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The Cell Phone Song by NZ Trillion...

... pretty much hits the nail on the head.

"Cell Phones and Health — What We Know; How to Protect Yourself NOW!" Scientist, Professor & Author Dr. Devra Davis


Immediate: October 24, 2011
Media Contact:  Alicia Steger 516.572.9634
Garden City, NY – The Nassau Community College Cultural Program is proud to present "Cell Phones and Health — What We Know; How to Protect Yourself NOW!," which will take place on Monday, November 21 at 2:00 p.m. in the College Center Building (CCB). The program will feature scientist, professor and author Dr. Devra Davis, M.P.H., Ph.D.
Are cancer, brain damage, hearing loss and reproductive problems caused by cell phone use? Dr. Devra Lee Davis is recognized internationally for her work on environmental health and disease prevention. In her latest book "Disconnect," Dr. Davis discusses "the truth about cell phone radiation and your health, what the industry has done to hide it, and what you can do to protect your family" by examining the controversy surrounding cell phone use and its possible link to brain cancer and other aspects of human health. Dr. Davis has worked for the National Academy of Sciences and was a senior advisor in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. She served as a lead author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2007 along with Al Gore. Dr. Davis was also the founding director of the Center for Environmental Oncology at the University of Pittsburgh. She currently lectures at Harvard and Georgetown Universities.
Dr. Davis has authored more than 190 articles in books and journals, including the "Lancet," the "Journal of the American Medical Association," Scientific American" and "The New York Times." Her Ph.D. is in science studies and her post-doctoral Master of Public Health is in epidemiology.
For more information about "Cell Phones and Health — What We Know; How to Protect Yourself NOW!" — which is free, open to the public and accessible to the disabled — call 516.572.7153.
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Allergic to radio signals: Sufferers flee to West Virginia 'quiet zone'

Allergic to radio signals: Sufferers flee to West Virginia 'quiet zone'

    Cell phones, Wifi and cell towers are nearly impossible to escape. Some people say the waves those anchors of modern life transmit makes them sick, and they’ve found refuge in an unlikely enclave.

    Nicols Fox suffers from a condition called electromagnetic hypersensitivity, under which people experience physical pain associated with being exposed to the electromagnetic waves that permeate our lives. Medically controversial, symptoms can include trouble sleeping, rashes as well as muscle and headaches.
    “I was in a desperate situation - I could no longer live in my house, couldn't go downtown, library,” former journalist Fox describes.
    Fox and others are finding relief in a tiny West Virginia town.
    “Someone told me about Green Bank and I just came down here,” Fox said, who moved to the area from Maine.
    Green Bank is home to the largest steerable radio telescope in the world. Around the telescope is a 13,000-square-mile area called the national radio quiet zone. Cell towers and Wifi are forbidden, a relief for people suffering electromagnetic hypersensitivity.
    “As soon as I heard about Green Bank, I was here in a week,” said former architect Jennifer Wood.
    Her quick move is understandable: Green Bank is an oasis in a sea of electromagnetic noise. The number of available housing options is limited.
    “It's one of the only areas in the world that they can get away from those transmissions,” said Michael Holstine, the business manager of the Green Bank telescope.
    The scientific foundation of electromagnetic hypersensitivity is limited, explains Dr. Devra Davis, who has studied the health effects of cell phones extensively. Davis is a toxicologist and epidemiologist who served at the White House under President Bill Clinton.
    “The difficulty is that most studies that have tried to study this have not been very successful,” Davis said. “Scientifically we don't have a lot to help them with except to tell them to move away from the areas.”
    Speaking from her own experience, Diane Schou says the move to Green Bank has drastically improved her health. Her symptoms began when she lived near a cell phone tower in Iowa, where she says she felt extremely tired, lost her hair and had severe headaches.
    She lived in a modified vehicle for seven years to escape electromagnetic fields, but now has a house and yard.
    “I can be outdoors-- if I were in Iowa I couldn't be outdoors,” Schou said. Her symptoms continue occasionally but have much improved. Living in Green Back, “That's what I see as the future.”
    The women have modified their new homes to accommodate their situation as well.
    Fox lives without electricity. She has a gas fridge, gas lamps and even a hand-cranked egg-beater.
    The Green Bank telescope doesn't send any transmissions, instead scanning for signals from outer space similar to the energy given off by a single snowflake hitting the ground.

    Friday, October 28, 2011

    CDC Director Arrested for Child Molestation and Bestiality

    Dr. Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey, a top official with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been arrested and charged with two counts of child molestation and one count of bestiality.

