Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Open Your Mind (OYM) Radio - Michael Bevington & Lloyd Morgan - Oct 12th 2014

Open Your Mind (OYM) Radio - Michael Bevington & Lloyd Morgan - Oct 12th 2014

Guests - Michael Bevington/Lloyd Morgan - Michael's is interest in the biological effects of low-level electromagnetic exposure began in September 2006, when he was sensitised to EM radiation after a WiFi router was installed in his classroom. His case showing harm from WiFi was one of the first to feature in the national press. BBC Panorama programme on the dangers of WiFi in April 2007. In 2007 he became a trustee of the charity ElectroSensitivity UK (ES-UK) and since 2008 has been its chair. In 2010 he published the first edition of Electromagnetic Sensitivity and Electromagnetic Hyper-Sensitivity. L Lloyd Morgan is an electronic engineer by training with 38 years of industrial experience to the Vice Presidential level (retired 2002), a member of international science organizations, the Bioelectromagnetics, Senior Research Fellow, Environmental Health Trust, and Board member International Electromagnetic Field Alliance, scientific Advisor, EM Radiation Research Trust. He has published in the peer-reviewed science and Letters to the Editor in response to science papers. His research focus has been on Wireless Transmitting Devices (WTDs) epidemiology, and dosimetry (the amount of radiation absorbed by human tissue).


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