 600,000 people via local, publicly owned utilities and cooperatives.
The topic at hand was the potential addition of more than 200 MW of wind energy by 2010. Ninety-six percent of the participants supported the wind project, with 50 percent agreeing it was the right size and 36 percent wanting it expanded (compared to just 3 percent who wanted it reduced).
In addition to its other wind power facilities, in 2005 NPDD began operating the Ainsworth Wind Energy Facility, the nation’s second-largest publicly owned wind farm consisting of 36 turbines generating up to 59.5 MW of energy. In 2011, the state’s energy plan acknowledged both that power generation from wind had doubled every two years since 2006 and that developing just 1 percent of the potential energy from wind in Nebraska would satisfy the state’s entire peak demand…

Continue this article at Alternet 

Subject: Governments - Protect Our Children!

Governments - Protect Our Children!

In case readers didn’t already know this, here are some facts that every school board - No, every community on earth – should know about cell towers (and wireless technology in general). School boards need to realize that the radiation emitted by cell towers is similar to that emitted by cell phones and Wi-Fi routers all of which even the corrupt WHO (World Health Organization) finally classified a Category 2B ("Possible") human carcinogen in 2011. Readers might be surprised to learn that the biggest single donors to the WHO are: 1) Bill and Melinda Gates, and 2) the USA! [1] Knowing this should help people view skeptically if not cynically any pronouncements from the WHO. Related items are below:

Russia – has a 2,000 METER ‘no-man’s land’ around cell towers, within which no one is allowed to live or work! [2]

In 1993, Butler, Pennsylvania – their progressive town council ruled that a protection distance of 610 metres (2,000 feet) should exist between antennas and buildings such as schools and apartments. [2] in 1995, then U.S. President Bill Clinton signed a Memorandum stating that cell towers should not be placed on schools or near residential neighborhoods! [3]

France - a)   banned Wi-Fi in kindergartens in 2015! In middle schools, Wi-Fi must be turned off when not in use.

b) France’s Senate is pressing for ban of cell phones and Wi-Fi in primary & middle schools! c) Libraries impose moratorium on Wi-Fi due to illnesses experienced; d) Town of Herouville-Saint-Clair – removes Wi-Fi from all schools, imposes Precautionary Principle!

United Kingdom - Chief Medical Officers strongly recommend that children younger than 16 should NOT use cell phones!

Taiwan - It is illegal for children under two (2) to use wireless technology! Parents can be fined! Parents have to ensure children under 18 use electronic products for a “reasonable length of time.”

European Parliament - In 2008 urged tighter safety standards for cell phones and all wireless technology (DECT phones, Wi-Fi routers, etc.) Russia – It’s Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (RNCIRP) issued a Press Release in 2008, entitled: “Children and Mobile Phones: The Health of Following Generations is at Risk!” It said children under 18 should not use cell phones!

India – Ministry of Telecommunications said children under 16 should not use cell phones!

Israel – Ministry of Health. Recommends youth to limit use of cell phones; don’t use them in enclosed spaces; use wired ear pieces.

Finland – Government urges children to limit use of cell phones as long-term effects are not yet known.

ICEMS – International Commission on Electromagnetic Safety (one of the most respected group of international esteemed scientists from various countries) Says industry is wrong in saying there is no evidence that all wireless is dangerous. Urges people of all ages, but especially children, to limit use of cell phones and other wireless technologies.

United Kingdom - Education Professionals Union (Voice) (formerly the Professional Association of Teachers) - Calls for moratorium on new Wi-Fi installations in schools and withdrawal of existing Wi-Fi networks.

Association of Teachers and Lecturers – in 2009 called for a suspension of existing Wi-Fi networks as they were concerned by scientific reports linking wi-fi with impaired concentration, loss of short-term memory, chromosome damage and increased incidence of cancer!

Scotland - over 50% of councils in Scotland are now operating precautionary policies to prevent masts from being sited near schools, hospitals and residential areas.

Germany - a) Germany’s Health Protection Agency urged removal of cordless phones; use cabled communications instead of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. b) Frankfurt City and Bavarian Parliament - recommend against Wi-Fi in schools;
c) The Teachers’ Union for Education and Knowledge told its members to resist roll-out of Wi-Fi on safety grounds.

Salzburg, Austria – Public Health Department warned that Wi-Fi should not be installed in schools or nurseries.

Austria – Austrian Medical Association is lobbying against deployment of Wi-Fi in schools.

