Friday, April 17, 2015

Barry Trower Radio Show Lost Arts Radio

A Personal Message About Saturday’s Show, From Lost Arts Radio’s Host, Richard Sacks

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     This Saturday April 18, Barrie Trower, British microwave expert on the subject of frequency weapons technology being used against us in cell phones, wi-fi and, other electronic devices, and of course, in smart meters, will return to Lost Arts Radio for the second in a special 3-part series you will not want to miss.  Whatever issue relating to the quality of life on Earth you have chosen to work in to make your particular contribution to our future, I want to encourage you to broaden your self-education as much as you can.  Lost Arts Radio was created specifically to help you do this, bringing you in-depth and sometimes hard to find information on a wide variety of critical health topics.  Since each of us is responsible for our own health and that of our families (unless of course you want to blindly turn yourself and your family over to an industry centered around drug use and invasive “therapies” that often leave you in far worse condition than you were before), it is imperative we educate ourselves on a constant basis rather than just believing whatever government and health “authorities” want us to believe for their own reasons. 
     EMF issues are only one example of information we need to understand.  We all have just as much need for accurate understanding of the issues of GMO’s, nuclear power, “geoengineering” and artificial weather modification, drugs and vaccination, fluoride and other poisons in our water, economics as it affects our everyday lives, a vast array of freedom issues, and the list goes on.  What is even more important is coming up with solutions and helpful strategies to minimize harmful effects of the challenges we face from every side.  Is this need for real and continuous education a burden?  No, it becomes incredibly exciting and empowering if we embrace the challenge to learn all that we can.  Knowledge, if constructively used, becomes power for good, in our lives and in the world around us.  Not to mention how much better we can feel and how much more energy we can have, when we learn the real basics of health on all levels.  
     So be brave and learn all you can on all of these connected subjects, not just a single narrow focus.  They all relate to health in some way, and they are all really parts of one larger issue that affects us all.  We may have lost the old arts of living in harmony with nature and each other, and the deeper knowledge of who we really are, and the vast potential of what we can do, but we can get it all back.  Let’s learn how together.  
     We have abilities, knowledge, courage and resources in ourselves to solve any problem and turn any situation to good.  Meet me here,, Saturdays 6pm pacific/9pm eastern.  We’ll get back all the forgotten knowledge that was once ours, and more.
Richard Sacks, Host
Lost Arts Radio/Lost Arts Research Institute
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