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"Link between EHS/ES and Lyme's disease and Ebstein Barr virus?" Electromagnetic Fields Work via Calcineurin Inhibition to Suppress Immunity...

"Link between EHS/ES and Lyme's disease and Ebstein Barr virus?" Electromagnetic Fields Work via Calcineurin Inhibition to Suppress Immunity...

Hi Shannon,

When I went to see Japan's number one alternative doctor in 2005, Dr. Toshihiko Yayama, he used a bio-resonance machine he invented called the Zero Search Machine to diagnose "my problem." 治療|医療法人山桃会 矢山クリニック

治療|医療法人山桃会 矢山クリニック   
医療法人山桃会 矢山クリニックは、東洋医学と西洋医学、歯科と医科を統合した医療を提供します。
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 He told me that I had 

1. Systemic Candida; 
2. Reactivated Epstein Barr Virus; 
3. Reactivated Cytomegalovirus
4. Reactivated Coxsackie Virus;  
5. Reactivated HH6 Virus; 
6. Mycoplasma infection; 
7. Toxoplasmosis; 
8. Mercury, Lead, and Aluminum toxicity;
9. Geopathic Stress exposure, and 
10. EMF exposure.

I imagine that I also probably had Lyme, though I have never been officially tested for it.

In the diagram above, he states that disease is caused by a combination of the following factors:

1. Heavy metal toxicity,
2. EMF exposure,
3. Pathogens (Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, Parasites, etc.),
4. Chemical toxicity, and the
5. Internal Physiological State of the Body (as altered by stress, etc.)

Of course, I had all of these, but for me I believe that the thing that pushed me over the edge was the EMF exposure: I was living in the vicinity of three cell towers, two of which were within 100 meters of my apartment at the time. 

I have always firmly believed that Lyme, Reactivated Epstein Barr, etc. were opportunistic infections due to a weakened immune system though I was not clear about the specific mechanisms. 

However, recently, I can say that in doing some research on VGCC (Voltage Gated Calcium Channels) (which is the cornerstone of Dr. Martin Pall's research on how EMFs affect our health) I believe I have "discovered" this mechanism.

It has to do with what is called "Calcineurin Inhibition." Calcineurin is a molecule that acts as a control lever of VGCCs for entrance of calcium into the cell. It is also a key component of our immune system. (Interestingly, in data mining Autism studies, Calcineurin is the number one key word that comes up, which should tell you something: 

Developing a Deeper Understanding of Autism: Connecting Knowledge through Literature Mining
Developing a Deeper Understanding of Autism: ...   
Abstract In the field of autism, an enormous increase in available information makes it very difficult to connect fragments of knowledge into ...
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So, moving on, there are drugs/pharmaceuticals called "Calcineuron Inhibitors" that transplant patients take to prevent rejection of the transplanted organ. However, what happens when transplant patients indeed do take these drugs? Well, they start succumbing to problems with

1. (Reactivated) Viral Infections,
2. Mold/Fungi,
3. Atypical Bacterial infections, e.g. mycobacteria

So what else inhibits calcineurin activity? Singlet Oxygen and other reactive oxygen species (ROS)/free radicals. And what produces these? EMFs do -- especially when combined with heavy metals!

UVA1 radiation inhibits calcineurin through oxidative damage mediat... - PubMed - NCBI
UVA1 radiation inhibits calcineurin through oxidative damage mediat... - PubMed - NCBI   
Free Radic Biol Med. 2011 May 15;50(10):1392-9. doi: 10.1016/j.freeradbiomed.2011.02.019. Epub 2011 Feb 24.
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Interestingly, Magnesium acts as a VGCC blocker, which might very well help explain why both people with ES/EHS and CFS feel better with magnesium supplementation:

Why is magnesium so important? "Hypomagnesemia is probably the most underdiagnosed electrolyte deficiency in current medical practice170" 
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I have started to write a paper on this subject; though at this point all I have is the abstract. (Contacted a number of the experts out there about working on this together but never received any responses.)

Electromagnetic Fields Work via Calcineurin Inhibition to Suppress Immunity Increasing Risk for Opportunistic Infection

When organ transplant recipients take pharmaceuticals called Calcineurin Inhibitors (e.g. cyclosporine) to prevent or suppress organ rejection, one of the major side effects is immunosuppression leading to increased risk in opportunistic infections: e.g fungal, viral (Epstein-Barr Virus [EBV], cytomegalovirus [CMV]), and atypical bacterial (Nocardia, Listeria, mycobacterial).[1] Free radicals, aka reactive oxygen species (ROS), have also been shown to act as calcineurin inhibitors.[2] Since numerous studies have shown that exposures to electromagnetic fields (EMF) cause an increase in ROS in the body, it is postulated here that EMFs act as calcineurin inhibitors via ROS pathways to suppress immunity with a resulting increased risk for fungal, viral, and atypical bacterial infection.

Electromagnetic fields (EMF), reactive oxygen species (ROS), free radicals, calcineurin, calcineurin inhibitors, cyclosporine, immunosuppression, opportunistic infections, fungal infections, viral infections, atypical bacterial infections


[1] Bardal SK, Waechter JE, Martin DS. Calcineurin Inhibitors. Applied Pharmacology 1st edition. [Internet]. 2010 [cited 2014 July 16] Available from https://www.inkling.com/read/applied-pharmacology-bardal-waechter-martin-1st/chapter-17/calcineurin-inhibitors
[2] Musson RE1, Hensbergen PJ, Westphal AH, Temmink WP, Deelder AM, van Pelt J, Mullenders LH, Smit NP. UVA1 radiation inhibits calcineurin through oxidative damage mediated by photosensitization.


Paul Doyon
EMF Refugee

Link between EHS/ES and Lyme's disease and Ebstein Barr virus??

Hi everyone. Has anyone else heard about the connection between these diseases (Lyme's and Ebstein Barr)? Antibody tests show both in my blood, show that I HAD both (is how the doctors interpret it), but I know some say you never really rid your body of either and that it's chronic or that it's very difficult. I was treated for Lyme's when I had a bull's eye rash at the sight of a tick bite (with an accompanying fever) without having blood work as they thought I should take the antibiotics right away (this about 10 years ago now) and then 4 years ago I had another bull's eye rash (with no sign of a tick and no fever) so had a test done that showed the antibodies in my blood from having had it in the past sometime. I have had a history of achey joints and muscles and chronic fatigue and digestive issues. I have been through periods of doing better and doing worse and now am dealing with the ES. I have been searching though a lot of ES forums trying to get answers about how to cope and have found on some mention of a connection between these illnesses. 
Oh, I should mention I had a very bad case of Mono in high school that took me out of school for a month! That's why the EBV shows up, apparently. So that came before the Lyme. But I actually wonder if I had Lyme as a kid when I used to get ticks in me all of the time and was often unwell and had joint issues and fatigue and bowel trouble then too. But even though Lyme was around then, people didn't really know about it so didn't look for it.  

I am just wondering how many of you have had either of these and if so what treatments you might have tried and how much you think it may have to do with the ES? The thing is I know that exposure to microwaves is bad for everyone and it's possible that this exposure has turned other illness like these chronic when maybe they wouldn't have been. But I am still curious about this connection and people's experiences. 


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