Friday, November 21, 2014

EHC consultation – response from Eric van Rongen to my last blog

EHC consultation – response from Eric van Rongen to my last blog

Eric van Rongen responded to my recent blog post on EHC consultation. Apparently, because only Eric’s name was mentioned in my correspondence with Emilie van Deventer. Only Eric was mentioned as a and, I assumed, he was Chair of the group preparing draft of EHC. He says he is not…
All-in-all, I think that the WHO EMF Project has done a very sloppy job with informing scientists and the general public about the consultation. And this sloppiness continues… Many details are missing, details that WHO knows but others do not… and may misunderstand what is going on.
Here is an unedited response from Eric. I do not comment on Eric’s comments and leave you, readers, to make your own conclusions. I stick to mine…
MESSAGE from Eric van Rongen
Dear Dariusz,
I would like to clear some misunderstandings in your recent blog “Consultation on WHO’s EHC on RF is a sham – decision of “no health effects” was made already”.
First of all you mention that I am the chair of the preparatory group for the EHC. That is not correct. The Core Group consists of 7 people, including Emilie van Deventer as coordinator of the EMF Project, and has no designated chair. So it is also not correct  that “all comments will be accepted or rejected at the discretion of the chair of the preparatory group”. What will be done with the comment that we receive will be a decision of the entire Core Group. It is indicated on the webpage of the WHO consultation that all comments will be considered, but that no individual feedback will be given to those providing comments. Of course in the final document it will be clear what has been done with the comments.

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