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Japan Study Shows Health Effects from Cell Towers. Wireless Radiation Causes Oxidative Stress, leading to cancer and non-cancer problems

Japan Study Shows Health Effects from Cell Towers. Wireless Radiation Causes Oxidative Stress, leading to cancer and non-cancer problems

Children are vulnerable because their brains and bodies are developing.

Microwave RF radiation was classified as a WHO IARC 2B possible carcinogen in 2011, and the same experts who made this classification believe there is enough evidence to upgrade it to class 2A probable carcinogen now. 

We should be limiting exposure instead of saturating our children with it, putting them at risk for UNKNOWN health effects.

(WHO IARC = World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer)

Even though cell phone instructions say use a hands free device, do not carry close to the body, and do not hold to your head because they may exceed FCC limits in that instance, the US government (FCC) does not publicize this information nor mandates advertising to demonstrate this, leaving most people unaware of potential hazards and allowing their infants and children to play with them like toys.

FCC compliance does not equal safety.  FCC's 30-year old limits only protect your body's tissues from heating damage, and does not protect against all other bioeffects that have been demonstrated in peer-reviewed scientific studies.
Other governments, including Russia and China, recognize other bioeffects,and thus have limits 100 times lower than ours.  Don't forget how long it took our government to take action on tobacco, asbestos, and X-rays.    

A documentary is in the works regarding scientific research on the effects of wireless radiation.

Here's the trailer, a short 3-minute video -

Below are 2 very interesting studies

1) Japan Study Shows Statistically Significant Health Effects from Cell Tower Antennas

Residents of a condominium building that had cell tower antennas on the rooftop were examined before and after cell tower antennas were removed.  In 1998, 800MHz cell antennas were installed, then later in 2008 a second set of antennas (2GHz) were installed.  After the owner of the condo withdrew its permission, the antennas were deactivated in 2009.  Medical exams and interviews were conducted before and after the antennas were removed on 107 residents of the building who had no prior knowledge about possible adverse health effects of RFR.  After their removal, the number of people who had symptoms decreased from 41 to 15, which was statistically significant.  The symptoms that decreased in statistical significance after their removal were: tinnitus (ringing in the ears), fatigue, eye pain, sleep problems, dizziness/vertigo, jitteriness, headache, nosebleeds, numbness, and shoulder stiffness

2) July 2015Microwave RF Radiation causes Oxidative Stress.  How Non-Ionizing Radiation can cause DNA Damage

Only ionizing radiation (e.g. X-rays, Gamma rays) can directly damage DNA because it carries enough energy to directly ionize atoms and molecules.  However, recent research has shown that there are other mechanisms (oxidative stress) by which DNA can be indirectly damaged by non-ionizing radiation, which is what microwave RF radiation is.  

In July 2015, a review of existing studies on radiofrequency radiation (RFR) was published by National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine, Indiana University, and the University of Campinas in Brazil.  Based on "93 out of 100 peer-reviewed studiesit concluded that low-intensity RFR  [radiofrequency radiation] is an expressive oxidative agent for living cells with a high pathogenic potential, and that oxidative stress induced by RFR exposure should be recognized as one of primary mechanisms of biological activity of this kind of radiation.  
 This explains a range of biological/health effects of low-intensity RFR, which includes both cancer and non-cancer pathologies."  

"Indoor RFR increased 5000 times from 1985 to 2005.  Long-term RFR exposure can cause various disorders: headaches, fatigue, depression, tinnitus, skin irritation, hormonal disorders [including high stress hormone levels].  Convincing studies in hazards of RFR in human germ cells [sperm cells] have been published. " Other effects mentioned in the review: sleep disorders, skin and mucosa related symptoms (itching, allergic reactions) 

Here are the mechanisms by which these effects happen:
- Reduced iron chelation with ferrozine (ferritin affected)
- Increased intracellular calcium ions (Ca2+)
- Dissociation of water molecules, generating H and OH radicals, H+ and OH- groups.  (OH radical is the most aggressive form of ROS, Reactive Oxygen Species)
- Oxidative Damage of DNA caused by OH radical and other ROS
- Perturbation of cellular signaling caused by free radicals induced by RFR

There is an increase in the number of people with EHS (electrohypersensitivity).  EHS is like an allergy to RFR, and presents with skin and mucosoid symptoms, heart or nervous system disorders.  In an allergic reaction to RFR, there is a significant increase in the level of mast cells in the skin of persons when exposed to EMF, and also a higher level of degranulated mast cells.  These activated mast cells release histamine, leading to an allergic reaction (itching, rash).
0.06% of the total population had EHS  in 1985.  In 2006, 9-11% of the European population has EHS. In Sweden, EHS is an officially recognized health impairment. 

You can read this review here:

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