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Health Risks of Cell Phones and Wearable Devices

Health Risks of Cell Phones and Wearable Devices

By  Dec 30, 2013, 8:02 AM Author's Website  
The mobile tech revolution has moved so fast that health and safety risks are playing catch-up. I attended a public forum earlier this month at the Commonwealth Club that opened my eyes to unassessed risks in mobile devices. The bottom line is that cellular devices operate on low-power microwave frequencies. Extended exposure to low-power microwaves may have human health consequences, which suggests the precautionary principle for technology use while research develops more definitive conclusions.
The scientists and medical experts on that panel presented evidence that a cell phone’s intermittent pulse and wavelength variation are the source potential hazards. These hazards may persist even when the device is at low power. I took special note of one statistic presented on “digital dementia” diagnosed in South Korean children. South Korea is the most saturated mobile market on the planet, according to every tech conference I’ve attended in 2013. Putting a mobile device into the hands of everyone in emerging markets may magnify health risks.

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