Belgium – Banned children’s cell phones. Cell phones must now bear label showing relative radiation emitted.

Jerry Flynn
5181 Gainsberg Road
Bowser, B.C., V0R 1G0

Low-Intensity Microwave Radiation Alters Neurotransmitters in the Rat Brain

Effect of Low-Intensity Microwave Radiation on Monoamine Neurotransmitters and Their Key Regulating Enzymes in Rat Brain

Megha K, Deshmukh PS, Ravi AK, Tripathi AK, Abegaonkar MP, Banerjee BD. Effect of Low-Intensity Microwave Radiation on Monoamine Neurotransmitters and Their Key Regulating Enzymes in Rat Brain. Cell Biochem Biophys. 2015 Feb 12. [Epub ahead of print]


The increasing use of wireless communication devices has raised major concerns towards deleterious effects of microwave radiation on human health. The aim of the study was to demonstrate the effect of low-intensity microwave radiation on levels of monoamine neurotransmitters and gene expression of their key regulating enzymes in brain of Fischer rats. 
Animals were exposed to 900 MHz and 1800 MHz microwave radiation for 30 days (2 h/day, 5 days/week) with respective specific absorption rates as 5.953 × 10-4 and 5.835 × 10-4 W/kg. The levels of monoamine neurotransmitters viz. dopamine (DA), norepinephrine (NE), epinephrine (E) and serotonin (5-HT) were detected using LC-MS/MS in hippocampus of all experimental animals. In addition, mRNA expression of key regulating enzymes for these neurotransmitters viz. tyrosine hydroxylase (TH) (for DA, NE and E) and tryptophan hydroxylase (TPH1 and TPH2) (for serotonin) was also estimated. 
Results showed significant reduction in levels of DA, NE, E and 5-HT in hippocampus of microwave-exposed animals in comparison with sham-exposed (control) animals. In addition, significant downregulation in mRNA expression of TH, TPH1 and TPH2 was also observed in microwave-exposed animals (p < 0.05). 
In conclusion, the results indicate that low-intensity microwave radiation may cause learning and memory disturbances by altering levels of brain monoamine neurotransmitters at mRNA and protein levels.


... Rats were exposed to microwave radiation at frequencies 900 and 1800 MHz and power level 1 mW for 30 days (2 h/day, 5 days/week) ... kept at a
distance of 100 cm from the source. 

... Group I (sham exposed)—animals not irradiated to microwave radiation but kept under same conditions as that of other groups, Group II—animals irradiated at frequency of 900 MHz, SAR 5.953 9 10-4 W/kg and Group III—animals irradiated at frequency of 1800 MHz, SAR 5.835 9 10-4 W/kg ...

The results of present study indicate that low-intensity microwave radiation altered the levels of monoamine neurotransmitters viz. catecholamines (dopamine; DA,
norepinephrine; NE and epinephrine; E) and serotonin (5-HT) in hippocampus of experimental animals ...

A significant reduction in concentrations of DA (3.49 ± 0.24), NE (8.31 ± 0.51) and E (3.92 ± 0.22) (p\0.05, Fig. 3a (values expressed in lg/ml wet weight of tissue, mean ± SEM) was observed in hippocampus of 900 MHz-exposed animals in comparison with sham-exposed animals [5.14 ± 0.16 (DA), 11.95 ± 0.54 (NE), 5.89 ± 0.438 (E)] (Fig. 3a). Contrastingly, serotonin was not reduced significantly (4.99 ± 0.44) in animals exposed to 900 MHz microwave radiation when compared to sham-exposed animals (7.37 ± 1.05) as presented in Fig. 3b. Animals exposed to 1800 MHz microwave radiation showed significant decrease in levels of all neurotransmitters viz. DA (2.76 ± 0.35), NE (6.65 ± 0.44), E (3.16 ± 0.19) and also 5-HT (4.27 ± 0.31) (p<0 .05="" 1800="" 3="" 3a="" 5-ht="" 900="" among="" analysis="" and="" animals.="" as="" b.="" b="" br="" compared="" comparison="" concentrations="" da="" different="" e="" each="" fig.="" found="" group="" groups="" hoc="" ig.="" in="" indicated="" levels="" mhz="" ne="" not="" of="" other="" p="" post="" revealed="" sham-exposed="" significantly="" that="" were="" when="" whereas="" with="">
The results of gene expression analysis showed that low-intensity microwave exposure altered mRNA levels of enzymes [Tyrosine hydroxylase (TH) and tryptophan hydroxylase (TPH1 and TPH2)] involved in synthesis of catecholamines (DA, NE and E) and serotonin, respectively. Quantitative real-time PCR results revealed that expression level of TH mRNA showed a significant reduction in hippocampus of microwave-exposed animals (1.35-fold in 900 MHz animals and 1.83-fold in 1800 MHz group) in comparison with sham-exposed animals (p<0 .05="" br="">
Advancement in mobile phone technology and its extensive usage has brought serious attention towards possible adverse effects of microwave radiation on human health, in particular brain. A variety of neurological effects have been postulated including influence on synaptic plasticity, neurotransmitter release, neuronal survival, learning, and memory [17–20].

