Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Massive class action Libel suit launched against WHO EMF-project

Massive class action Libel suit launched against WHO EMF-project

Switzerland    Created: 1 Apr 2014

Today a major class action suit on behalf of 187456345 plaintiffs was launched against World Health Organisation EMF project.

The association Lab Rats International have launched a campaign to clear their name. Other species of science are also considering joining the class action.

R.O Dent, a lawyer representing the association, stated that rats do accept that they are perceived as vermin, but simply won't tolerate being labelled as crazies, as is clearly implied by the WHOs attribution of biological effects of RF exposures to purely psychological factors.

One member of the association squeaked its frustration at the press conference: "its like everyone now think we be nuts or something... dude! we can do mazes! so we cant be, like, all stupid, eh?".

Mr Dent said that his clients felt betrayed for all their hard work in science and warned that if the WHO did not publicly apologize, they would suffer an invasion from "both the heavens and below" as angry birds and rats have vowed to descent and rise on Geneva in support of the campaign.

The WHO EMF project has not yet responded to requests for comment.

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