    By Dr. Mercola
    Dr. Lindsey, who joined the CDC in 1999, is currently the deputy director for the Laboratory Science Policy and Practice Program Office. She's second in command of the program office.
    Prior to that role, she was the senior health scientist in the Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response, an office that oversees the allocation process for $1.5 billion in terrorism preparedness.
    "Authorities also charged Lindsey's live-in boyfriend, Thomas Joseph Westerman, 42, with two counts of child molestation.  
    The two are accused of 'immoral and indecent' sexual acts involving a 6-year-old ... 
    The bestiality charge says Lindsey 'did unlawfully perform or submit to any sexual act with an animal.'"
    Between January and August last year, Dr. Lindsey and her boyfriend allegedly involved the child during sex, and DeKalb County police claim they discovered photographs of Lindsey performing sex acts on a couple of her pets.
    Some of you may wonder why I've chosen to discuss this story. Some may think it's in poor taste and doesn't belong in a newsletter about health. However, I believe it's relevant to be aware that someone in charge of your child's health is allegedly engaged in child abuse. Her actions raise serious questions in my mind about her level of concern for the health and well-being of children in general.

    Dr. Lindsey Played Primary Role in Bogus Swine Flu Propaganda Campaign

    As you may recall, the 2009 H1N1 swine flu pandemic turned out to be a complete sham, with a fast-tracked and particularly dangerous vaccine being pushed as the sole remedy. Children and pregnant women were the primary targets of this dangerous vaccine. The H1N1 flu was a perfect example of how the CDC can brazenly distort reality, and often ignore and deny the dangerous and life-threatening side effects of their solution. As a result of this bogus propaganda campaign, thousands of people were harmed (and many died) worldwide.
    In August, it was revealed that the 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine increased the risk for narcolepsy—a very rare and devastating sleeping disorder—in Swedish children and adolescents by 660 percent.
    Finland also noticed a dramatic increase in narcolepsy following vaccination with Pandemrix. There, an interim report issued in January of this year found that the H1N1 vaccine increased the risk of narcolepsy by 900 percent in children and adolescents below the age of 19. In the US, the H1N1 flu vaccine was statistically linked with abnormally high rates of miscarriage and stillbirths. As reported by Steven Rubin on the NVIC's blog, the US H1N1 flu vaccine was SIXTY times more likely to be reported to VAERS to be associated with miscarriage than previous seasonal flu vaccines.
    The only "winners" in this game were the pharmaceutical companies that received millions of dollars for this never-proven-effective and highly reactive vaccine, while being sheltered by our government from liability for any harm it caused.
    Dr. Lindsey played an important role in that campaign, which ended in tragedy for countless many—not from a killer flu (statistically, the 2009 H1N1 flu was MILDER than usual) but from the dangerous and expensive "remedy" to this oversold non-threat.
    All of that said, I do want to stress that Dr. Lindsey has not yet been found guilty, and there are still many unanswered questions relating to this case. But this is not the only shocking story raising questions about the ethics of those involved in creating the CDC's health recommendations.

    The CDC's Stance on Water Fluoridation—Another Misleading Recommendation

    Take water fluoridation for example.
    Documents released under the Freedom of Information Act show that since the 1970's, the dental health professionals in the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have had sole control over the agency's stance supporting water fluoridation.  
    The CDC is part of a larger administrative structure that provides intra-agency support and resource sharing for health issues that require the input from more than one area of expertise. Other offices that share information and expertise with the CDC include the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Office of Minority Health and Health Equity, and the Agency for Toxic Substances. The general assumption has been that the agency used a broad range of expert input to evaluate fluoride before reaching the decision to support water fluoridation.
    After all, since fluoride is swallowed, it stands to reason it may have an impact on your whole body, not just your teeth.
    Yet the documents show that no CDC toxicologists, minority health professionals, experts in diabetes, or others outside the Oral Health Division had any input into the agency's position.
    This flies in the face of what the agency claims, and what water-, health- and political leaders have believed about the way the CDC operates. Without these additional experts from other fields, can we reasonably believe that the agency has properly assessed the research on whole-body harm from fluoridation? The documents have drawn attention once again to the CDC's and EPA's fluoride safety statements, which appear completely at odds with current scientific knowledge, and the fact that no outside experts from related fields were ever included may very well explain this discrepancy.

