Friday, December 04, 2015

Which wireless tech radiation risks are most covered by TV news in the U.S.?

Which wireless tech Radiation Risks Most are covered by TV news in the US?

Electromagnetic Radiation Safety, 4 December 2015

Since July, 2014, television stations in the US Were Most Likely to report news stories on cell phone radiation health Risks (31 stories) including seven stories That Focused on Risks to children. The n ext Most common stories Either Discussed Radiation Risks from cell antennas / towers (14 stories) or Wireless S  mart Meters (11 stories). Seven health news stories Addressed Risks from Wi-Fi exposure, and four stories Focused on Risks from wireless devices or wearables.

The a bo ve  results are based upon Google searches for TV news stories about health Wireless Radiation Risks Where t he  video posted online Was; THUS, the actual amount of TV news coverage is Underestimated.

Links to the new TV stories APPEAR below  ....


For the rest of the story - Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., Director Center for Family and Community Health School of Public Health University of California, Berkeley Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Website:     Facebook:   SaferE MR News Releases: jmm716 / Twitter:berkeleyprc


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