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Call for scientific signatures : Statement on the health effects of RFs

Call for scientific signatures : Statement on the health effects of RFs

I’m willing to collect signatures of MDs and EMF experts such as the 50+ who endorsed Dr Carpenter’s 2012 rebuttal on smart meters

Please read Dr Martin L. Pall’s statement below and tell me if you want to cosign it.

Le 2014-11-14 à 15:17, Pall, Martin L <> a écrit :

Cher M. Fauteux and others:

I think that the key issue here is not so much WHO but the corporate media that have essentially completely ignored these concerns.  The way to deal with that is to have a statement, signed by at least 50 scientists/physicians and sent as a letter to as many newspapers, news media outlets, news magazines, local television news programs, etc., as possible across North America and Europe.  It should also be emailed to WHO, to NIEHS and other relevant agencies concerned with public and environmental health, as well as the FCC.  The statement must be relatively short but sufficiently detailed to show that there are major, specific concerns and must deal centrally with the issue of the lack of science behind current international safety standards.

My own view is that the statement should be something like the following:
Thousands of publications in the scientific literature report diverse biological effects cause by microwave fields at exposures that are well within current ICNIRP and other safety standards.  Each of these falsify, therefore, the assumption underlying current safety standards, that only heating effects of these fields need be considered.

While many of these publications report a variety of pathophysiological responses, there are also many reporting therapeutic responses under specific conditions as well.  Each of these occur at what are called non-thermal or microthermal levels of exposure and therefore conflict with current safety standards.
Among the pathophysiological effects of such exposures that are well documented are: 
Ø  Single strand and double strand breaks in cellular DNA and other types of DNA damage 
Ø  Oxidative stress
Ø  Several types of cancer
Ø  Both male and female infertility
Ø  Breakdown of the blood-brain barrier, making the brain more sensitive to chemical and infectious agents
Ø  Lowered levels of nighttime melatonin; sleep disruption
Ø  Diverse neuropsychiatric changes, including depression
Ø  Changes in the electrical control of the heart including tachycardia (rapid heartbeat), arrhythmia and sudden cardiac death
We believe that there are probably additional health effects.   The above list suggests that each of the four things that we most value as individuals and as a species may be jeopardized by exposures to these fields:  Our physical health, our brain function, the integrity of our genomes and our ability to produce healthy offspring.
There have been ever increasing exposures to microwave radiation, from radar units, microwave ovens, cell phone towers, cell phones, cordless phones and cordless phone bases, Wi-Fi, computers and tablets communicatinf with Wi-Fi antennae, “smart meters,” and dozens of other cordless communication devices.  Electronic devices generating dirty electricity are also problematic.  We can have no confidence on assurances of safety based on current safety standards.  There are many ways to improve the safety of these devices but there has been no emphasis in doing so.   We need to both lower allowable exposures, which are currently based on heating effects, but we also need to develop genuine biologically-based safety standards. There are feasible approaches to doing both. 
 Let me state that I am sure that some will think that changes should be made to the pathophysiological effect list that I came up with – some may argue for both deletions and for additions to that list.  I don’t view the list as being written in concrete, but rather as a start that should be open to debate, regarding deletions, additions and other changes.  

Martin L. Pall
Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences,
Washington State University and Research Director, The Tenth Paradigm Research Group.

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