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Founder of Nest ,which was sold to Google: "The stories of the smart home - Bullshit "

Founder of Nest ,which was sold to Google:"The stories of the smart home - Bullshit "

Tony Fadel DLD conference in Munich : "We decided as a family to build the most connected house that we thought - so we started to produce things". "Our team set out with a purpose and goal of being a company that changes the world"

By: Eytan Avriel
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A week ago was posted in Haaretz that the company Nest, which develops smart thermostat was sold to Google for
$ 3.2 billion.  Nest Labs was established in 2010 by Tony Fadel and Matt Rogers, and focused on developing a smart home thermostat, studying the environment and control the temperature at home or at work. But beyond the big deal with technology giant Google, Nest is an intriguing because it was established by Fadel and Rogers, two senior members of the team that created the iPhone and iPod and retired from Apple.  "I established companies since I was in high school, many of them failed. Had failures in large and small projects. This is not a bolt of lightning - I'm working 25 years in technology. They call it determination. Success was due to me ," explains Tony Fadel founder of Nest.

How did you get these products ?
"I worked at Apple with manufacturers and designers of the iPhone, but then decided to build the most connected home  we thought. Then we started to produce things, and we have now two products. Thermostat and smoke detectors."
And clearly we are now rich, but you have to understand that our team set out with a purpose and goal of being a company that changes the world - and you can not do as a small company. We are a company of hardware, software and service. To change the world we need capabilities and money."
"I want to design amazing products. In Google we will have our own team, sales of our own and we will be independent. Currently our vision is to build these things and build them for all the world. This vision - we have a lot of work and people of Google, Larry Page and lattice Rabin, connected to it".
What is actually connected to the house?
"They told us about the connected home since we were children. But nothing has changed and things do not really work. Then when I hear of the smart home, some people respond that it is a window where the shutter is electric. It's Bullshit. People will not build all the infrastructure of a new home in thousands of dollars. This process passes from point to point, from device to device."
Why Google is now appropriate to buy you ?
I'm in Silicon Valley for 25 years. In Google I found that the best fit. Their vision, what they do every day and the places to which they want to reach. When we talked, we completed the sentences of each other. It was a long process. It took months, maybe years, and we saw that we see the world the same way."

And you will be the design person in Google?
"Yes. I and my team will be the design people of the new products we will make, but they have other good people."
You also invest in start -ups. What interests you ?
"Interesting for me is to invest in companies with deep technology, things that most investors do not understand how this technology affects . It's where I like to spend ."
What is it that really worries or excites you ?
"I am busy with my team's motivation . That's Why I'm worried about what will happen now. I told them yes, you have more money and life will be more comfortable, but you're still the same people and remember why you came to this company in the first place, and what you wanted to do."
Nest's CEO: "We want to be in every home in the world"

CEO of Nest, which develops thermostats and smart smoke detectors was sold last week for $ 3.2 billion to the Internet giant Google: "We want to be in every home in the world and we need resources for that". "We are not building an app and then releasing it to the world at the click of a button. We are a hardware company wants to be in every home in the world. To do this we would need a lot of resources which is one reason we decided to be sold to Google. I met with Larry Page and there was fit like a glove" explained today (Monday ) Tony Fadel, CEO and co-founder of Nest, the reason he decided to sell the company that develops the thermostats and smart smoke detectors to Google for $ 3.2 billion - the second biggest deal in the history of the Internet giant.
Regarding the question of privacy in conjunction with Google, who might know now where Nest's users are within their house, Fadel reassured: "At this stage there are no changes. Information we collect is only on our products to improve them. In case there will be changes, we will be the most transparent as possible and notify the our users."
Fadel, who is considered by many the father of the iPod , the music player legendary Apple, explained that in order to reach a large number of houses, he spent more and more of his time as CEO of dealing in building the company and its habitat and less in building a product." It takes time and money to to expand. You need to register the product in each country and to understand the difference of heating and cooling between the U.S. and Germany or Britain.
"When we started, I spent 50% of my time in refractory company and 50 % of the time in refractory products. Past ten weeks it dropped to 5% of building products and 95% of the construction company. I do not want to pass the time dealing only with it" Fadel explained.
He said Google has given a lot of freedom in society. " Larry told us, ' build the things you want , and that's what we want to do. Continue building thermostats and smart smoke detectors to the world. Speak with us in five years and maybe that will change. Meantime, we have work to do until we change our goal."
Fadel said that the term "smart home" is with us already from the eighties but still we still have not got to the place that it happens,  it was really expensive. "We need to go step by step, product after product. It's impossible in one shot to make the whole home to a smart home" he said, and added that in his opinion the next trend in making smart products is the automotive world".  It takes time because safety and regulatory affairs. But it's an interesting field and I think that in the next three years you will see amazing things."

Massive cyberattack linked to at least one refrigerator

“Smart” appliances have been transformed into “thingbots” to launch large-scale cyberattacks.

Info found by Cindy Sage:

New York Times - Home of the Future Comic
1st international exhibition of cyber is in Israel: 3800 people were registered from 37 countries. 
The international exhibition/conference is organized by Israel Defense magazine, and funded by the
national cyber staff in the Prime Minister's office. Delegations from many countries will participate:
the USA, the UK, dozens of countries from Asia, Europe, South Africa, South America and Australia.
Canada's Prime minister is now in Israel with a big delegation of businessmen (about 200 people), and he LOVES Israel.
He said he is in the water and fire with Israel.  
From Sylvie:  Newborn Tech Seat Draws Advocacy Anger
The Newborn-to-Toddler Apptivity Seat for iPad
Reuters/Fisher-Price/Handout via Reuters
An advocacy group called on toy maker Fisher-Price to stop selling a baby seat designed to hold an iPad at the front, saying the product encourages parents to leave infants alone to watch screens that could be harmful. The bouncy seat with an iPad holder is the "ultimate electronic babysitter" and blocks a baby's view of the world, undermining the child's interaction with caregivers, said the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, based in Boston, in a statement.
Steve Jobs effect - a baby thinks the magazine is an ipad.
Israel: patients attack the doctors who treat themPhysicians (including one psychiatrist) are increasingly being attacked in Israel, including puncturing the doctor with a needle, throwing a chair on a doctor, hitting a doctor, biting (with the mouth) the medical team. The physicians in response did a strike for two hours and ads were published in the newspaper saying that harming the doctors is harming the patients, and that they are not going to shut up on this. The reasons for the attacks were that people were not satisfied with the treatment they received, they did not want to wait, they resisted the pain of the niddle, etc. Within the last two weeks 8 doctors were attacked in hospitals. A 21 years old kicked and bit a nurse, at the same time while the doctors were on a strike to stop violence. Yesterday, a man cursed and threatened a doctor that he would kill her, because he was not satisfied with the treatment she gave his daughter and did not have the patience to wait in the line. He hit the doctor with a computer keyboard in order to protest. The head of the medical association said that doctors who are attacked cannot work afterwards, for weeks and months.
Doctor strike
21 years old bit and kicked a nurse
Doctors strike
Threatened to kill a doctor because he was not satisfied from the treatment she gave to his daughter,  hit the doctor's head with a computer keyboard.   http://www.mako.co.il/news-law/crime/Article-cdf3b3abf00b341004.htm

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