Thursday, August 21, 2014

1992 Swedish Evidence of EMFs Causing Cancer

1992 Swedish Evidence of EMFs Causing Cancer

The English edition of Forskning & Praktik number 7/1992 published by The Swedish National Institute of Occupational Health  was devoted to 'New Evidence of Cancer from Electromagnetic Fields'. Scientific support for this evidence was from Professor Anders Ahlbom, an epidemiologist at the Institute of Environmental Medicine at the Karolinska Institute with further scientific support provided by a study made by Dr Birgitta Floderus of the National Institute of Occupational Health's Division of Neuromedicine. Professor Bengt Knave, the division's director regards the study as strong support indeed. The study covered 1632 persons all living in central Sweden. Of these, 1121 made up the control group, 250 were leukemia cases and 261 brain tumor cases.   

The research showed power lines increase cancer risk for children and explained how electromagnetic fields enhance the cancer process. 


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