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Beating Electrical Sensitivity ebook by Lloyd Burrell

Beating Electrical Sensitivity ebook by Lloyd Burrell

Beating Electrical Sensitivity eBook package offer

What Experts Are Saying

“Lloyd Burrell offers an engagingly written explanation of electrical sensitivity and some very practical solutions. This book is firmly aimed at helping the growing number of people suffering from exposure to wireless technologies and other forms of electrical pollution.”
Dr. Devra Davis
Author of “Disconnect: The Truth about Cell Phone Radiation”, Founder of The Environmental Health Trust
““This book defines a critically important emerging public health issue and offers a wide range of solutions to those suffering with electrosensitivity.”
Camilla Rees
MBA,Co-author of Public Health SOS and founder of

What People Are Saying

Your book is “EXCELLENT” !!!! Along with Lyme disease my wife had two co-infections; babesia and bartnella, which I’m happy to report are cured. On top of these, she had three heavy metal poisonings which, clinically speaking, could have killed her. Plus, cancer to boot! We are so thankful for your dedication and continued efforts. Please, keep up the “Great” effort!
Peter Green, USA
Thank you Lloyd. With your book and applying your advice I have managed to get my symptoms under control whilst in a “safe” place. So hopefully the healing can start to take place now and sometime in the near future my body will be able to tolerate some EMF’s so that I can live a “normal” life.
I am keen to get better and implementing what you have suggested, what I like about your program is that you are very positive in overcoming EHS and I am looking forward to the “tipping” point! Already my health is the best it has been for a long time and energy levels are also increasing.
Thanks again Lloyd you are doing awesome work for people in distress with EHS!!
Steve Phillips, Swansea, UK.
Lloyd Burrell has done an outstanding job in putting together this valuable health resource. This is possibly the best compilation of useful and well-researched information that’s available on this subject, as a Medical Intuitive, I highly recommend it.
Barbara Deutsch, San Francisco Bay Area
This book is well researched and referenced. It pointed me in the direction I needed to go to start to heal from EMFs, and offered a wealth of information. For that reason I’d very much recommend it.
Vladimir Antonov, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
My husband is suffering from EHS. Six weeks ago he got hit so bad he could not come back to where we live. He left abruptly and a friend joined him to look for a place to stay. For 4 weeks they went from place to place and finally found a remote camp site in the Texas mountains where they set up camp. No cell and 40 minutes from the nearest town. He was using some of the techniques you recommended. When I found your book I immediately downloaded it. I printed a copy and sent it to him by general delivery. I especially appreciated the information about the electronic measuring equipment and how to buy and use it. My knowledge of electricity and how it works is very small. I have been using these things to help prepare our home for his return. Your book was laid out in a manner that I could easily read.
Helen, Texas
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AND THANK YOU!!!!!! Your book is an answer to prayer. I see that I am not crazy and that there is hope. Your resources and tips on how to overcome are a ” Godsend”! Your book was the deciding factor in our decision to put our house on the market. (We have only lived here 2 years (( of health issues)) ). It has high wires running across the back of our lot about 5 feet from our house and the VOCs in our house have registered (according to an air quality meter) 7,000, 8,000, and 9,000 when the average is 200-500.
I have recommended your book to my grown children and I am giving the info to 2 of my doctors.
Bless you for the time and effort to help others; I pray that God will richly bless you and your family!!!
Gay Carver , Dallas, Texas
I liked the part about different meters and how to use them. I own two meters but this gave me a better knowledge of what to do with them.
Natalie Campbell , Michigan, USA
I found the book most interesting and informative and have altered a few things at home to lessen my exposure to EMF’s, and have been doing the exercises as set down and think, in a few short days, I feel the benefit of them. I have significantly altered my diet in the last year, I’d have liked to see some examples of your typical day’s food intake. This is not to detract from the most useful book I have bought – and I have bought a few to get better. Regards
Jennifer , Central Coast NSW Australia
Sorry that this is brief but I do want to thank you for writing the book .I’m truly glad that I purchased it and I am finding it very helpful, thank you so much for putting such effort forth. I struggle with my ears ringing and they actually pop when certain light fixtures or charging cell phones. Thanks again for so many details especially from the very beginning . I know that we have many similarities. Thanks.
Tam, USA Daytona Beach,Florida
Your info has helped me to understand.
Eileen McInerney, North Caldwell, New Jersey
Very helpful and comprehensive.
Paul Randon, Kinver UK
Let me say “thank you” for the excellent work you have done in educating people about EMF radiation, etc.  I found your website through an internet search and have learned much from you. Many, many things you mention in the eBook are topics I have researched and know to be true.
Carolyn 'Merry Heart Healing Oils' , Alabama
I really enjoyed your book very much. I have been electrical sensitive for about 4 years now and been through many difficult situations. We still have Wi FI but am planning to make changes. Thank you for all your care and understanding for us all.
Geraldine Surry, Trowbridge, England
It was clear, easily understood and motivating, but the actions are challenging, but I am up for it! I have bought the Cornet meter and it was wild and a reality check what I have learned, thank you!
Lucienne (pseudonym), Ottawa, Canada
It gives a very fair and balanced view of what causes electrosensitivity.
Gary C., Madison, WI
Dear Lloyd I really enjoyed your book. The best features were its style – easy and enjoyable to read and its thoroughness – I could not think of anything that I had already found out myself that you missed. Most importantly, Lloyd, you gave me the confidence to keep doing the things I was doing to help repair my body. Kind regards
Louise Brosnan, Brisbane, Australia
Hi Lloyd I have read your book and think it is excellent. It is exactly what I needed when I first fell ill – a concise summary of ways to manage and improve your condition. It provides an alternative treatment plan an individual can follow themselves rather than relying on doctors who as we know are largely unaware of this condition. It gives control back which is so important.
Joanna, (name changed by request),

eBook Survey Results

For me, the most important thing is to know that what I’m doing actually helps people. I recently conducted a survey to better understand what people thought of my eBook. I was very pleasantly surprised – below are screenshots of the survey results.

When You Buy My eBook Package You’ll Learn….

  • What you can do straight away to get immediate relief from electrical sensitivity – on the very first page
  • How to overcome the single most difficult obstacle of electrical sensitivity
  • Step-by-step detailed instructions on how to reduce your EMF exposures in your home and work environment
  • How to protect yourself from the potentially harmful natural EMFs in your environment and how to interact with the earths energies in such a way that they enhance your health
  • The simple but effective daily exercises you need to perform to correct your energetic disfunctionments
  • The importance of chemical toxins to electrical sensitivity and the simple steps you can take to identify and reduce your exposure to these toxins
  • The role of nutrition in EMF protection, how it relates to your electrosensitivity and how to create the right nutritional mindset
  • How to effectively cleanse and detox to promote long term EMF protection
  • Why and how to use visualization, meditation, and affirmations to effectively deal with electrical sensitivity
  • and much more……

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