Friday, November 21, 2014

Close Call: Drone Nearly Collides With Medical Helicopter

Close Call: Drone Nearly Collides With Medical Helicopter

Foster Township, Schuylkill County -- A Life Flight helicopter pilot avoided a catastrophe, when a drone nearly collided with the chopper as it flew above the Schuylkill County Joe Zerbey Airport.

A spokesperson for Geisinger Health System said no patients were on board when it happened, but the incident is drawing attention to the safety of drones.

Lee DeAngelis is a drone enthusiast from Lackawanna County. The pilot involved in this close encounter reached out to him about proper drone protocol.

DeAngelis said as the price drops, the number of drones will only go up, and one disaster could ruin the hobby for those who fly the aircraft responsibly.

He said he self-regulates his flights, staying away from airports and getting permission from authorities.

DeAngelis has three quick tips for anyone thinking about investing in the new technology: read the manuals, know the rules, and use common sense.

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