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Meters overheating, to be replaced in Lakeland

Meters overheating, to be replaced in Lakeland

Posted: Aug 28, 2014 9:18 AM PDTUpdated: Aug 28, 2014 2:07 PM PDT

Remote Disconnect smart meterRemote Disconnect smart meter
More than 10,000 smart meters will soon be replaced in Lakeland due to their possibility of overheating.

The meters of concern have the remote disconnect feature and have "RD" on the outside label. There have been six cases since their installation in 2011 of remote disconnect meter fires.

However, Lakeland spokesman Kevin Cook said only two of those fires are believed to be from moisture intrusion and overheating. That's enough, he said, to take the precautionary measure to replace the affected meters.
The replacement will begin next week and is expected to take four months. The manufacturer is providing the new meters and Lakeland Electric is providing the labor.
Lourdes Candelaria lives at an apartment complex where one of the remote disconnect meters is mounted. When she learned of the overheating concerned, she said the meter needs to go sooner than later.
“We live in a complex and if one apartment catches fire, it's probably going to spread throughout the whole building,” Candelaria said.
Cook said those with the RD meters have no reason to be concerned for their safety as they await a new meter. He emphasized the move was precautionary.
Those impacted by the change will be notified by mail. Cook said residents with RD meters will not incur any cost by the replacement.
Remote disconnect meters make up close to 10 percent of the Lakeland Electric customer base.

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