Saturday, April 05, 2014

EMF Refuges

Temporary EMF Refuge in Rural Massachusetts--sensitive to those with MCS May-June-(July)

and Planning Stages for Permanent Location(s)

Required: 2 semi-permanent room mates (May-June-July) with possibility of extension if refuge development successful.

Possibility: Short-term vacation/detox rental in additional room

Goal: To acquire support, investors, and members to form an intentional community and EMF refuge.

Mostly off-grid house:

2 room mates sought for 3-month rental at beautiful furnished rural 100-year-old renovated home(2800sf, on nine acres, with barn, stable, 2 car garage- up on a quiet, peaceful hilltop- beautiful views- towards farmland and mountains- can garden- with nearby bike trails, organic farms, fields & forest - even golf and swimming. Home will be shared with 1 child and 2 women. Must be willing to make quick application and initial payment for rental to move forward. Minimum rental fee based on current location: $725/month, $625 security deposit. Basic grocery bill divided by roommates.

Room mates should expect to model good, positive behavior especially with respect to child living in home, and be willing to cooperate for smooth running of the household. We intend to research and expand this community to offer detox services with other refuge communities. Congenial group a must. Background & references required (more information to be posted in a day or so). Further information will be posted & updated on this website:

MCS: Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (common in people with EHS)
EHS: Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity
Kirsten / Sandy

EMF refuge in Virginia

I am planning a small EMF refuge in Virginia to be established this fall.  There will be some wooded areas and some open areas for growing/raising food.  There will be one house on the grid with plans for other small structures off the grid.  I would imagine some people will stay for longer and others for shorter periods.  We will all need to work together with our labor or finances.  If we do well together we may be able to offer help to some who may not be able to pay or work.  If you would like to participate please email me at .   Thank you!

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