    CDC Doctor who "Debunked" Vaccine-Autism Link Indicted on Fraud

    Another shocking case involving the CDC is that of Dr. Poul Thorsen, who, after being found to have falsified documents, was indicted on fraud, money laundering and tax evasion after stealing somewhere between $1-2 million in research grant money from the CDC.
    Here you might wonder why I'm faulting the CDC, as the organization was the victim of fraud. The reason I fault them is because they hired Dr. Thorsen to debunk the link between thimerosal in vaccines and autism—which he did to their satisfaction. However, CDC officials may have played a significant role in "guiding" this research to their desired end, and now that Thorsen has been exposed as a fraud, the agency still upholds his research as being of high caliber.
    "Thorsen was a leading member of a Danish research group that wrote several key studies supporting CDC's claims that the MMR vaccine and mercury-laden vaccines were safe for children. Thorsen's 2003 Danish study reported a 20-fold increase in autism in Denmark after that country banned mercury based preservatives in its vaccines. His study concluded that mercury could therefore not be the culprit behind the autism epidemic.
    His study has long been criticized as fraudulent since it failed to disclose that the increase was an artifact of new mandates requiring, for the first time, that autism cases be reported on the national registry. This new law and the opening of a clinic dedicated to autism treatment in Copenhagen accounted for the sudden rise in reported cases rather than, as Thorsen seemed to suggest, the removal of mercury from vaccines.
    Despite this obvious chicanery, CDC has long touted the study as the principal proof that mercury-laced vaccines are safe for infants and young children. Mainstream media, particularly the New York Times, has relied on this study as the basis for its public assurances that it is safe to inject young children with mercury -- a potent neurotoxin -- at concentrations hundreds of times over the U.S. safety limits."

    Were CDC Officials in on the Fraud?

    Emails released in response to FOIA filings by parents also show that Kreesten Madsen, one of Dr. Thorsen's research partners, had acquiesced to the wishes of CDC officials who wanted to cherry pick facts in order to prove vaccine safety. Furthermore, according to an April 28 report by Natural News:
    "From February 2004 through June 2008, says the DOJ indictment, Thorsen allegedly submitted over a dozen fraudulent invoices requesting reimbursement for expenses that were fabricated. Interestingly, these allegedly fraudulent invoices weresigned by a laboratory section chief at the CDC, indicating that someone inside the CDC was either duped by Thorsen or potentially involved in the alleged fraud.
    … This is the great untold story of an alleged criminal ring operating inside the CDC, with the purpose of falsifying research that would "disprove" any links between vaccines and toxic side effects."

    Why Does the CDC Not Invalidate Dr. Thorsen's Research?

    Dr. Thorsen's studies are frequently quoted in rebuttals to the claim that vaccines may play a role in the disorder. The studies in question were riddled with flaws, yet despite the fact that Thorsen's studies may actually be a complete sham, the CDC has not officially declared them invalid. In fact, they're still listed on the CDC website as part of the scientific backing of their stance on autism and vaccine safety.
    Nor has the media jumped on this story and exposed how vaccine-safety claims have been based on junk science by a scam artist. They've also failed to question why none of the journals have denounced Dr. Thorsen's studies, which support the claim that vaccines are safe, while Dr. Wakefield's research was denounced after the mere insinuation of wrong-doing.
    Furthermore, according to research by Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill writing for, Dr. Thorsen has also been working with the American Psychiatric Association (APA) on an updated definition of "autism" for the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), which is slated for release in May 2013. I believe it would be prudent to take a deeper look at his input, to make sure his connections to the CDC and his role in protecting vaccine safety has not tainted the new definition of autism.
    The sad fact is that conflicts of interest color most of the ties between our government and the pharmaceutical industry, and conventional media repeatedly fails to report the truth on these matters.
    So, who can you trust?
    I would recommend trusting yourself. Do your own research, and make your own decisions accordingly. The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is an excellent resource on all things relating to the controversial topic of vaccines. They have been compiling objective evidence showing both sides of the issue and have been one of the strongest voices for vaccine safety and true informed consent.

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    Parents Raise Concerns about Wireless Technology in Schools

    John Marrin, Christine Marrin & Lynnette Haralampopoulos  - K. Stephenson
    John Marrin, Christine Marrin & Lynnette Haralampopoulos - K. Stephenson

    York Region parents met last night to form a coalition seeking the removal of WiFi from schools. A former CTV journalist was the keynote speaker.
    Last night dozens of York Region parents met to hear Rodney Palmer, former CTV News Foreign Correspondent and Bureau Chief in India, China and the Middle East and co-founder of the Safe School Committee speak about the negative health effects of wireless technology in schools. Palmer showed parents scientific evidence that wireless technology leads to many negative health effects including cardiac arrest.

