Tuesday, March 24, 2015

PRESS RELEASE: People's Initiative News

PRESS RELEASE: People's Initiative News                                                                   3/24/15                   

Citizen Contact: Liz Barris 310-455-7530 contact@thepeoplesinitiative.org
Fire Fighters Union Contact: Lew Currier  310-925-2588 lcurrier@local1014.org

Watch a Video From Me About This Issue

 Listen to a Message from LA Fire Fighters Union Rep., Lew Currier

Citizens For A Radiation Free Community and other Los Angeles stakeholders and citizens, will join the LA Fire Fighters Union at the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors in a protest against LA RICS, the Los Angeles arm of the federally funded cell tower infrastructure through First Net, which is using "Homeland Security" to force their federal cell tower system into LA County and other areas of CA. 

What: Protest Against LA RICS Federal Cell Towers in Los Angeles

When: Tues. March 24th, 9:30 AM.

Where: County Board of Supervisors,
             Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration
             Room 381 B
             500 West Temple St.
             LA, CA 90012

Parking at church across the street, 555 W. Temple is probably around $18.

We will be outside the building from approximately 9:30 - 10:45, at which time we will proceed into the LA County Board of Supervisors meetings.

Los Angeles fire fighters and residents do no not wish to get sever health effects like cancer or be surveilled by this new surveillance capable cell tower infrastructure. We believe this is cronyism, pork barrel, federal tax payer money giveaways to private corporations at the expense of our Constitutional rights to health, life, property and privacy. 

To read more about this, read the letters from the Fire Fighters Union, go to: 

For More Info: 

Even if you don't live near where a tower is being installed, you will be affected because these are special cell towers that promise to saturate 97% of Los Angeles if they go in! 

Please spread the word!!  Thank you for your help!!
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