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Readers Respond: How Wireless Affects Your Health

Readers Respond: How Wireless Affects Your Health

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From the article: Is Wireless a Health Hazard?
Some people speculate that prolonged exposure to wireless network devices can cause memory loss or other brain damage. A few schools have even banned use of Wi-Fi networking due to health concerns. Scientific studies, however, have been inconclusive. Is it some kind of conspiracy by the wireless industry to keep basic research from being done? Or is there no real problem to be found. One thing is for certain: Many people have strong opinions on both sides. What Do You Think?

The 'tobacco crisis' of our time

Wireless radiation is harming people. I have developed severe sensitivities to all wireless devices. Even cell towers or masts give me biological symptoms. Life has become unbearable for those of us who have developed sensitivities due to the ever expanding and increasing use of wireless technologies. Why people continue to deny that we exist is up to debate. Why the industry puts billions of dollars before the health of our children is open for debate also. Most importantly, why parents allow their children to be used a lab rats in this huge human experiment is also something that I can't and will never understand. Parents wouldn't even let kids smoke when the industry said it was safe -- but the gladly buy their kid a phone that spews our microwave radiation 24/7. Kids even sleep with these devices. Some countries are beginning to see the 'green light' on safety and the bought-and paid-for research reports for what they are -- rubbish!

Flight crew experiencing side effects

With the proliferation of WiFi everywhere and on board aircraft, flight crew are now becoming symptomatic. Many are just now starting to connect the dots. I personally know of a pilot that has had to stop flying because of it!
—Guest JoJo

Try orgone technology

I've noticed since I've been back (after living away from technology all together for a year an a half) in a household that has Wifi and numerous wireless devices, I have started to get headaches and even my skin is becoming irritable. I've been doing some research on way to fix the harmful frequency fields that these helpful devices produce. I've found that orgone (crystal) technology implemented in the household helps. You can even make these yourself. Really worth looking into if you find that the Wifi is affecting your health.
—Guest kiaya

Too many naive, gullible, selfish people

After reading many of the replies to this question, I can see there are way too many people that really don't care if it is safe or not. As one person said, "I have had one in my room for 3 years and I'll let you know when I get cancer". What an insane, naïve statement. There are people that have been smoking for 10 - 20 years or longer and they haven't gotten cancer, but that DOES NOT mean that smoking doesn't cause cancer. One said there is no scientific evidence that it is harmful, to which I will reply there is no scientific evidence that it is NOT harmful either. Too many people replying that don't want to know the truth or want to justify it by giving weak examples, AND who what to imply that the ones of us who do want to know the truth are just scared of everything, ignorant, or something else critical. I think it just shows how uninformed, naïve, gullible, and selfish these people are.
—Guest Wade

WiFi makes me sick

DEFINITELY WiFi makes me sick. I was having high blood pressure problems and aches and pains etc only when I was at home. I would also wake up at around 2 a.m with chest and arm pains and fluttering heart. After a weekend at home I would hardly be able to stand. At work I was fine. The doctor fitted me with a blood pressure monitor which tested me every half hour. Fine at work. At home - my B.P. went up. If I stood near my wireless router or the telephone mast nearby,the readings went sky high also half way through the night my B.P. shot up. We moved away from the telephone mast and switch off the router at night. Instantly better and have been now for one year. If my son forgets to turn off the router at night, I will know instantly. Heart thumping. neck,arms and chest aching and not been able to sleep with my mind racing. This has happened a few times and every time I have had a bad night he admits he forgot to turn off the router. How many other people are affected and do not know why.

Wi-Fi and the Digital Signal = Microwave

Wi-Fi and the Digital Signal which are both a microwave and very much akin to each other on the frequency scale, put my body firstly in discomfort and the longer I was exposed I ended up in overall body torment! I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1996 which I have had to deal with ever since, but when this new technology came about, "Whoa, what the hell happened to my world?" And I mean it; nothing is the same anymore...not even going out to eat! It is all a nightmare! And yes, while some feel nothing others of us are suffering unbelievably. Is it in our heads? NOPE! It is in the air, in the homes, the businesses, the is everywhere! I noticed it the instant the digital signal started, but did not put it together until about 3 months later. Nothing with myself or my daughter had changed in any way, but we both were severely affected by it and still are. As time has passed since its inception, millions are getting SICK!...
—Guest mel

What about... light?

