Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Update on International Scientist Appeal on Electromagnetic Fields & Wireless Technology

Update on International Scientist Appeal is Electromagnetic Fields & Wireless Technology

The  International EMF Scientist Appeal  has-been signed by  222 scientists from 40 nations.  All-have published peer-reviewed research is electromagnetic fields and biology or health. In addition, nine scientists Who-have published  peer-reviewed research is related topics-have signed this petition.

The Appeal calls on the United Nations, the UN member states, and the World Health Organization to adopt more protective exposure guidelines for EMF and wireless technology in the face of evidence of health risks.These Increasing exposures are a form of Rapidly growing worldwide environmental pollution .
Go to  to see qui countries-have The Most Signatories and media coverage in more than two dozen nations.
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- Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., Director Center for Family and Community Health School of Public Health University of California, Berkeley Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Website:     Facebook:   SaferE MR News Releases: jmm716 / Twitter:berkeleyprc


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