The first important finding of our study demonstrated that low-intensity microwave radiation exposure at 900 and 1800 MHz for 30 days induced significant reduction in levels of monoamine neurotransmitters (DA, NE, E and 5-HT) in hippocampus of experimental animals, substantiating that low-intensity microwave radiation might alter synthesis of these neurotransmitters, thereby leading to their reduced levels in brain. Since these biogenic amines play important role in learning and memory functions, the reduction in their levels can be strongly associated with learning and memory disturbances...

The second important finding of the study shows significant downregulation in mRNA expression of TH (rate-limiting enzyme in synthesis of catecholamines) in hippocampus of animals exposed to low-intensity microwave radiation (900 and 1800 MHz) for 30 days in comparison with sham-exposed animals. This decrease in mRNA expression of TH indicates reduced synthesis of enzyme THand can be strongly associated with reduced production of catecholamines viz. DA, NE and E. Similarly, mRNA expression of TPH1 and TPH2 (isoforms of TPH), rate-limiting enzymes in the synthesis of serotonin, was also decreased in response to low-intensity microwave exposure which indicates reduced synthesis of these enzymes and subsequently decreased serotonin synthesis in hippocampus.

Overall, the results of present study indicate that exposure to low-intensity microwave radiation induces alterations in brain monoamine neurotransmitters (play role in learning and memory functions) at mRNA and protein levels which might be the possible cause of cognitive dysfunction.

In conclusion, the results obtained in the present study provide strong evidence for extreme sensitivity of brain monoamine neurotransmitters to low-intensity microwave radiation. Thus, it is suggested that alterations caused in these neurotransmitters at mRNA and protein levels following low-intensity microwave exposure might be the possible cause for cognitive dysfunction. In view of these findings and to investigate other factors involved in cognitive dysfunction, further study is required.


Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., Director
Center for Family and Community Health
School of Public Health
University of California, Berkeley

Electromagnetic Radiation Safety

News Releases:
Twitter:                 @berkeleyprc

Samsung warns customers not to discuss personal information in front of smart TVs

Samsung warns customers not to discuss personal information in front of smart TVs

Samsung has confirmed that its “smart TV” sets are listening to customers’ every word, and the company is warning customers not to speak about personal information while near the TV sets.

The company revealed that the voice activation feature on its smart TVs will capture all nearby conversations. The TV sets can share the information, including sensitive data, with Samsung as well as third-party services.
The news comes after Shane Harris at The Daily Beast pointed out a troubling line in Samsung’s privacy policy: “Please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party.”


Read the post here.

Utility commissioner’s private emails reveal conspiracy

Dear Paul,
In the long run, crime just doesn't pay.

Former California Public Utilities Commission president Michael Peevey and PG&E are now subjects of federal and state investigations, as reported by the LA Times and other media.

Within a release of 65,000 emails is proof that Peevey knew – since 2010 – that "smart" meters can cause physical harm, and said his own bill more than doubled after an install on his vacation home. Read our feature article and watch the shocking video of his "stage-managed" farewell:

Canada's largest utility, Hydro Quebec, has been rocked with the multiple resignations  CEO Thierry Vandal and its two "smart" meter program managers:

Prof. James Tracy's new exposee on "internet-of-things" & "smart grid" has utterly dismantled any remaining claims to "smart" meter privacy as attempted by the corporate-government complex:

Please check out and help fund this important outreach short film, from our friends at Stop Smart Meters UK:

British Prime Minister David Cameron and other common-sense-challenged corporatists seriously want to outlaw all internet encryption, in what appears to be a socio-psychopathic bid for total surveillance:

Last month, Terence Young MP announced Bill C-648, which calls for wireless awareness and labeling on cell phone packaging:

* * *



* * *
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