I get sore and headachy if I stay in the sun for too long. What effect is this having on everyone in the long term, even those who might not notice it now? I think we should definitely keep especially our children away from any light at all until we can find out conclusively how any light can effect health.
—Guest Luke

I can sense call signals

First of all, I am a totally sane male, late fifties, and have worked in technology most of my life. I can sense an incoming call before the phone rings. It happens all the time. Last night was a weird one. Left phone in the kitchen overnight. I was in deep sleep, and distinctly recall the dream I was having ending with what can only be described as a 'bang', and I was awake. I didn't think anything of it until I checked the phone this morning. Someone had called me by mistake at 4am!
—Guest Signals affect me

Trying to find the truth

Just because a person that is using WiFi alot doesn't have cancer right now doesn't mean anything. The technology is new. What about people that have been smoking 20 or 30 years and don't have lung cancer - does it mean that smoking does not cause lung cancer? Absolutely not. Let's quit being naive and gullible and spoiled, and let's find out the real truth about WiFi signals, not what our spoiled selves want the truth to be. I don't know if WiFi is harmful or not, but I would expect it to be. But I'm not so spoiled and selfish that I don't want to know for sure if it is safe, and I don't want to support and defend it if it is not safe.
—Guest Guest Wade

I feel headaches and very tired w/ Wifi

I work for a private MNC. This building has 180 Wifi access points installed on 9 floors recently. I feel very uncomfortable with mild headaches and very tired by evening. Often I get migraines. I am 100% sure that Wifi damages the brain if working in it continously for a year.
—Guest Nagesh

Does anyone have evidence?

I haven't picked a side, but can anyone actually back up what they're saying with a study? I doubt many posters are doctors or experts on either the human body or radiation. It's hard to convince people that believe in the opposite thing from you without something more than a story. Evidence would be the best way to get the message across if this is something you believe about. Find studies or petition a university to start studies.
—Guest Inquisitor

Bias, or case by case basis?

I've slept in a small room with a router, wireless laptop, phone, game system I leave on, etc for the past 3 years. I'll let you know when I get cancer, but I haven't experienced any negative effects outside of the ones I already had since my Wifi-free childhood. The mind can play tricks on people who are looking to confirm a theory, but perhaps it just depends on the person?
—Guest Brandon

Types of radiation

I think everyone is mixing up the different types of radiation. WiFi routers do none give off the hazardous sort of radiation that nuclear power plants use. No. They use EM radiation that is just the same as light, but at a slightly longer wavelength and so containing less energy! Infrared radiation and visible light contain buckets more energy than radio waves etc. What is more, I bet none of you sit in a darkened room 100m underground for fear of visible light or natural infrared reaching you. Your body emits EM radiation too, in the form of infrared. If it didn't, you would have no heat energy at all and consequently would most certainly be dead.
—Guest Dave

Scientific proof (lack thereof)

There has been no scientific proof of any of this. You are exposed to thousands upon thousands of microwaves, radio waves etc. from natural sources in space every day. Due to the minuscule amount of energy waves your WiFi contains, you would be more at risk if you just went for a walk or cooked a meal in a microwave oven. Once again, there is no scientific proof, only speculation, and you are exposed to more waves every day than your phone and WiFi put together, times 10.
—Guest Roger

Like wood smoke and fires?

Wireless contamination obviously affects some or there wouldn't be anything to write about. But people's sensitivity is probably different from one to another. In cave days, people had fires emitting smoke that probably affected all, but to a lesser degree from one to another. This brings to mind the question of sonics in general: Has there been a study on the effects of FM radio transmission or UHF broadcasts? And what about micro or pico, ultra pico waves? how do they affect us? Man has adapted to so many phenomena, but I wonder if he can adapt to this.
—Guest nesdave

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