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Cyril W Smith : The debate must heat up, and call for scientific signatures

Cyril W Smith : The debate must heat up, and call for scientific signatures

Dear All!

We are in the situation  described by  "The Paradox of the Tortoise and Achilles" by Zeno of  Elea (c. 450 BC) where the choice of the wrong paradigm precludes the possibility of ever finding a solution.

Our concern is over environmental electromagnetic fields or 'electro-smog'. The debate is bogged down over exposure levels and correlation with  diseases. 

To see the extent of the problem see Wikipedia: 'United States  Frequency Allocation Chart - Radio Spectrum'. The acupuncture meridians have endogenous frequencies from 500 microHz to 300 GHz. See also attached comparison of a mobile with a chemical, it is not necessarily the carrier frequency that matters.

So long as the polluters can keep the debate at  'Classical Physics'  level, their 'no health effects' assertion  cannot be disproved.

In any case, nobody would ever be allowed to say anything that would amount to an admission of legal  liability.
We need to find a country with good 'no-fault' legislation.

Just after I wrote this, Dariusz Leszczynski reported from Australia:
Our comments do not matter because the decision has been made already by ICNIRP – no health effects


1.    Bio-information in living systems is carried as a frequency of  the  magnetic vector potential (A-field) component of an electromagnetic field.
2.    A frequency can have a biological effect.
3.    Chemicals which can interact with vicinal water develop a characteristric frequency signature.
4.    The propagation of frequency in coherent bio-systems is by diffusion.  
5.    In a coherent system frequency and its effect  is multivalued.
6.   A 'nil-potent' frequency can be found which erases all imprints.

1.   The A-field is a quantum field affecting the phase of a macroscopic wave function. An alternating A-field gives rise to an alternating E-field.
2.   A frequency can have a biological effect. There can be A-field bio-effects at zero power levels. Once the coherence is established, no further energy is involved. The precision (bandwidth) of a frequency in a bio-system can  be of the order of parts-per-million. Frequency sensitivity to an acoustic field  enables bio-systems to recognise isotopes.
3.    Living systems can respond to the frequency signature of a chemical. Chemistry  cannot  be described by classical physics. An environmental frequency pattern can mimic the frequency signature of  a chemical and trigger the bio-system's response to a chemical exposure. EM sensitivity is usually found in patients who are already chemically sensitive.
4.   The propagation of frequency in coherent bio-systems is by diffusion (~m/s) if it interacts with the system, if not it propagates at the velocity of light (300 Mm/s). The A-field enables frequency information  propagates down a single wire.
5.   A coherent system has a   fractal-like property with  multiple frequencies. The constant parameter becomes the coherence length giving multiple frequencies each proportional to any velocity the system will  support. This  links effects in the optical, microwave and ELF.

Re: Examples from  Martin Pall'a Statement

Single strand and double strand breaks in cellular DNA and other types of DNA damage It is possible to take a water imprint (non-Abelian) of the frequency signatures of  three nucleotides and  by the frequency information contained therein to proceed through the frequency signatures of the DNA, RNA, messenger-RNA to that for the coded amino acid making the process a mathematical necessity. This  applies to reverse transcription too.
Smith CW. (2007) Water – Nanoscale to Microscale. 8th. Intl. Conf. on Computing Anticipatory Systems, HEC-ULg, Liège, Belgium, 6-11 August 2007. Abstract: CASYS’07 Symposium 6 p23. Intl. J. of Computing Anticipatory Systems 22:100-110 (2008).

 Oxidative stress
Synchronously dividing yeast  cells emit coherent 8 MHz  during cytokinesis, which is the frequency calculated from the rate constant for ATP hydrolysis

Several types of cancer
The frequency signatures of cancer tissue can be measured from microscope slides of the tissues.
Slides for  'blood - high white count'and 'blood - leukaemia' contain 50 Hz in depressive chirality

 Both male and female infertility

Breakdown of the blood-brain barrier, making the brain more sensitive to chemical and infectious agents

Lowered levels of nighttime melatonin; sleep disruption
The frequency signature of Melatonin contains resonances at both 50 Hz and  60 Hz mimicing the 'Nordic Arctic  Syndrome'.
The selection of these frequencies for our  power supplies must have been Freudian.

Diverse neuropsychiatric changes, including depression 
Common in MCS/EMS patients' case hisrtories. The Heart Meridian describes mental activity and well as that of the heart and circulation. This is disturbed in MCS and more so in EMS patients (see attachment). 

Changes in the electrical control of the heart including tachycardia (rapid heartbeat), arrhythmia and sudden cardiac death
We reported two cases of tachycardia during  frequency challenge test  in:  Choy RYS, Monro JA , Smith CW.  Electrical Sensitivities in Allergy Patients. Clinical Ecology  4(3): 93-102, 1987. The attending doctor got quite concerned! This was one reason  why I changed  to measuring the frequencies in a  water imprint of the patient's body fields instead of testing the patient direct. 
Also in  "Pandora's Box" - If it were to be accepted that a frequency  whether from a chemical signature or and A-field can have a clinical effect, this would imply that a pharmaceutical must have a homeopathic activity in addition to a chemical activity. Thus, chemistry may be an elaborate but  highly profitable way of creating  patterns of  frequency resonances.

So far as I know I am the only person doing this sort of work  - it is not statistically significant.


Cyril  W. Smith 

Co-author of "Electromagnetic Man" 1989/90 and much since then.

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