Tuesday, April 14, 2015

India: Study on mobile radiation begins

India: Study on mobile radiation begins

Paul Doyon's (EMF Refugee) Comments:

"The committee pointed to research which claimed that disappearance of butterflies, bees, insects and sparrows from big cities had been due to radiation from mobile phone towers."

Back in late 2006, after being made extremely sick in Japan from living in the vicinity of several cell towers, I traveled throughout Asia looking for a "better" place to live — and at one point met someone who told me I should go live in Auroville, India, as they had a policy in place of not allowing cell towers on their 20 square kilometers of land.

I did end up living there briefly in the summer of 2008 — but was unfortunately unable to sustain myself financially in this "sustainable community.

Anyway, one thing one notices in Auroville is the extreme abundance of wildlife — especially INSECTS — everywhere.

I had a job possibility in the UAE teaching EFL at a university there and they wanted to do a Video Interview and I needed to go to a video center the city of Chennai (formally Madras) about three hours north of Auroville. I hired a taxi to take me up there and spent several hours driving around trying to find a hotel. I ended up having to settle for a dumpy hotel at approx. $50.00 a night. Anyway, my room did not have air conditioning and there were no screens on the windows. Not one insect — not one mosquito — came into my room in spite of having the windows open all night. Also, I noticed that I could not find any ants on the ground which were so prevalent in Auroville. The city seemed to be completely devoid of insects. There were however plenty of microwave-emitting antennas on top of buildings.

A few years later, in 2010, while back in Japan and working at a university there, I took a trip to Cebu in the Philippines to attend a conference on English teaching and noticed there were also no insects in the city of Cebu.

Across the street from the hotel I was staying at there was a garbage can with garbage strewn all over around it. Yet, there were no ants or flies anywhere near the garbage. There were however like in Chennai, lots of cell phone towers on the buildings throughout the city.

Note: Auroville unfortunately changed its policy on cell towers and the IT people there under the banner of a group called "Green Waves" has been trying to implement a plan to radiate the whole community with low-level microwave radiation. Because I criticized it, I seemingly ended up being the bad "white guy."


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