    Parents Banning Together

    Lynnette Haralampopoulos is an MRI technologist and parent who originally brought parents and concerned family members together on September 29, 2011. Dr. Magda Havas PhD and Rodney Palmer spoke at this gathering informing the almost 100 attendees about the proven dangers of WiFi, cell phones, cell towers and other microwave technologies.
    As a result of Ms. Haralampopoulos’s initiative, a gathering was hosted by Christine and John Marrin of Newmarket last night to officially form a coalition. The Marrin’s were pleased with how many people were in attendance which included Conservative M.P.P. Frank Klees. In an interview after the presentation with Suite101, Ms. Marrin stated “I’m grateful that Frank Klees took the time to attend the meeting. He is the first and only politician that we know of to attend an information meeting about WiFi.”

    WiFi Health Risks

    In May 2011, the World Health Organization classified radio frequency radiation as Class 2, a possible human carcinogen. This may sound relatively harmless, but according to a passage from an open letter Dr. Havas posted on her website, “you must realize that the scientific community does not make this classification lightly and did it despite considerable industry lobbying.”

    A recent peer reviewed study in the European Journal of Oncology proved again that microwave radiation can alter people’s heart rate. An investigative news report on Global Television demonstrated these sudden changes at microwave radiation levels far below Health Canada`s Safety Code 6.

    Last night, Rodney Palmer asserted that there is an increase of children who are experiencing a cardiac arrest in classrooms that have WiFi. As a result of this, he says that children are being subjected to a battery of tests that places a burden on the health care system. Palmer also stated that some children are wearing heart monitors at school. “Children should not be made to suffer when there are other options.”

    Common health effects include:

    • Headaches
    • Dizziness, nausea, vertigo (subsides when student leaves the school)
    • Auditory and visual distortion
    • Rapid heart rate
    • Memory loss
    • Attention deficit
    • Skin rashes that go away on school breaks
    • Hyperactivity/Anxiety (behaviour not previously seen in the child)
    • Night sweats
    • Insomnia (because microwaves affect melatonin levels)
    At last night’s meeting an elderly gentleman shared that his daughter in Arizona met a woman whose 18 year old daughter had brain tumor growth attributed to her being under a WiFi beacon at school – the tumours were located beneath the metal hair clips she wore.

    Adults and Wifi Dangers

    Christel Martin, B.G.S., C.C. resides on Canada’s Vancouver Island and she fought for almost four years to be approved for a disability pension. In a telephone interview with Suite101 yesterday, Ms. Martin shared that she suffers a multitude of symptoms when near any wireless technology. For a few years, her condition was intensified due to mercury fillings in her teeth. As a result of wireless technology and mercury fillings, she was approved to receive a disability pension.
    Several adults shared their frustration about EMF sensitivities and how it negatively impacts their well-being. (EMF sensitivity is an illness caused by the radiation emitted from cell phones, microwave or cell phone towers, Wifi, GPS, power lines, and other electrical equipment.)

    According to a recent study published in the Journal Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, 97% of Americans are exposed to cell phone radiation levels well above the FCC limit.

    Wireless Technology Lawsuits

    There are law suits popping up across Canada and the United States because of the negative impact on human health due to wireless technologies.

    Veronica Ciandre resided in an apartment building in Toronto that installed cell towers on the roof, only six feet above their unit. Ms. Ciandre and her daughter experienced nauseam dizziness, headaches and much more. She currently has a lawsuit against her former landlord.

    In Portland, Oregon, David Morrison is currently involved in litigation. He is suing his local school district claiming that WiFi in the schools have alarming negative health effects on children.

    Wireless Industry and Government

    Lynnette Haralampopoulos and Christine Marrin share the same views as countless others. Studies that the government base their decisions on do not come from independent, nonpartisan studies. A parent who attended the meeting stated that very few people trust the government nowadays and it is up to the people now to do their own homework.
    Rodney Palmer states, “Our children are at great risk of a multitude of health problems, including infertility, that won’t be seen for years to come and the government has to act on this now.”

    In September 2010, CBC’s Wendy Mesley’s ‘Cellphone safety: What aren’t they telling us?’ was aired. In her interview with U.S. scientist Devra Lee Davis, Davis stated she has seen a spike of people in their twenties with brain tumours and cancer. She stressed, “… this could become the most important public health threat of our generation.” She also asserted, “This is a very, very serious problem.”

    Haralampopoulos and Marrin are planning on petitioning the government as well as organizing events such as ‘WiFi-free Wednesday’ in which parents in many schools across Ontario will keep their children home. Both women are encouraged and very optimistic that by the growing numbers of parents getting involved, the obstacles ahead of them will be easier to clear. They have yet to decide on what name to call this coalition.

    C.B.C. News, September 21, 2010. Cellphone safety: What aren't they telling us?
    Dr. Magda Havas PhD. October 12, 2011. Peterborough City Council disagrees with cell tower site
    Dr. Magda Havas PhD. February 2010. Woman Sues Landlord