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Most cancers are linked to the environment - French oncologist Dominique Belpomme

Most cancers are linked to the environment - French oncologist Dominique Belpomme

‘’Most cancers are linked to the environment’’
Ten years after the Paris Appeal, oncologist Dominique Belpomme hopes to have pollution recognized as a ‘’crime of public health’'

Source : Le Nov. 14 2014 

The man behind the Chirac plan against cancer, Professor Dominique Belpomme*, renowned oncologist, was the first [French physician] to open a practice in environmental medicine and to sound the alarm on the role of electromagnetic fields in various diseases such as Alzheimer's. In 2004, he was joined by prominent scientists and environmentalists to launch the Paris Appeal. Ten years later, while opening this Friday [Nov. 14 2014] its 10th anniversary conference at UNESCO headquarters, Dominique Belpomme hopes to have pollution recognized as a "crime of public health."

The Ten years ago you lanched the Paris Appeal, an international declaration to warn about the dangers of chemical pollution signed notably by [anthropologist] Claude Levi-Strauss, Nobel laureates in Medicine François Jacob, Jean Dausset and Luc Montagnier, [ecologist] Nicolas Hulot... What has changed since then?

Dominique Belpomme: There have been more or less direct positive effects, such as REACH at European level [an integrated system of registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemical substances] or the environmental Grenelle [green plan] in France, but it is insufficient to the challenge that we face, especially as the number of victims has increased dramatically. The most dramatic part is that there is an almost complete political denial of the current scientific data. The medical and scientific revolution has been achived; we now know that most diseases are linked to environmental factors, not only factors related to lifestyle. But the government is not listening to scientists as in the time of Pasteur...

What do you expect of this new conference?
Since politicians have not understood, we have to move on to morality and the law. My goal is to have the International Criminal Court recognize pollution and destruction of nature as crimes of public health.

You say that three out of four cancers are linked to the environment. You even link pollution and autism ...
We have seen a considerable increase in birth defects. One out of ten children are born today with birth defects or a rare disease. We went from a factor of 1 to 1,000 in twenty years. The best example is indeed autism: one in every 80 children is born with autism in so-called developed countries; 20 years ago, it was one in 10,000. For autism, we now know that it's related to chemical pollution (with organochlorine pesticides and mercury notably in their mothers’ dental amalgams) and pollution from electromagnetic fields.

How are you sure that this increase in diseases related to pollution?
We have corroborating epidemiological studies, and especially a toxicological approach that allows us to reproduce the disease in the laboratory (notably in animals) and see the same lesions. And finally, a biological approach. This allows us to say conclusively that there is a cause-and-effect relationship between pollutants and current diseases.

What are these new "diseases of the environment"?
Cancer is increasing exponentially, but also type II diabetes, allergies (one in three Frenchmen is allergic) ... We just demonstrated that obesity is a disease of the environment caused notably by chemical pollutants. Added to this is Alzheimer's disease, which, according to World Health Organization estimates, is expected to double every 10 to 12 years.

At this symposium, you and other scientists wish to warn the public about an invisible and ubiquitous urban pollution: electromagnetic fields.
Chemical pollution is compounded by electromagnetic fields [EMFs emitted by the antennas, laptops, Wi-Fi...]. We can now say with near certainty that EMFs are harmful to health.

Authorities say there are no conclusive studies. Former Digital Secretary of State Fleur Pellerin said the dangers of microwaves are not established and the Ministry of Education rolled out Wi-Fi in schools...

These are speeches of opinion; there are thousands of studies! The BioInitiative report (which summarizes nearly 4,000 scientific articles) shows that electromagnetic fields present a carcinogenic risk, either for low or high frequencies. The risk of child leukemia is doubled if the child lives within 600 meters of a high voltage line (low frequencies). Regarding high frequencies (radiofrequencies or RF, such as used by Wi-Fi and cordless DECT phones), there are essentially reports of ipsilateral brain tumors [on the same side of the head where the cell or DECT phone is used]. The Interphone study found a fivefold risk of brain cancer in patients less than 20 years [correction: the Hardell study  as not part of the Interphone study].

In your consultation, you receive patients who say they are "electrohyperensitive"...
I see the largest number of these patients in the world (1,200). These are people who six times out of ten overused their laptop or DECT, or have a real addiction to the computer (in Wi-Fi mode), or who have the misfortune of living next to a pole-mounted transformer, power line or cell tower. Their typical symptoms are headaches, tinnitus with loss of balance, dizziness, eczema, neck stiffness, cognitive impairment, loss of short term memory, absence of mind... They arrive with an impressive medical history, they sometimes saw three neurologists before they are told: "It's in your head!" while they are in pre-Alzheimer state! I saw 15-year-old boy arrive clinging to his mother’s arm because he was disoriented. He had slept with his cell under the pillow for four or five years! Electromagnetic play a role in Alzheimer's, but also, according to our research, in some cases of Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson's disease.

Professor Dominique Belpomme is an oncologist, president of the ARTAC (Association for research on anti-cancer therapeutics). He is the author of Ces maladies créées par l’homme – comment la dégradation de l’environnement met en péril notre santé (These man-made diseases – how degradation of the environment puts our health in peril (Albin Michel 2004) and Guérir le cancer ou s’en protéger (To cure cancer or to protect ourselves) (Fayard, 2005).

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS): a historical and biophysical perspective

Shot at McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine on June 6, 2014.Speakers
  • Dr. David O. Carpenter (A history of EHS)
  • Paul Héroux PhD (Magnetic Field Cancer Promotion)
  • Dr Dominique Belpomme (EHS Diagnosis and Treatment)
  • Magda Havas PhD (Effects of RFs and Dirty Electricity)
Length: 1h 19 minutes + 18:30 (interviews)

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