Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Identification, Compassion, Unity and Oneness

Identification, Compassion, Unity and Oneness

One of the greatest emphasis or energy that can be expressed within a human body is compassion. If we are to think about the many events in which we obtained, listened, put ourselves in focus of, you will find that sometimes we leave a situation more full of self, sometimes we leave an event more full of others. Basically, what that means is "Did we go into the experience and be ourselves in relation to that experience - judging, comparing, categorizing, every element of the
experience or do we find compassion. Compassion gives us a lead into - a tool - in which we enter into a situation and we allow the situation in our heart.

There are many ways in which we can lead life. But some of the greatest and highest tools that are given to a human are the ones in which we are allowing our hearts to express - not just the thoughts as we feel they are perfect - but to really express life. The key to compassion is a willingness to become. Any teacher or master who attains states of God Realization is willing to release the self, the concept [of] how we hold onto things - and become something greater.

And the tool of compassion gives us an opening, a door, to that becoming something greater. Can you be in a room, such as amongst yourselves, and rather than feeling "me" in relation to the room, to the other individuals, to the experience of this "being" [speaking], "Can I begin to allow my heart to be what is interacting with this room - so that I 'become' with compassion - or elements that I see - and not hold to myself as separate, for some sense of safety and security?" And that is a very clear understanding of [how] the male in the ever drive to recognize independence - to protect independence - can become enlightened through compassion.

We may feel very strong within the self to identify - and the identification process can be something that allows us to include perhaps our family, or our vocation, or things that we feel strongly about. And it is an innate survival drive within the male aspect for identification and for the protection of that identification. But in the protection of that identification - when there is no compassion - there is War - and Worse.

When there is compassion, the identification becomes extended so that what you are holding [as] truth in your hearts is not just your positions - what you feel strongly about - but it eventually becomes God - the intense desire to unfold the infinite within your being.

So when we experience the drive - the survival, the identification - we can see how in our individual life it becomes so much what pushes us, what helps us to clarify - where - who we are, what is this about.

But that process of identification will leave us empty beings - empty men - if we are not allowing as well - compassion. For we can only hold small pieces of life when we are holding onto them. But we can hold all of life when we are opening to it.

So no matter how good your identification has become - "I am a good provider, I am a good student, I am a good person" - whatever your identification is, even though you have perfected it in making you feel very good in acknowledging to yourself, if that is all you do, then it is empty.

You must open the self up! Hm.

So the very same drive that wishes to protect its tribe can be extended into knowing the more universal tribe - and then that very same drive can drive us into unity - into Oneness.

In the identification in the role of Swami, I was forced to release all previous concepts of self. I became not identified as an
individual but I became identified as a devotee. Within the experience I found myself fighting - not for material possessions - not for a particular energy to stay the same in my life. I found myself fighting for something to fight for. I found myself wanting something to stand for. I found myself realizing the role of devotee to become that which I wishes to stand for and in recognizing this I became to understand why so much [of] mankind becomes misdirected - because the drive is to fight for something, the drive is to stand for something, the drive is to protect something.

And even when all of the somethings are taken - such as in the order where you are to release attachment - the instinct remains and so my teacher taught me more the teachings of compassion. And that is ultimately what quenches the fire and brings it Truth. So what I am speaking to you about is in your own lives what you have found to be qualities that separate you from the rest of life - because you are a good this or a good that - that very same drive when fueled with compassion can open the lotus of one's heart.

There are many ways to judge life. A fool is the one who takes the easy pathway. A fool is the one who says "that person this and this person that. That situation this and this situation that." They are foolish because they do not apply their intellect and they do not apply their heart. They are taking the easy pathway. They are trying to eliminate the possibilities of life by categorizing them, making life very small and very safe.

A wise person will say, "I do not know." A wise person will look into the eyes of life and find himself. And maybe it is more work because the truth is to find yourself in all life - [it] is to override the tendency that wants to separate, that wants to hold it different, that wants to make yourself better than. So the wiseman - [is] the one who looks into the lion's mouth and sees himself, [who] looks into the face of life and doesn't turn his back, [who] feels the strength of Unity - and not separation.

There are many ways in which men separate. There are many ways that in which they hold to values, ideas, concepts - justify them, validate them, support each other in the same ideas. And to what purpose? So we can feel justified and validated for being separate from the rest of life. So again - the application here and the teaching is to understand that some of the very basic and instinctual drives that can be utilized in such a way as to say "This is who I support and this is who is important and these are the good guys and these are the bad guys" - can be put in service, and [can] be stretched into greater
understanding and can be brought into the heart. Do you understand?

By S.Y