Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wi-Fi high court lawsuit: Prof' Sigal Sadezky (Interphone, Mobi kids) responds to claims about her conflict of interest: "I have never received a dime from the cell phone companies".

Wi-Fi high court lawsuit: Prof' Sigal Sadezky (Interphone, Mobi kids) responds to claims about her conflict of interest:  "I have never received a dime from the cell phone companies".

A lawsuit of the National Parents Leadership and the Forum for Sane cell phone use, both represented by lawyer Michael Bach. And with lawyer Dafna Tachover.

According to prof' Sadezky, she, like Dafna Tachover, would prefer to live in a world without one cell phone, but the reality is different and it can't be changed, "exactly as we know that the air pollution caused by cars is harmful for health, but we do not demand to cancel all the highways in the country, because it's simply impossible, it is impossible to demand from people to go back and not use cell phones. It is only possible to try to minimize the damage and I am doing it".

More says prof' Sadezky: "I sat with all the relevant parties and we seriously examined the possibility of entering wired internet but I was convinced that it was impossible, if we do not enable entering the Wi-Fi, they will connect with their cell phones and it will increase the radiation they are exposed to, much more than in the case of entering controlled Wi-Fi system".

Lawyer Dafna Tachover: prof' Sadezky misled in a scientific study, the interphone, when she and her collegues found increased risk of cancer, that were half of the results their study actually found. This misleading is not surprising, considering the fact that the study was funded by the cell phone companies. For a decade prof' Sadezky is responsible for the public policy about radiation, and she leads a failing policy and suffers from conflict of interest, she is hiding behind an inappropriate decision of the WHO when she knows its decisions are problematic, and her personal responsibility demands that she would do an independent investigation of her own on the subject, something she has not done".
"Prof' Sadezky knows that she misleads the court, and it is not coincidence that she filed a letter and not an affidavit." 

Prof' Sadezky rejects Tachover's blames about conflict of interests and said: "I have never received a dime from the cell phone companies, the study I participated in was a study of the EU that in part was funded by the cellular industry, and although I believe that the cell phone companies need to fund such studies, as I believe that the drug companies need to fund studies, I personally have not received money from the cellular companies".

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