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Electrosmog accelerates corrosion of infrastructures

Electrosmog accelerates corrosion of infrastructures

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The rate of corrosion is directly proportional to the frequency of emissions - 3 GHz signals will corrode 10x faster than 300 MHz, and 500,000x faster than powerfrequency (60Hz) corroding water mains, gas pipelines, reinforced concrete re-bars, etc..  The huge population of SMART meters are not helping in the environment with their signalling along the LAN/NAN networking throughout the landscape.

The attached paper by Payer et al is an important finding since it does indeed show how in US military vessels microwaves affect surfaces - and note that the tell-tale coloring (slightly yellowish rather than the usual rust) indicates that the corrosion is non-oxidative but simply electron-stripping from surfaces.

We have published about this only in terms of  presentations, some going back to 1993-1995 for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC / SHCL) national study on electromagnetic fields in Canadian housing, which was never released in full to the public due to resistance from Hydro Quebec. If you wish to have such presentation, for the French language, I am including one that presented to AGPI (Quebec property managers for institutional buildings such as hospitals, universities, municipal and provincial buildings, bridges, etc..) 

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