Thursday, April 10, 2014

AT&T Upgrades Cabrillo Cell Tower

AT&T Upgrades Cabrillo Cell Tower

Many Aptos residents were today alerted via text message on their phones that AT&T had completed the upgrade of the Cabrillo College cell tower to support faster “LTE” networking.  The plan to upgrade the cell tower had been approved in late 2012, with considerable protest coming from community members concerned with increased levels of EMF radiation.
For those residents not concerned with higher EMF levels, the increased speed will likely be seen as a blessing, with upload and download speeds rivaling what is available locally with a broadband cable connection.

Cell Tower at Cabrillo Will Be Improved

County Planning officials gave the go-ahead to AT&T to expand their LTE service on the Cabrillo campus, despite health concerns of students and local residents

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