Monday, November 17, 2014



Comment from Agnes Ingvarsdóttir, U.K.

Yes, you are very right in what you say, the only thing I disagree with is what you want for a name to the condition.
You  suggest: "The functional impairment electro-hybersensitivity"
Well,  by now, after over 10 years of "Totally Life-changing Physical Impairment", I guess I am some way more radical than you.
And I know LOADS of people suffer the same as me  and feel similar, and in no way do I feel any compassion towards the Industry,
The Politicians and Civil Servants who saw this "Wireless Technology" as a potential Cash Cow, at our (citizen) cost, as we had to abandon our homes and  get used to, from having been in Perfect Physical health for all our life, suddenly found ourselves with huge Physical health effects, which instead of subsidizing when you move out of the Worst Radiation Zone, stay with you and accelerate with the use of the "Wireless Technology" by your near environment.
So, please, why not call a spade a spade for once?
My name for it is: "Wireless  Electromagnetic Microwave  Pollution" and "Wireless Microwave Radiation Sickness"
We  are, NOT EHS!   We can  use electricity  as we want, we can watch TV, have the Radio  on, we can work all day long on our computers!
We Want OUT of the EHS  Trash Collection Basket, and be classified as What we suffer  from!
An Environmentally Induced Health Impairment!  "Environmentally Induced  Wireless Microwave Radiation Sickness"
This  is what  we preach, this  is  what  we  suffer,  Lets  make   it  clear.
If it had  not been  for  the   Wireless  "Technology" which made  us  sick, installed next to our homes and  places  of  work we would all be in super  health, as we were before.
This is my take / comment, and there are  thousands  who  agree with me.
Loads who  won’t.
Best regards.
Agnes Ingvarsdóttir

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