Sunday, September 20, 2015

California Assembly Bill 57 Watch the Testimony on Biological Health Effects Now on Public Record

California Assembly Bill 57 
Watch the Testimony on Biological Health Effects Now on Public Record 

California Assembly Bill 57 would give wireless communications companies near carte blanche authority to install new cell phone antennas  — without public notice or chance for appeal — passed the CA Senate Aug. 31 and is currently awaiting Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature. The Telecom industry heavily lobbied state legislators to vote for this bill which was heavily opposed by several cities.  It removes much of a city or local government’s regulatory authority over such installations. 

Part 1: Paul McGavin's Testimony
"These antennas need to be located away from people  in order not to inflict direct damages and harm on them “ “RFR is a hazardous pollutant” The current deployments are in direct violation of California code” Listen to the full testimony of Paul McGavin by watching the video to the right. 

Part 2: Lena Pu's Testimony
Research showing biological harm at levels well below FCC limits is entered into the public record. "I urge this committe to re-refer AB57 to the Health Judiciary and Environmental Quality Committees"

Part 3: Citizens and Municipalities Testify in Opposition
Listen to the citizens  and municipalities testify in opposition  to bill AB57.  representatives from EMF refugee,  Stop Smart meters, Stop LA cell towers,  Parents and Citizens for Responsible Cell Tower Placement, ELK  Grove Families Against Cell Towers at Schools give testimony as well as several cities. After their  testimony comes the question and answer period and in the end the vote.  Please watch the video to the left. 

Thank you to all who gave testimony! 
​Now it is on public record. 

We are sharing these videos so that people across the nation understand what is going on.  Such bills may be well on its way to all US States sometime soon. 

Please learn more about this Bill and what you can do at AB57 Info

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