Thursday, August 21, 2014

Attack on Mona's group Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation

Attack on Mona's group Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation

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There has been an attempt to undermine Mona Nilsson's group in Sweden with some very negative things being written to challenge their credibility and degrade their reputation. Mona has put out a request for positive comments on Facebook.  Here was mine, and you can get to her group by just clicking on the Facebook link:Strålskyddsstiftelsen.  

As those of you outside the US may have seen, our Center for Disease Control quietly issued the first warning ever on cell phones from a US gov't agency. They urged caution regarding cell phones and children. Then when Louis Slesin and Joel Moskowitz reported on this, they took it down within the last 48 hours.  There is a much more aggressive stance against our efforts, surely because of the brain tumor lawsuits getting permission to go to trial in Washington DC.  We need to keep supporting each other and sharing information.

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From California I would like to thank your organization for all you do to educate not just Sweden, but the world. We are all learning from you. Mona Nilsson, the accuracy and depth of your science writing places you, in my estimation, as among the best in the world when it comes to writing about RF radiation, the science, the policy, the politics, the hazards, and where we need to be in terms of protecting humanity. Thank you for your contribution, although the words "thank you" seem inadequate. Kind Regards, Susan Foster, Advisor to the UKEM Radiation Research Trust, Author of Res. 15 to Protect Firefighters from Radiation Hazards

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