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An Electronic Silent Spring - September, 2015 Newsletter from Katie Singer

An Electronic Silent Spring - September, 2015 Newsletter from Katie Singer

An Electronic Silent Spring  
September, 2015 Newsletter from Katie Singer

1. Does a window crack open?  Check out Consumer Reports' new story about cell phones and exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

2. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn) and Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) wrote FCC Chair Tom Wheeler "even though the FCC recommends that wireless carriers control exposure to harmful RF radiation using safety protocols such as signs, barricades and training...these recommendations have not consistently been implemented to protect workers." They added that because cellular antennas are now found atop apartments, schools, hospitals, churches and firestations, "RF technicians but also roofers, water proofers, electricians, carpenters, building maintenance personnel, HVAC technicians, painters, firefighters" and others are at risk of EMR exposure. While the FCC has made deploying wireless broadband a priority, including easing tower citing, these legislators don't want that to come at the expense of safety.
          This is wonderful news when legislators step up to protect workers' rights and press the FCC to obey their own standards.
          For more info, see John Eggerton's piece with MultiChannel News, Sept. 17, 2015;  

3. A judge has ruled in favor of Berkeley, California's right to require SAR labeling on cell phones. Telecom corporations are appealing the ruling.

4. Get informed about California Assembly Bill 57. It would further limit the authority that municipalities currently have to prevent the installation of new cell towers or additions to existing towers. Designed to speed up the state's wireless facility application process, CA57 would pressure municipalities to respond to a telecom corporations's cell tower installation request very quickly, essentially allowing installations without public notice or chance of appeal. By August 31, the bill had passed California's Senate and State Assembly and awaited Gov. Jerry Brown's signature.
          Perhaps the only recourse for municipalities is to pass ordinances (ASAP) that protect rights to determine cell tower placement and zoning. Find sample zoning regs and more in Blake Levitt's book, Cell Towers: Wireless Convenience? or Environmental Hazard? Proceedings of the Cell Towers Forum, State of the Science, State of the Law (SafeGoods/New Century edition, 2001; iUniverse ed., 2007).
          As Levitt explains, a tower can be placed in a residential zone that has restrictions for commercial use "unless the town's regulations expressly forbid it."
          US Fish & Wildlife Service's guidelines designed to protect migratory and endangered bird species may also help prevent installation of cell towers.
          For more info about CA 57:   and
          For resources about cell tower health effects:
          For more info about protective ordinances,

5. New developments re Children and Schools UK's Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) finds that computers 'do not improve' pupil results
          Wi-Fi in Schools Australia has produced a video that encourages a precautionary approach to Wi-Fi in schools.
          With a new, wearable ankle monitor, you can "track your baby's health." Yikes! May this gadget inspire education of physicians, midwives, teachers and everyone else: children need eye-to-eye contact. Wireless devices emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that can produce long-term health effects. (

          I'm also revising www.electronicsilentspring.comIntro Packets (i.e. about Cell Phones & Towers, Children, Wildlife, Medical Implants, Solar Power, EMR-exposure & Cars, etc.) are now available by clicking "Get Informed" on the homepage.
          The site now has two hot lists: my own best talks

Katie Singer's Upcoming talks:
October 10, Saturday, 9am-1pm, I'll speak at a conference about wireless technologies and public health, hosted by the Santa Clara (California) Medical Center, at the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts. My talk is titled "Electronics in Our Ecosystem;" it'll report on how exposure to man-made EMR affects wildlife and our ecosystem. Organized by Cindy Russell, MD, other speakers include Victoria Dunckley, MD, Toril Jelter, MD, Joel Moskowitz, PhD and Martin Pall, PhD. The event is $10.
          October 15, Thursday, 1:30 pm, I'll speak about electronic interference with medical implants at the Santa Fe Parkinson's Group, Christus St. Vincent Wellness Center, 490 B West Zia. People and family members living with Parkinson's, cardiac pacemakers, insulin pumps and other implants--as well as members of the medical community are encouraged to attend. This event is by donation. For more info, contact
          Alternative Radio aims to air my talk, "Aiming to First Do No Harm: The Education of Electronics Users," in November, 2015. AR features talks from speakers like Naomi Klein (about climate change), Vandana Shiva (about GMOs), Sandra Steingraber (about fracking) and others on hour-long shows that air on 300 public radio stations. Please check out AR's broadcasts at, and locate the station nearest you that airs it. To listen to my talk at your convenience,

Thanks to everyone who's getting informed about the dangers of wireless technologies and reducing their electronics usage and EMR-emmissions.
          If you find this newsletter useful, please consider a donation of $20 or more to help it continue!
          Very best,
          Katie Singer

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