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Wireless Health Risks: Beware the IPAD!

  Wireless Health Risks: Beware the IPAD! 
Take Action to Protect Your Child
Children more Vulnerable to Wireless Radiation. IPADS and wireless devices are microwave transmitters. Children’s nervous systems and immune systems are developing at a rapid rate and can be profoundly affected by environmental toxinsThis radiation impacts brain maturation. Parents can take steps to minimize exposures.  

Several Countries are taking Action to Minimize Exposures on Children
France: New Legislation and  French National Agency for Health, Food and Environmental Safety (ANSES)
  • 2013 The French National Assembly passed an amendment banning WiFi from nursery Schools and strongly discouraging Wi-Fi in their schools until its proven“safe for human consumption.”
  • 2013 ANSES recommends hands free kits for phones, radiation exposure labeling, and “limiting the population’s exposure to radiofrequencies… especially for children and intensive users, and controlling the overall exposure that results from relay antennas.”
 Belgium:  Federal Public Health Regulations on March 2014 due to  Health Concerns
  • Phones designed for children under 7 years old are prohibited from sale.
  • Total Advertising Ban on cell phones aimed at children younger than 14.
  • Mandatory  Radiation SAR levels must be available for Consumers

Israel: The  Israeli Ministry Of Education has issued guidelines limiting WiFi and Cell phone use in schools.
  • Pre-schools and kindergartens have banned the use of wireless networks
  • A hard wired  direct cable connection is recommended and according to recent reports schools are in the process of converting their wireless infrastructure to cable connections.
  • The Israeli Supreme Court ordered the Israeli Government to investigate the number of children currently suffering From EHS.
  • In second and third grade classes use of the internet is restricted to one hour per day.
  • The Education Ministry has instructed all schools to perform radiation tests.
  • Israel’s Minister of Health Rabi Litzman stated that he supports calls a ban on Wi-Fi in schools.
Our children are at risk and we need the facts:

Just how much radiation does a child’s brain absorb?
Support groundbreaking research to get the facts on radiation and children. 
EHT is supporting groundbreaking research to understand absorption in one, two and three year old children.
What we know:
  • Cell phones and wireless devices operate by emitting microwave radiation
  • Children are particularly vulnerable due to thinner skulls and higher fluid in their brain.
  • Comparably, children absorb more radiation than adults
  • Wireless radiation impacts brain development
What we need:
We need to purchase updated software for our computer assisted evaluation of anatomically based models of young children to produce three dimensional images of how far radiation gets into the young brain. 
 Please help us raise $20,000 to complete this critically important study being conducted by EHT teams working in Brazil with some of that nation’s mostdistinguished researchers.

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