Monday, April 13, 2015

In Support of Arthur Firstenberg

On 3/28/15, I sent the following letter to the New York Times RE: "When Science Is Lost in a Legal Maze" ‏ 

In Support of Arthur Firstenberg

"To the Editor,
Thank you for printing a story about this ground-breaking case, Firstenberg v. Monribot.  Please correct the following errors: 

1. Electomagnetic sensitivity is not a disease, but rather a functional impairment caused by an inferior (i.e. polluted) environment.  Because it is not a "medical condition", it is not and does not need to be "medically recognized". 

2.  The case was erroneously dismissed for "lack of causation", which the court, itself, created by unlawfully excluding Firstenberg's experts.  Because electromagnetic sensitivity is not a medical condition, it does not require experts.  Firstenberg's own testimony suffices. 

3.  The scientific evidence clearly shows that non-ionizing radiation is harmful to humans.  See World Health Organization (class 2b carcinogen), Lennart Hardell, M.D., Magda Havas, Ph.D., etc.

4.  There is a failure to distinguish between the industry-funded propaganda, which claims no biological harm, and the true independent science which overwhelmingly shows harm.

5.  Notably missing from the article is the amicus brief filed on behalf of 94 organizations in 22 countries supporting the plaintiff's claims.     

Deborah Cooney
P. O. Box 700013
Wabasso, FL 32970

I also took the liberty of making a small, but important edit to Arthur Firstenberg's Wikipedia page.  I encourage everyone to make similar edits to this and other Wikipedia pages which contain incorrect or outdated information on RF radiation.  People regularly turn to Wikipedia for information.  They deserve to have information that is scientifically correct and up-to-date.

After reading the following:  " In May 2006, the World Health Organization stated that "[there is] no convincing scientific evidence that the weak RF signals from base stations and wireless networks cause adverse health effects."[8]", 

I added,  "The World Health Organization later reversed itself on May 31, 2011, declaring RF radiation a class 2B (possible) carcinogen in the same category as lead and DDT. [9]"

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