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Technology is making kids whiney, cranky and disengaged

Technology is making whiney kids, cranky and disengaged


On the flipside, 20pc of Parents Feel That smartphones make parenting Easier
Almost half of the parents in Ireland-have Noted That too much screen time is Causing a negative currency In Their child's behavior.

An Early Childhood Ireland  screen survey  of relatives of relatives found 48pc That has found negative changes In Their child's behavior after-using technology, Describing That behavior in a Range of ways, ranging from angry to emotional, tired, cranky and disengaged.
The survey found 89pc of parents' That-have access to high-speed broadband, 77pc and 92pc-have-have tablet has a smartphone.
DESPITE Saying Technology Makes Their kids cranky and disengaged, around two-Thirds (66pc) Said They believe it is okay for a young child to use technology freely.
In fact, 20pc Feel That Easier smartphones make parenting.

Worrying trends

"There are Some Worrying trends and contradictions coming through from the survey, with the majorité of relatives Citing relaxation have the purpose of allowing children screen time, while Nearly half of em leaflet was negative changes In Their child's behavior post screen time," Said Teresa Heeney, CEO of Early Childhood Ireland.
"Also, the Findings That 66pc of the parents believe it is okay for a young child to use technology freely, with 85pc of under two-year-olds watching TV and DVDs, shows a real disconnect entre les guidelines and the reality of screen use in homes in Ireland.
"We recommend That shoulds relatives-have clear parameters around screen time for young children, Especially at bedtime. That We Would stress monitoring and moderation and doing as you say are all key to getting the balance right for all the family and in Issuing the survey and the guidelines we want to prompt more debate is this, "Heeney said.
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