Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cellmast protest: Fri, 28 Nov 3-4pm

Cellmast protest: Fri, 28 Nov 3-4pm

Hi All,
Please distribute this Facebook link through any networks you may have in CT and urge as many people to attend the march as possible. Fri, 28 Nov 3-4pm
According to our Councillor we have a chance of setting precedence and creating a mast free zone if enough people in the community are opposed to the mast and happy to live with less reception.
And on a broader level this protest is about
    all communities in a position where a mast has been built right on top of homes - esp those with small children, elderly, sick...
    communities overcoming despair and standing up to corporate bullying
    communities being given choice
And a circular is attached as well.
Thanks so much & kind regards,
Justine (021 794 0636)
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