Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Semmelweis Reflex: Stephen Clarke Held in Psychiatric Hospital for Protesting WiFi

The Semmelweis Reflex: Stephen Clarke Held in Psychiatric Hospital for Protesting WiFi

"The Semmelweis reflex or "Semmelweis effect" is a metaphor for the reflex-like tendency to reject new evidence or new knowledge because it contradicts established norms, beliefs or paradigms."

Ladies and Gentlemen,

 On Friday Stephen Clarke asked for his treatment plan and was tolethere was none. On Monday the doctor doubled his dosage of Abilify from 5 mils to 10 mils with a view to increasing it to 30 mils.

 Mr. Clarke is being held in a psychiatric unit on orders of a judge who refuses to hear his argument for demonstrating against his children being exposed to wi-fi in the classroom.

 He observed, "There are guys in here who have been on meds for as long as 18 years and they just keep changing them, burning different parts of their brains..."

 Clarke remains lucid and determined.

 Also, please note the link to a teleseminar this evening.

Kind regards

John Weigel

 Comments on Clarke’s situation from around the world:

From California
One person replied that she was sending on to people involved in patients' rights.
Hopefully, we can all shift this wickedness. This is the ultimate horror.

From Sweden
Very, very, very few are ready emotionally, mentally, psychologically, and spiritually, to listen! Yesterday I tried with several persons to get them to listen and learn about the current ebola problem as well as the global warming issue. They forcefully and immediately told me to shut up, they just did not want to hear.
Poor could have done so much better.

From the U.K.
See Electromagnetic Man Chapter 10.
It all goes back to the 1960's - USA Moscow Embassy,  Herman Schwan, Sol Michaelson.

From Scotland
This is what I warned about. I know of other cases where this has gone on as well.

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