Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Poor Quality Reporting in the New York Time

Poor Quality Reporting in the New York Time

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The Editor, New York Times
Dear Editor
The article by George Johnson (March 23 NYT) is not worthy of publication in any newspaper as it is not factual.
Johnson stated in his article "The electromagnetic signals that go from cellphone to cellphone and computer to computer lie quietly on the spectrum between radio broadcast waves and the colors of light. From the perspective of science, the likelihood of the rays somehow causing harm is about as strong as the evidence for ESP".
He has clearly failed to do any research on the topic or he would have known that there are thousands of scientific papers which show that wireless microwave radiation causes many very serious adverse health effects including several different cancers, immune problems, sleeping difficulties and depression etc.  Those signals do not lie quietly as suggested, they cause horrible adverse reactions in some people and affect their lives in many unkind ways.  They also endanger the lives of every person exposed to wireless radiation.
Johnson should also be aware that wireless radiation causes damage to DNA, changes to blood composition, and opens the blood brain barrier.
Much more scientific information is available in the Bio Initiative Report www.bioinitiative.org .  Please let New York Times readers know about the dangers they face from wireless radiation and advise them that the article by Johnson was not accurate.
Martin Weatherall

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