Sunday, November 16, 2014

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity and EHS-MCS Persons World Map

Please add your information, place information, and/or organizational information to the following World Map:

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity and EHS-MCS Persons World MAP 

The purpose of this is to increase networking, support, or prove numbers of persons impacted. To enter contact or anon info: 1) Go to tabs and click Additions, choose simple marker, fill in boxes as desired and choose SPECIFIC color as follows, depending on whether you are adding self or a shelter/sanctuary: TO ADD SELF select either a, b, or c: a) BLUE markers: where EHS people live. b) MCS+EHS people use LIGHT BLUE (see end of list), c) EHS and/or MCS homeless/nearly use RED. TO ADD PLACES TO GO FOR SHELTER: Same as above, but use different colors: LILAC (actually exists) or PURPLE (for organizations working to create places of shelter). Suggestions to or to

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