Monday, August 10, 2015

Question from Karl Riley to scientists and other EMF experts on uility EMF trespass

Question from Karl Riley to scientists and other EMF experts on uility EMF trespass

From: Karl Riley <>
Object: uility EMF trespass
Date: Aug 10  2015 13:07:21 UTC−4

Hi Andre,

I would like to put a question out for info that might carry weight with a US electrical utility.
A home owner in a Southern city measures up to 12 mG in the house, which is 85' from a primary distribution line. It is clearly net current (weakens directly with distance) and has been clearly traced from the power line and not caused by internal sources in the house.

The net current is caused by the multi-grounding of the neutral conductor, as well as connections to the secondary neutrals, and their grounds, including water pipes, etc, which provide parallel paths for the neutral current to return to the sub station, and hence unbalance the phase conductors so that their magnetic fields spread out vastly. It may also be due to use of a loop (ring) design for the distribution line, in which case the phase conductors remain open (not connected) at a switching point ("NO" point) but the neutral may be left permanently closed, thus causing neutral current to split and some to go back to the transformer by the other part of the loop.

All this is allowed by US code (NESC). So the home owner needs to be able to reference the most persuasive studies or international standards that he can find in order to bring pressure on the utility to spend some money to reduce the bleeding off of neutral to other pathways. He knows about the WHO IARC study that relates 4 mG to doubling of childhood leukemia.

So the question I am putting out to your knowledgable correspondents (and Louis Slesin if you are listening) is twofold: what studies are most worth quoting, and secondly have there been successful court cases based on something like EMF trespass on private property?

Karl Riley

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