Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Let's Make The "Yayama Breath Scan" Universal Throughout the World!

Let's Make The "Yayama Breath Scan" Universal Throughout the World!

Let's Make "Breath Gauge Technique" Universal Throughout the World!
In ancient times, people instinctively knew what food was good or bad for them before putting it in their mouths. They would have not been able to survive otherwise. And because we, modern man, are the descendants of those who survived, we should also have this latent ability. Here is the technique for awakening this ability.
What has been revealed to me through my research is that one can discern whether an object is suitable or not for one's body by putting the object in one's hand(s) and then slowly breathing: When something is suitable, the breathing becomes easy and relaxed, and the air comes in through the pathways of the nose and one can gauge it by following an image of it far below the abdomen beyond the navel. Conversely, when the object is not suitable, the breathing will feel like it has become clogged and the breath will feel as if it has stopped around the chest.
When we are able to conceive that the brain's vital life center catches information determining whether something is suitable or not via the function it controls called breath, we can be convinced of such a phenomena. When science is able to elucidate its detailed mechanism, this method will be able to be used to eliminate environmental pollutants in the future. In the meantime, one can practice this technique in their daily life and gradually develop confidence in using it.
Let the "law of breathing major" to common sense in the world!

① Breath slowly and steadily into the abdomen. Allow the spine to relax. Pull the head's apex up while straightening the spine.
② Bring one hand in a natural manner in front of the nostrils and start to breath easily.


太古の昔、人々はその食物を口に入れてよいかどうかを本能的に知ることができたはずです。そうでなければ生きのびることができなかった。 そして現代のわれわれは、生きのびた人々の子孫なので、その能力を潜在的に持っているはずです。これを呼び覚まそうというのが、この方法です。



③息が入っていくにしたがって片手が下がっていき、十分吸ったときに下丹田の  位置に来るように、息を吐くとき、片手は上がっていき、鼻孔の前にくるようにする。
⑤メジャーができたら、間違いなく身体に悪いもの、または良いものをもう一方の手に持って、そこからエネルギーを吸う気持ちで、メジャーがどこまで動くか試みる。  悪いものはメジャーが少ししか動かない。


Translation by Paul Doyon

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